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  1. I just re-installed (my legitimate copy of) Jedi Academy on my computer (first time in over 3 years!), and all went according to plan in the installation itself, and I've come across zero problems any time I've tried out the Singleplayer mode aswell (including loading my old save games)... But when I've attempted to load the Multiplayer mode, upon the first screen (plain blue screen with game title/copyrights etc), I get an error message which reads as so: " Jedi Academy MultiPlayer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." And within this error report, it also says: " Error signature - AppName: jamp.exe AppVer: ModName: jamp.exe ModVer: Offset: 000ddc60 " And it also says: "The following files will be included in this report: C:\DOCUME~1\THEDIS~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\50f4_appcompat.txt" The game version is up-to-date aswell (1.01), so I don't think that's the problem... Can anyone help me deduce what the problem actually is? Edit: Seems no-one has comes across this problem before (it seems I always get the errors no-one else has heard of)... oh well *sigh* - as it happens, I've recently uninstalled it anyway.. well, thanks to all who had a look anyway - I appreciate that
  2. Droid language: oh, ok. I'll have to check that out again - it's been a while since I've played KotOR - I'll have to refresh my memory. You say Mandalore's not a man though, but I was under the impression that the Mandalorians (though a seperate species) are more like a different race/culture/ethnicity, in that they are a sub-sect of, and originally stem from the human race originally. Kinda like how Han Solo is called a Correllian (because of belonging to the human settlement based on the planet Correllia) but is also referred to more broadly as a human. Then again, I have heard some people deny altogether that the Mandalorians are a seperate species in any sense at all, and just say that they are united under a belief system. Anyone actually know for sure? LOL - Or is that another inconsistency/vague concept (like Nihilus) in the SW universe?
  3. DarthZayne, that language that the guardian droid on Dantooine speaks is an ancient dialect of Selkath. Plus, I got the picture of Kreia also referring to Nihilus as a man: I'd call that pretty conclusive myself, unless something turns up to actually contradict it.
  4. Like I said, I don't think it's a determinable/definable langauge as such, but more of an audible "voicing" of him communicating directly through the force itself, I think that's why (in his case) there are no subtitles for when he "speaks", as no direct interpretation (into a language form) is possible, because it is actually unintelligable - only force sensitives can understand him, and even then, they do not hear "words" exactly (or sentences for that matter) but interpret it more on a pyschic-like level. They "feel" it - his emotions, thoughts, desires, etc. - which makes sense because Kreia describes him (like his "hunger") as driven by instinct, a primitive urge personified/epitomised.
  5. I thought that when he is "speaking" it's like he is communicating through the force directly, as he is now more of a part of it then a individual sentient being. Kinda like how Visas and Kreia see through the force (if you ever do 1st person perspective with Kreia, it is the same as with Visas/Force Sight), but in terms of communicating orally through the force, and thus only those strongly attuned to it can understand/interpret what he is expressing on an "aural" level. I can't remember where I got that idea from, but I thought that was the explanantion the very first time I played through the game, and have kind of excepted/not questioned it since... so this makes me wish I could remember now how I got that impression exactly in the first place... Oh, and I'm pretty sure - as Achilles said - that he is human. Kreia says something about him no longer being a "man" anymore (I think in an homage somewhat to Anakin/Vader), and when you kill him, Visas can say, *hang on*... here: If that isn't proof, then I don't know what the hell is...
  6. It's Atris' Darth Traya costume that was cut (cos that storyline possibility was never fully implemented). All I did was swap the stats details for the model of Atris and her Darth Traya rendition using the KotOR tool (the 2da editor). It's really simple, trust me. You don't need any prior knowledge of modding for the basic stuff. And plus, if you don't like what you've done to the game, you simply just remove your edited files from the Override folder (where you put them in the first place). No change with this method is ever permanent. I also did this with Canderous/Mandalore's no-helmet model, (some other small details) and... here's another picture, using the cut asian male head for my new character (I used the same technique as above to implement this): I always like that scene, too. Oh, the melodrama!
  7. The easiest kill I ever had was with my female LS Scout/Consular. Force Immunity (before fight), Force Breach, Force Wave, Force Wave, Force Wave, etc... he couldn't even remain standing - nevermind move, get close to me, or actually attack...it was amusing to say the least... "You are an insignificant spec beneath my notice, Malak"...
  8. Personally, I want a smaller total number of party members this time, but each with alot more depth to their personalities (and the potential many ways they react/interact to the situations/circumstances/environments around you and them, and also in their backstories/sidequests, etc). BUT - I want their to be various potential allies that you get to choose from whilst on your journey that make up your party, so you get a say on who follows you, but it's also realistic in that the relationship can be affected by your actions and treatment of these individuals (a new way of doing the "influence" system) and is therefore dialectical (works both ways, and in some cases may require 'compromises' on either end). They could leave on their own accord if you treated them too disrespectfully, or you could tell them to "go away" , for example. But if they left (for whatever reason) you could find someone else to 'replace' them, etc. E.g, in TSL, I really wanted Azkul to join my party. I thought that would be awesome, if you could offer him a new "job" serving by your side (he is a mercenary after all) and you could literally have to pay him, in return for his "services", real business-like. There could be many different types of reasons for people joining you (not all of them personal), which would create original and dynamic relationships with these people, and many different ways in which they could show 'loyalty' to you, or give reasons why they might leave you, or even betray you (such as receiving a better deal, etc). And in regards to this idea: Ai, thirded.
  9. Great shot Shem for #8 - that scene is awesome. I like how if you make her do it with a double-bladed saber the hilt passes through her too! Now that is pain! hang on... *goes to create image of said circumstances* edit: lol - here:
  10. ^^^ hehe - the pain! To keep it in a similar vein, here, lol: Another random action scene, to boot: A nice pre-combat-preparation shot: And to finish, an atmospheric still:
  11. Heh. I've got something even "better"... I think I've discovered the definition of pain...hmmm...maybe they'll put it as the illustration next to the appropriate word in the dictionary someday ...
  12. Yes, I know what you mean, Non-false Jedi. The thing that bugged me the most was that when I had converted the "lighter" characters (such as Brianna) to the darkside of the force, not only did their dialogue not change, but they would still give me negative influence if I did something that contradicted with their original personalities e.g. I took Brianna with me (as well as Atton, but I digress) in the fight on Telos, before the Ravager: Now - when I got to the injured soldier and killed him, my FULLY darkside (with Mastery bonus to boot) Brianna went "NO! - Why did you attack him?! He meant us no harm!! *Wahh*" then I lost my hold over her and (of course) consequently she lost LOADS of darkside points. Frustrating. Even if they didn't have time to script new dialogues for your converted characters in such a situation, they could have at least made it so that they were removed (unable to trigger) once you had initially trained them in the ways the force i.e. "Handmaiden has taken her first steps into becoming a Dark Jedi Guardian", etc. And yes, ~DarthGeek~, the opposite also happened to me - Handmaiden claiming that she could "sense" the darkside nature of the tomb, when (in my first game) I hadn't even trained her as a Jedi. Plus, in the game where I had converted her completely to the DS, she still said, "We should avoid this area completely" when she approached the first of the two DS areas (purpley static thing). Again, could have simply been designed so that this dialogue would not occur under such circumstances. Here's another one that soon peeved me off, "We've seen alot in the war, general. Do you wish to continue this suffering?" Atton worked well though (a little off topic, but also Visas), as they had two sides to their personalities that opened up opposing paths that they could each follow. Mira wasn't as extreme as Brianna, Mical and Bao-Dur as well in this regard, so that was better too.
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