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  1. Decent idea. They vision would actually be a downgrade for me, but the flashlight bit might be useful. Have an artificial nose that was actually a Geiger counter but didn't replicate your sense of smell.
  2. Thank you, my good sir, but won't you reconsider your decision to not be joining me?
  3. That's about right, but you'll typically find group content as you level up too, it's just that at the end game it becomes a lot more hardcore. And then there is often some single player stuff like crafting and questing available.
  4. I don't know if I'll pre-order, or if I'm even going to play at launch due to massive changes in my lifestyle that'll be coming around the same time as the game.
  5. So, in the pre-order announcement, buried deep down under the ocean of html, were the tech specs. For people as lazy as me, here they doth be: Nothing too harsh, my 3-year-old non-gaming laptop barely exceeds those requirements.
  6. If I could copy cars you could damn well bet that I'd spend all my time in parking lots.
  7. They're going to suck, hold on to what you have and stock up on replacement parts while they're still cheap.
  8. I heard those things were all the rage in Milan last season, they must be spreading.
  9. But Gilgamesh, hearing the sound of the bolt,

    threw up his head and lodged his foot in the gate;

    he called to her,

    'Young woman, maker of wine,

    why do you bolt your door;

    what did you see that made you bar your gate?

    I will break in your door

    and burst into your gate,

    for I am Gilgamesh

    who seized and killed the Bull of Heaven,

    I killed the watchman of the cedar forest,

    I overthrew Humbaba who lived in the forest,

    and I killed the lions in the passes of the mountain.'

  10. ^Last time I played that game the 16-year-old selling it asked for my I.D.
  11. ^I hear that God is more receptive to Groupons.
  12. ^But what if you are a bigger idiot than the other person?
  13. ^I thought the sky was a sphere, why does it have a rim?
  14. What we now know: -There are 17 planets -Potential for Bollywood flash mobs on Nar Shadaa and -The Hutts like holographic trees
  15. I might've, they said that one of the main reasons they started the new MMO was because they were losing too many customers to HKO.
  16. I agree that it's probably still a long way out, but for context's sake I think you should know that they were hiring for that MMO well before I quit WoW back in 2009.
  17. For the last few years Blizzard would have jobs occasionally posted for a 'next gen MMO', which they have confirmed is not in any existing IP. That's also about all they've said, as everything in the job descriptions are perfectly ordinary (the writing oriented jobs used to mention a preference for experience with the horror/fantasy/sci-fi genres, but that's no surprise from Blizzard). Here's a list of jobs under Next Gen MMO on their site (sauce): Environment Concept Artist, Props 3D Character Weapon and Equipment Artist 3D Character Animator 3D Character Artist 3D Environment Artist, Architecture Engineering Department Manager Franchise Development Producer Lead 3D Environment Artist, Architecture Producer, Tools Senior 3D Environment Artist, Architecture Senior Producer Senior Software Engineer, Engine Senior Software Engineer, Gameplay Interfaces Senior Software Engineer, Server Senior Software Engineer, Tools Senior Story Developer Software Engineer, Build Systems
  18. Vancouver is only sometimes in Canada. And for the record, we also rioted when we lost in 1994 (not that I was there, I was only 3 at the time). An interesting rumour that made the news last night was that there were reportedly members of the Black Bloq in the crowd, who are semiprofessional vandals and rioters who travel across the country to break stuff at events. They also showed up at last year's Olympics (where it was just them alone and the VPD contained them fairly easily) and, IIRC, the G20 summit in Toronto.
  19. I've mentioned a few times that BW should be careful about WoW's expansions, seeing as one of the reasons for both Age of Conan's and Warhammer Online's demises was the release of Wrath of the Lich King so close to their releases. Should I send Bioware an invoice or should I content myself with a "called it"?
  20. No wonder they fired him, he stopped torturing long enough to talk to the prisoners.
  21. They must be pretty confident in their network engineers to skip the chance to do a stress test. Or dumb. Or maybe the lead writer isn't the right person to manage the technical affairs.
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