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  1. This is a project I was working on.
  2. I didn't blatantly hide it, I just didn't go to the trouble to make it obvious. I figured out what it said while I was typing the post, so it was kind of an afterthought.
  3. omfg, same thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2093996&postcount=87 Maybe I should have started a new thread in this forum.
  4. I bumped it...what..3 threads up? Hardly a bump. I didn't go to that much trouble to figure it out. I would look at it for a little while, play with it in photoshop for 5-15 minutes and then quit without saving and changes. I did this about 3 or 4 times and figured out a little at a time. Still, going to the trouble at all, just to have no one respond is kind of humbling, to put it lightly. Yes, but not in it's own thread. You can find it at http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2093996&postcount=87 and no, no one seemed to care much there either. I could probably have created a thread of it's own, but after reading all the responses for the original thread, it didn't really seem worth it. Sent an e-mail to doublefine too. No response. I guess it just proves that I should be finding better uses of my time.
  5. The text in DoubleFine's image on the News page containing "secrets" says "Hundreds of secrets about Double Fine's new game!" repeated ad infinitum. In case you don't know. I figured this out a couple ways. Using photoshop to change the white and dark levels helps some, and so can using some filters like sharpen or changing the resolution, but it doesn't help much. More importantly, there are 3 capital letters which are rather distinguishable, and after careful examination one can find that these 3 capital letters repeat themselves in the same patter throughout the entire text. After distinguishing that, you then have many different places to read the same thing, so that if it is unclear in one place it may be more clear in another. You can also print the image off, and then try to write in the words. If you use the clues on the screen combined with the print off, you get a better understanding of what it could say and how many words there are and what length they are. The rest is just guess work. Also, the book is "The Cabinet of Natural Curiosities" and the title for the image says something about the stack of bills on the desk. I think the kitten is sitting next to a computer mouse too. This is sort of a double post, but the other post was just a comment on the News page. Thought I should point that out, in case someone else was thinking about it.
  6. This is the only forum I know of, where discussing doublefine is on topic. Sadly.
  7. I'm beginning to feel like the reason why pyschonauts didn't sell as well as it should have is because the people who should have played it, didn't, and the people who did play it were either children or at least somewhat mentally deficient(aside from a select few) - or at least those two groups were the most vocal. So, where word of mouth is usually the best advertising, the word of mouth for Psychonauts actually hurt sales.
  8. You know how when you scroll over the picture, some text pops up? Well, it gets cut off after "adorable adorable pile" but the full text is "What am I doing here when I could be home, playing with that adorable, adorable pile of bills on my desk???" So, that's kind of interesting about the bills. I hope it's no sign of financial trouble for Double Fine. This could also mean that it's Tim Schafer's home desk. I'm not sure if that matters or not. I thought it was a little strange to have a tiny kitten on your desk in your office at work, though. Continuing with the theory that there are clues in the picture, it looks like the cat may be sitting next to a computer mouse. Edit:This may just be for a sense of scale. Could also be a usb hub or something, too.
  9. I don't think the bills really say anything. I mean, if they do it's less legible than the text on the screen. They might say something without words, but I don't know what. I think they could just be scrap paper. I write things down on scrap paper like that. It is a bit odd though, for a picture. After some careful examination, I think the text might say "Hundreds of secrets about Double Fine's new game." repeated ad nauseam. In fact, I'm fairly certain that's what it says. Print it off, try to find a few words that look like what I'm talking about and fill it in. I'm sure someone at Double Fine thinks this is hilarious. I'm a little dissapointed, but after the bitter rage wears off, it's a little funny - funny I spent so much time "pixel hunting" at least.
  10. I checked out the Cabinet of Natural Curiosities today and there were a lot of plants and animals and insects in it. I quickly flipped through all 550 of it's pages in the book store. The $65 hard back copies they had were frikkin' enormous too. It felt like I was holding one of those big enormous books you see in magicians shops in movies. There were a couple sections in the book. One of them was a hodge podge of different, mostly land, animals. There were sloths and monkies and bats and snakes, of course, and lizards and all sorts of animals. Some of them had, what seemed to me, noticeably large sexual anatomy...bats with small boobs and things like that. Another section was mostly snakes with some prey mixed in there as well as some lizards. The next section was mostly water animals. Some really freaky fish and octopi and water plants as well and a whole lot of shells. Another section was insects with a lot of butterflies and some grasshoppers and what not. They were all illustrations, and not pictures, and they were all a bit weird looking. I think that if the book were a clue, it wouldn't be saying much, because there was a large breadth of imagery in the book. That being said, I think that, if it were reference material for the game, a game with snakes or snake like beings, a game with a lot of insects or maybe just butterflies, or a game with a lot of underwater creatues would be likely. Water covers over 70% of the earth, I think, and water played a pretty big role in Psychonauts, so I think that a game that takes place under water is a real possiblity. There is a lot of different aspects to take on a setting like that. Or maybe some kind of game with aliens. The Cabinet of Natural curiosities would be a good reference book for some kind of alien designs.
  11. 777 is probably a christian thing. As the creator of this thread, I really wish people would quit talking about themselves or other forum members, and start talking about doublefine's next game.
  12. Photoshop or The Gimp(which is free) or gimpshop(a fork of The Gimp that makes it look like photoshop) might yield better results. MS Paint is a bit limited. It's also possible that the Cabinet of Natural Curiosities is just a source of inspiration for character designs. For example, the game could contain a lot of Chinese Dragons or Sea Serpents, because they were much like snakes.
  13. I might be able to pickout some text that says "Double Fine's new game" now that I take another look.... Actually, that might be all it says repeated throughout the whole text. :/ Or maybe that and another sentence. Something like "Double Fine's new game will be totally awesome" I could be completely wrong.
