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    i am a world famous cardiologist ಠ_ಠ
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    ask me i am friendly
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  1. Where you hiding, dyetyectyive?

  2. momentary lapse in judgment i was drunk i swear

  3. In the same way that I wouldn't show a young child an explicitly violent or pornographic movie or story, I also wouldn't expose them to the more extreme and blatantly immoral passages of some religious texts.


    Hey stop using jmac's account man this isn't funny

  4. I could tell you which one but that would be telling

  5. am i gonna be on some kind of watch list now

  6. صلى الله حكمتكم وتبين لنا أسرار شهوانية الخاص

  7. i dont want any go back to china or mexico or whatever

  8. My friend, you are funny, a real joke poker. Why don't you change your avatar to my friend the Joker?

  9. get up around noon, take a dump, relieve myself of my earthly needs, post on the internet, play guitar, smoke a bowl, play guitar, chill and do w/e
  10. 'sup bro' send you some lovely christmas wishes <3

  11. aaaaaaaaaaa i never see you on aim anymore did you change your name on there or abandon aim or something

  12. you know jimmy page's double neck is a gibson right

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