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    I am the Baron von Sexy and Grand Duke of Costaguatamexorico, which is a country only badass people know about
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  1. What I don't get about this whole series is why didn't Dumbledore tell Ned to summon the Enterprise and just fly the One Ring down the Death Star's thermal exhaust port. That and I heard Peter Dinklage is pretty attached to his nose.
  2. ^Sounds like a horrible place, but a bit better than Nazington.
  3. ^Is he putting the mask on, taking it off, or just scratching his face?
  4. 50-year-old Mark Hamill will be reprising his role of a 20-something Mark Hamill acting Luke Skywalker. You heard it here first.
  5. Only if you offer free hugs and high-fives. Texting all your coworkers during a meeting with silly questions (i.e. "if a cat is radioactive does it have 18 half-lives?") when you're out of town for a week.
  6. ^Does the training robots go through to learn how to cooperate includes Ponytime?
  7. Bad idea, it's creepy if you can't tell who's participating and gross if you can. Telling Te Melanin Man o' War 1) that you thought he was dead and 2) you remember his original name.
  8. Bad idea, but better than fighting cancer with fire. Fighting fire with restraining orders.
  9. Just so you know, if a Kickstarter project doesn't get enough funding no money is taken from the people who pledged.
  10. Man, I would kill myself if I were from BC and spoke French. By which I mean, as the semi-official (i.e. completely unofficial) Metro-Vancouver raised French immersion graduate around here, welcome to Lucasforums.
  11. For one thing Kreia won't let you get a prestige class until you pick a side.
  12. Having driven through a few towns like that on my way to university last fall, I can safely say that those places are terrifying to someone who always called his hometown of 60,000 'small'. You should go to Austin or Houston and shanghai city slickers just to see their faces when they see your town's name on the water tower.
  13. Nowadays every fandom has rule 34 aficionados, it's just a fact of life.
  14. Excellent idea, its complexity will result in people being much more careful and thus reduce the number of accidents. It might encourage crime, but that's not too important. Allowing inmates sentenced to death to only walk sideways because they have nothing to look forward to.
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