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    I posted way back and I just realized, I didn't read the poll right. I thought it was what kind you like best. Hence my voting of small/narrow maps. I like those the most. I have the most trouble on wide open ones or ones with underbrush and, especially, fog (Felucia, Dagobah).
  2. I'd Battlefront 2 because the things I liked most from Battlefront 1 were the maps (which I now have for BF2 ).
  3. I only ever play as republic so I can't share your enthusiasm about bothans. I like camping in a corner and killing all who come my way.
  4. My favourite map is Tantive because I love the fighting in close quarters. Coruscant is another one of my favourites for that reason, also. Kamino is pretty good to, but not for that reason. (I mostly play the Kamino for SWBF1, which I downloaded.)
  5. Hehehe, that's sound fun (and funny).
  6. Republic all the way! I hardly ever play as anyone else.
  7. I meant that regarding this. I like playing as clones more than imperials. OY.
  8. biny


    If you mean like Dagobah, no. I hate Dagobah. I can't see.
  9. I'm actually more of a clone fan.
  10. OK. I was thinking that maybe because sniper rifle takes off a lot of damage, it would be affective.
  11. I didn't do this but maybe sniping him would work.
  12. I'm best with Obi-Wan and with Maul (how can you not be good with ) I like Mace Windu and Dooku.
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