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    I am the Baron von Sexy and Grand Duke of Costaguatamexorico, which is a country only badass people know about
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  1. But Gilgamesh, hearing the sound of the bolt,

    threw up his head and lodged his foot in the gate;

    he called to her,

    'Young woman, maker of wine,

    why do you bolt your door;

    what did you see that made you bar your gate?

    I will break in your door

    and burst into your gate,

    for I am Gilgamesh

    who seized and killed the Bull of Heaven,

    I killed the watchman of the cedar forest,

    I overthrew Humbaba who lived in the forest,

    and I killed the lions in the passes of the mountain.'

  2. She looked,

    and as she scanned the distance she said in her own heart,

    'Surely this is some felon;

    where is he going now?'

    And she barred her gate against him with the cross-bar

    and shot home the bolt.

  3. Thanks, good sir. o_Q

  4. Have a visitor message for this year.

  5. You changed your name.




  6. I swear I'll write it, Hall, I'm warning you

  7. The thread title made me laugh, have a bump.
  8. You know, before now I thought that the punishment of reducing your post count was just empty words.

  9. Only if her size puts her firmly above "cow" but still leaves her below "boat". More news on the Hallucinogenic Weight Chart at 11.

  10. Watson, I have a question. If a woman goes swimming in the ocean, is it possible for her to get pregnant by a sperm whale?

  11. "Why don't you have more

    visitor messages or friends?"

    asked the spider to the fly,

    and anxiously awaited a reply.

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