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  1. I'd tell all the countries trying to censor it to kill themselves. Violent revolution incongruent with your political leanings has gripped your nation! What do?
  2. ^Well, at least that means my face is exceptional.
  3. Bad idea, not only is it worthless for protection, but it'll render K9 units useless. Bacon packaging for pancetta.
  4. Bad idea, it could lead to serious injury. Swapping someone's Combustible Lemons with regular lemons as a prank.
  5. Right now? Bad idea. I'm holding out until Valentines. You? Lining the halls of your school with Forever Alone images early in the morning next Tuesday.
  6. I'm pretty sure that copyright infringement is strictly a civil law matter, so if the company that owns the rights to the game disappeared and no one bought them, who's going to sue you?
  7. I wouldn't steal a car, but if I could make copies of them I would spend a ridiculous amount of time in parking lots in the affluent parts of town.
  8. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) If this were released closer to Halloween I could see AT-AT greyhounds being all the rage. And what do Star Wars and dogs have to do with Volkswagen?
  9. If there's one thing that almost every fantasy RPG has taught me, it's that humans and dragons can knock anyone up.
  10. I imagine that a lot of people are indifferent on the subject.
  11. Raids tend to have a high level of commitment involved, and a guild in other games (I'm not too sure about TOR) would spend weeks trying to get to the point of being able to consistently complete a raid (or even defeat a single boss), and then farm them for gear. This doesn't lend itself well for the mid-levels, since everyone would be leveling at the same time, so the devs either have to try to get people to do raids for useless gear or you have to give disproportionately powerful gear in the mid-levels. Also, since raids require more coordination, the leveling process and dungeons below the level cap can be seen as practice for the more demanding raiding scene. TL;DR: When you're leveling at the cap levels are the advancement you should be going for, when you hit the cap leveling up is no longer possible, so gear becomes the way to advance yourself. Edit: Since gear can be fully upgradeable, maybe mid-level raids could be used to offer gear only useful for its aesthetics, but I imagine that people would skip them and then come back at the cap when they're trivial.
  12. Granted, but you're also pemmican that can feel pain. And your pelican is hungry. I wish I had a car that didn't need fuel of any sort and didn't have to be insured.
  13. I think Twilight fits in all three categories, if you haven't already read it.
  14. ^You've been leaning out of your window and pointing you gun like that for a long time. Do you always do that when in the passenger seat? Does the driver mind?
  15. Bad idea; it's Christmas, you should at least splurge on a fresh Golden Spy or Pink Lady (if you can, locally sourced). Giving a PlayBook to someone who wants an iPad.
  16. Bad idea, you should take Flopsy to a qualified veterinarian and avoid feeding him hats in the future. Taking the duck out of a turducken.
  17. ^I actually liked the smell of the dungeon. And I suppose Transylvestite would be more accurate, but it's a bit of a mouthful.
  18. Methinks formally scheduled dungeons isn't the best idea, you probably will want to grab whoever in the guild wants to come and then PUG for what you don't have (or use companions if you have your act together). Or you could take turns skipping class/calling in sick, raids b4 grades and all that jazz. But then again I'm not going to be playing, so don't let me influence guild policy.
  19. ^Scrolling down really fast I thought that was a picture of Justin Beiber.
  20. ^Is someone who wears traditional Transylvanian garb a Transvestite?
  21. ^The scrutinising gaze known for sealing fates and recognising car paint jobs.
  22. I don't mean to be rude or stalkerish, but do you live in a datacentre?
  23. Granted, but the only controls to fire it are local, and the shields that make it indestructible? They cause major heat issues. Don't worry though, the Death Star can handle the heat. The occupants are another story. . . I wish I didn't know Totenkopf misspelled "Snooki".
  24. Let's make a guild that only lets sages in called "Sage Goes in All Fields".
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