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  1. Someone must've had one too many Jack Daniels before the mission.
  2. 'Tis 14, and thy shall be 15 years olde in ye month of May.
  3. YES YES YES!!! That's what I meant when I started the topic! Also too, maybe if you beat all four of the capmaigns on the hardest difficuty, you could unlock an 'Alternate Reality' bonus campaign where you would choose your side and the computer would also choose a random side. How about Empire vs. Empire, eh? This would be great for those that couldn't play online, as after a while Skirmish would get boring.
  4. I've never managed to kill a Jedi as... well... you know.... get chased around a bit and then: As for my favorite vehicle, I love the Droid Starfighter as in one laser volley, a dangerous tank is now a smoldering wreck.
  5. I'm just trying to start a discussion and see other people's opinions; after all this forum is called "Galactic Discussion", isn't it? Sheesh....
  6. These sound like good ideas, but the Seperatists shouldn't have real emotions since they are mindless droids, and the clones shouldn't show a lot of emotion either, as they are bred to be fighters, not crack lame jokes at a comedy club. Also, hopefully this wouldn't slow down combat by much.
  7. The generals possibility would probably not work out since a player may want to shift gears mid campaign, and if they don't have the option they would simply quit. I say just leave it at two sides.
  8. A Death Star I think would overbalance the game. Besides being able to destroy planets, in a space skirmish, it could easily blow up half a fleet in a matter of minutes (based on the movies). Still though, it would be awsome to control one.
  9. This is my best and funniest moment. My friend and I were playing splitscreen on the Battle of Hoth; he was the Rebels while I was Imperial. For most of the battle I was blasting away in an AT-AT, but that didn't help that much. So toward the end of the match, I was the last Imperial alive in the walker while my friend was in an airspeeder; he also had 19 other Rebel soldiers left with him. I found where most of the computer-controlled players were and slaughtered them, but there was still one left along with my friend. (the Rebels had all of the Command Posts) I then found the last computer bot, and as I marched toward it, my friend made a desperate move. He attempted to block my laser blast so it wouldn't hit the AI bot. So I fired at the bot, and my friend at the exact second flew over the bot. But the lasers miraclously hit both the bot AND the airspeeder, so I kiled them both and ended the match in the Empire' victory!
  10. I'd just love the landscape to be a neutral city, and then march walkers into the city and start razing skyscrapers to the ground, while TIE fighters overhead strafe the ground recklessly. Also having squads of stormtroopers mercilessly slaughtering the civilians would make my day. As cruel as it sounds, you know the evil dictator inside you wants to do that.
  11. My favorite would have to be Geonosis, simply because it is awsome to jump off a gunship and storm the Separatist war room.
  12. I'd bet my life that the playable Jedi will be a lot more weaker, and not freakin' cheap. And I wouldn't be suprised if they take out Jedi heroes entirely.
  13. Who thinks that the developers of Empire at War will eventually release an expansion including the Clone Wars sides? Granted, even though the game still hasn't even been released yet, it would make prefect sense. I think it would happen.
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