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  1. I'm not so sure... You maybe right. All I know is that they said that 2 Xbox ONLY FF games were being made for the next gen Xbox. One light and "cartoony" and the other very realistic.
  2. I'm not sure though... I heard that a Final Fantasy game was being made for the Xbox2 only... Well, 2 FF games acutaly. I bet they're going to be awesome!
  3. Surround sound? *sigh* You need money for that kind of thing. TT__TTx Oh yes, and Valkian... Great avatar!^__^x
  4. Good old PS2 version for me! Maybe because I don't have an Xbox. ¬_¬x Though.. I wouldn't mind getting one sooner or later. Goooooo Halo!
  5. That's great! GameStop? That's where I do all my pre-ording anyway..I'd better go do that!
  6. That's great people! Thanks a lot! Yeah, I loved the Angery Beavers. It was my favorite show for a while. Dagit (the darker one) was my favorite... But I liked Norbert's girl friend too, Tree flower I think it was, ... Er... *feels like a geek* When she gets home from work I"m going to rub it in her face. Oh yes, what fun. Thanks again!
  7. My mother and I got into a fight about the voice actor for Raz... I think that the guy who plays Invader Zim is also doing the voice for Raz.. But my other thinks not. I've looked, but there aren't many sites to this awesomely cool looking game. Please, if anyone knows where I might find some cold hard facts as to the real voice actor I'd love you forever! ^__^x Thanks a lot!
  8. A T-Shirt? That's cool! Do you get this no matter where you preorder? or does it have to be through this online preorder thing?
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