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  1. Actually, it's impossible. Tim is the only one who could possibly make a game this awesome.
  2. Alright, I found it. I had searched every house about 900 times, and I walk in and there it is, blending in with the table. Thanks. d00d wut r u talkin about??????
  3. Okay, I need ONE more figment till I've gotten them all. And it's in... The Milkman Conspiracy! I'm sure I've run past it a billion times, but I just can't find it anywhere. It's on the first area (the one with Boyd's house), second page, second row, fourth column. It's between a blue lamp and a blue boy. If I could just get what it looks like, I may be able to find it, but detailed directions would be great, too. Thanks.
  4. Try regular jumping onto the rail of the highest balcony, then levitate jumping to the nearest flower cup. You should be able to take it from there.
  5. Ah, yes. Those are hanging in the room that you have to climb the guitar to get to. Look very carefully at the walls. Took me forever to find those.
  6. Had to choose Levitation. Though, I think if Telekinesis was done a little better, that would've been awesome. Some more natural and more controllable movement (and that claw thing that's in some of the screenshots) would have been great.
  7. I'm missing figments on those exact same levels. This one took me forever to find, if it is the one you're talking about. At the big hedge thing where you have to open the gate, walk around the outside on the GRASS. It should be at the back, but make sure you're on the grass, because if you're on the bricks you can't see it.
  8. Yeah, go through the fireplace in the matador's room and slide on the rail to get to the suitcase. Speaking of that, do you know if that room with the nightmares has any real purpose? I haven't found anything to do in there yet.
  9. After seeing the awesome ending, and wishing the game was longer, it seemed like they were just setting it up for a sequel. Now, any normal producer would do a sequel, but we're working with Double Fine here, and (correct me if I'm wrong) none of Tim Schafer's games have ever gotten a sequel. Do you think it may be possible that this game may get one?
  10. lol, and how many people do you think are actually going to really get it?
  11. Dang it! I can't wait that long! When he says 12:00 PM today, does he mean noon or midnight?
  12. I noticed on the Double Fine shop that they were selling a signed version of Psychonauts for only 10 more dollars! I'm thinking about getting this, but will I have to wait longer to get it?
  13. Well, my computer's pretty fast. I can run the demo on 800x600 resolution, with all the settings activated except for the Anti-aliasing (there's just something about it I don't like), and it runs really great, with just some minor slowdowns, such as when I'm looking at the entire campground, it slows down a bit. I think I'll probably get the PC version, but I'm still open to persuasion.
  14. Okay, the time has come... Psychonauts is here... But I can't decide which version to get! Xbox or PC? I'm not concerned about money, I'll pay whatever to get the best. I have a gamepad for my PC, and the demo runs really great on my PC, with just a few slowdowns in some larger areas. Are there any special reasons why one version would be better than another? I'm only getting one, and I want the best.
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