  14. Finally. I'm not sure we will actually be able to get much from the word document without one of those(what my art teacher used to complain about) "magic computers" from the crime investigation shows that can take a badly encoded black and white 160 resolution security camera footage and zoom in on a ring on someone's picture to see what the inscription is. Maybe though. it could be worse. In my experiments with teh photo I sometimes found what I thought might be real words. I imagine the gameplay for the game will be based on preestablished genres of gamplay like real time strategy or platforming adventure or something like that. If Fawfulfury777's assumptions are correct, what kind of gamplay could fit? What kind of world? Some kind of kitten survival of the fittest that combines elements of adventure, platform, and strategy? That sure is a cute kitten. Maybe someone who's actually taken anthropology, biology, or psychology might have some kind of idea. My friend is taking biochem, but I don't think that counts. However, no two classes are really alike so the experience could be different even if it's the same field. I will probably try to find the "Cabinet of Natural Curiosities" in my local book stores and I might see if I can get it on interlibrarly loan from my local library. My girlfriend works there as a librarian's aid. There is always also a possiblity that the hilarious future tuesday post will contain something similar to "Just kidding, there was no secret! I hope you enjoyed the kitten. His name is snuggles."
  15. True. This game is likely not to take as long to develop either, because the team is used to working with itself. Unless, of course, the game is more ambitious, but it still might not take as long. Does anyone with some sense have any ideas about what the game could be? or at least what the clue could be
  16. I think you are confused. They're already making another game. There is no doubt about that. Besides, as far as I know, the game has been selling well in Europe.
  17. The Unreal Engine 2 had something like this. In ut2003/ut2004 the bodies used physics on the bodies after they died. I always enjoyed jumping through this goal in this one "bombing run" level because it would kill you and then the body would drop down a hole with wires coming out the sides. The body would drop like in the "peg" or "plink" things. The rest of the movement was animation though. Just the death was physics. If all the animations are replaced by physics that's a bit different. They could still be using the Unreal Engine 3 though, if it's not in house.
  18. I'm bringing this thread back because of recent Doublefine news posts. Specifically this one: http://www.doublefine.com/news.htm#26May2006 I downloaded the image and it's pretty low-res low-quality. I used my mediocre(and pretty pathetic really) photoshop skills to try to clean the image up, but it didn't really help. I couldn't make out any of the text on the screen or anywhere else except on the book. I tried to look for any hidden objects around the screen, but couldn't really find any. Some of the papers look like kind of like bank statements. The kitten sure is cute. I gave up on trying to clean it up with photoshop or decipher anything, and instead rotated the image 180 degrees so I could read the title of the book. After looking on Amazon for "Curiosities" which is the only whole word that can be seen on the book, I found it. It's the "Cabinet of Natural Curiosities". The Amazon book description is as follows: This isn't really a book that lies around on anyone's computer desks. I couldn't find it in my local libraries. I don't know if that was the secret, but it's definately interesting. I'm not sure what that would tell us either. Maybe the game will have weird animals? I read in an interview once that he thought about making a strategy game once, and I read in another interview where he said this next game will be like nothing he made before, so maybe it will be a strategy game with weird animals? Then again, maybe the book was a present or some light reading(though I think it's more a collection of pictures). Well, if that's the clue, then I'm guessing it has animals in it, or characters that are modelled after animals.
  19. Whoever told you this is full of crap. BSD code might have something to do with Windows, and especially Mac OS X, but Linux code is GPL, and any operating system using that code would have to be Open Source. Don't believe everything people tell you. Especially Computer-y people who think they know everything.
  20. teenagers and little kids can be homophobes and idiots too If that's really why fox cancelled the show though, then it was a terrible crime. I always just assumed that fox kids made it a habit of of cancelling every good show they ever get. Either that or I just figured that most kids who watched saturday morning cartoons have bad taste. Kids are probably the worst thing to happen to animation in general.
  21. Sea Monkeys are actually Brine Shrimp. You can feed them to baby fish. Still...Monkey Island...Sea Monkeys...just seems kind of suspcious. I mean, I'm not saying that I think for a second that schafe is doing MI5. I'm just saying it's a little odd. Hey maybe LA is getting ready to sell of all their original licenses for low-low prices and we're all about to have fairy dusted good game orgy extravaganzas rain(or maybe reign...) down up us. HAHAHAHAHA...oh, that's not funny. I'm sorry. *grumble*grumble*
  22. I think Advent Rising did much worse than Psychonauts. I think a lot of the problem was that Majesco spent ridiculous amounts of money on those "win a million dollars" advertising. I mean, people buy carbonated beverages because they want a chance to win a million dollars. They don't buy games for that reason. More importantly, that million dollars didn't really go to getting the word out about that game. I mean, maybe some people told some other people about it, but it's not like a top commercial spot. They should have had their ads in more gaming magazines and used the more traditional advertising that other game companies use. Sales might have even suffered from not being on the gamecube(as far fetched as that seems), because the zelda crowd might have enjoyed it more than say..the halo crowd. Didn't the ceo get fired or something because of the lackluster sales of advent rising and psychonauts? Anyway, I think Majesco will live because they sell tons of those crappy kids GBA videos. I think Double Fine will live because...well, they're hiring people, which is a good sign, I think. Also, I think they went through worse before. Maybe I'm just too hopeful and I don't see the dreary reality, but I think everything will be ok. Back to the subject: Doublefine.com has had some interesting posts lately. i've been wondering if any of them are coded messages. Like the panda and the sea monkeys...What's up with that?
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