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  1. Yeah, I had had and played the game for two hours when the UPS guy delivered the actual package.
  2. Finally I have it! So far it has exceeded my expectations, but I have not gotten my levitation badge yet and am at lvl 28. I am also completely antisocial, I turned down beer with a class mate. Oh well. No missing discs in the EB Games version.
  3. Whoa, that is not cool. It would be appropriate of them to let these people download and iso of the missing disc, I think, although it is probably a bit unorthodox. I sure hope the EB Games version is ok. Says it's "out for delivery" today, I am forcing my boyfriend to stay at home all day so we won't miss it. So! Excited!
  4. My package has arrived in Europe (GB) now so I am eagerly anticipating! Do UPS keep working through the weekend or will my package stay there until Monday?
  5. If you are where I think you are you have to punch the wall in front of the net. It should have a crack in it already I think. Just punch once and go on through.
  6. Well, EB Games have shipped my game now! To Sweden! Wohoooo! It's still in Kentucky though, so I don't know when it will arrive.
  7. Blah! Now it says it will ship the 26th! Screw you EB Games! Now I got my xbox chipped for expensive money and have ordered that version from Ebay instead. I am extremely disappointed by everything. I wish I was more patient.
  8. I mailed them earlier today and got this response, don't know if it's accurate or just some standard blaha.
  9. I live in Sweden, I'm sure some rules are different such as how much taxes you have to pay and so on, but basically I'm guessing it's the same. I have ordered game-stuff from the internet a couple of times with varying results. You may have to pay extra tax - the shops do not have this on the price already since the taxes differ from country to country. I have not spotted any certain pattern as to when one has to pay tax and not, so I think it mostly comes down to if you're lucky or not. If the shipping is with FedEx, DHL or similar they will pay taxes for you and bill you later. When I ordered Star Wars: Galaxies from dvdboxoffice, I had to pay tax. When I ordered a Nintendo DS and some games from importmadness.co.uk, I did not have to pay tax even though all the paperwork suggested it had gone through customs openly, ie should have been taxed. And ordering from people on Ebay I have never had to pay tax. I have preordered Psychonauts from EB games and I got a mail from them asking me the name of my bank because they had to clear some stuff with them or similar. But after replying to that it's ready to go. Only it hasn't yet, sadly. Whichever store you order from will likely require a credit card like VISA and it will be billed when or before they ship. What the tax might be for computer games in Finland I have no idea, but you can probably find out by googling or looking at some government site. In Sweden it's 25%, I think. And that would be 25% of the ENTIRE sum, including shipping and any insurance. Oh, and so far, I have not had any problems with anything that I have ordered, so I am a satisfied customer. Don't know specifically about EB Games, but they seem legit enough.
  10. I am a reviewer also, and I think they have not done an excellent job motivating why they've knocked off 1.2 points. In the video review, he even says, explicitly, that "you're going to enjoy every minute of it". Every! Minute! I have only played the demo so in no way am I suggesting that the game is actually perfect or anything, I'm just saying, they're not really telling us what is bad about it. Unless it is all the shortness...?
  11. I have ordered from ebgames.com, I live in Sweden (if that matters, I hope not) and they do not seem to have shipped it yet. If you pre-ordered from them too, has your order been shipped yet?
  12. I just got the xbox-to-usb-cable I had ordered and boy, now it's even better! I can truly recommend getting some kind of hand controller. The mouse-and-keyboard approach is ok, but this is a lot better. And besides, my widescreen gargantuan laptop is bigger and better than my teeny tv anyway, this was definetely the way to go.
  13. What "prizes" did you get for the ones before that, then? I only managed the first one.
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