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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acacia_berlandieri#Alkaloids
  2. 'member the thing with the girl who smelled like **** and the nervous breakdown tho that was pretty boss
  3. I think that may actually make you a totally awesome tour guide.
  4. Powdered Gatorade dissolves in hard liquor, that way you can rehydrate and stop giving a **** about the pain at the same time!
  5. yah, it really grabbed me from the beginning, although i wish there was more of a variety of weapons and clothes (although the dyes were a nice addition). and also that weapons didn't just evolve kinda randomly. i hated playing a good character and having my sword grow a bunch of skulls and **** just because i killed a bunch of skeletons :/
  6. that advertisement is a broad generalization and i take offense to that sir
  7. I hope that one day, I'll finally be able to pirate everything.
  8. Rupert Murdoch isn't evil, he is simply a primal force that devours what makes it stronger and destroys that which does not. He is no more evil than an amoeba or storm. In a sense, Rupert Murdoch is a News Elemental.
  9. wait do you mean that you dream about drugs or that you completely trip balls and have crazy dreams?
  10. ah yes the famous apple in front of a man's face, a metaphor for man's love of apples and a bold statement against processed food with highly vaginal overtones.
  11. A corgi chasing its tail in a small plastic kids pool.
  12. hm. i was expecting the word penis to appear in that article given the circumstances.
  13. $10 if you shoot out the tires of a gold-plated lambo while you're there
  14. srsly. i can't not play it. it's been in limbo for more than a decade and it's apparently pissing some people off with it's... unique brand of humor, which piques my interest. plus it's not like there's anything i've been dying to play coming out concurrently.
  15. absinthe with a teabag of magic mushrooms in the bottle.
  16. Totally. I work at a kennel, so I interact with a ton of different dogs, and I'd gladly take a pit over a tweaky little Wheaten or something. I think the only time I've ever actually been bitten that wasn't just playing was because some jerk off turned their 'sweet, good-natured, kid-friendly' Wheaten into the dog version of a paranoid meth head.
  17. if it's running that hot could the heat be behind all the issues? fiddling with the fan settings could remedy that if heat's the culprit.
  18. i agree with 1 corinthians, we should have just exiled him to canada. also, there's a fantastic hbo documentary/movie about jack kevorkian called 'You Don't Know Jack', with al pacino starring as mr. kevorkian.
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