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  2. i dont care,and helmets do cover eyes you friggin moron!what,you think this is a normal rpg thats not in starwars?!?!HELMATS COVER YOUR ENTIRE FACE FFS!
  3. no it wasnt,it was stupid and immature.this is aiming toward a jurassic park-themed rpg,not a comedy game with stupid jokes.were disregarding that you ever posted that and dont post here again bob.go make your own "comedy" thread and leave us to rping.also,your quite annoying becouse im trying to play gmod here!(not in this thread)oh and by the way,it cant burn my squads eyes becouse WERE ALL WEARING HELMATS!the only one who isnt wearing a helmat is a droid!
  4. ya,what he said.thats not even an actual rp post,so lets just disregard that and his existance.ever.and bob,never post in an rp thread again if thats somthing you post.
  5. well,every time i try to play bfII on ps2 it plays the PLAYSTATION 2 message,then goes to a black screen and doesnt load.it just sits there.i only got to play it one time,and my friend thought i couldnt play becouse its a store-bought version and i had a chipped ps2 and that its a non-chip ps2 version only,but that only made the ps2 louder and doesnt work anymore and i still cant get the stupid thing to load.anyone else had this problem happen?if so, HOW CAN I PLAY BATTLEFRONT 2?!?!......................and its still not loading. edit:ok its been a while..can anybody help? edit again: come on,25 views and no ones posted?will somone PLEASE help? edit again:will somone atleast post a suggestion?PLEASE?
  6. (im back!sorry ive been gone so long) i looked around at the soldiers corpses scattered around and the rubbel of the copter."well weve made quite a mess havent we?" i asked the group.they nodded.the raptor i had as a pet was just finishing eating a soldier.my squad finished gathering supplies and we headed back to camp,and i was still thinking of the group who left the island.i forgot the eggs in my backpack and started analyzing them again.i decided to keep them in a small,heated footlocker until we got home."i wonder when those guys will get back..whatever,anyway were going to set up a trap for them,guessing they come back here.make them unnoticable,even to me.not those useless leaf traps." i said.they started working and i continued analyzing the eggs.
  7. i wasnt stupid.i placed a tracking device on the ship,and it showed it going to a barren wasteland.i zoomed in once,entering a veiw of alot of stars,then on the planet,then past the gravity,then onto a barren wasteland.(like the veiw from starwars battlefront 1) i had noticed a facility on it.i zoomed in and analized it.it showed......area 72?i decided to scan for the area name,and it showed 'egypt'.good news was we had finished gathering dinos.bad news was alot of vehicles were moving fastly across the desert.it looked like space ships,only had four wheels,no roof and a machinegun in the back(military jeep).others were tanks..but not as advanced.even if they were traitors,i had to help.i hacked the ships com device with my armband.a pure black helmat of a clone commando appeared on the screen at the cockpit."you better get back here fast!there are over a hundred vehicles coming your way,and an analysis shows that the tanks have missles that are more powerful then any ADVANCED thermal!!!THEY WILL BLOW YOU TO SMITHERENES!ive been monitering some broadcasts of 'movies' and 'tv shows' and they think we dont exist!theyll think your 'aliens'!the planets government WILL place you in custody and detain your ship!GET OUT OF THERE!" i yelled into the com."get out fast if you want to live...get out fast if you want to get back to the galaxy..if..if......." i stopped talking and thought for a second of what i was about to say.i couldnt trust anybody,after the clones...the stormtroopers....my brothers turned on me.i didnt show emotion at all,and i wouldnt.i hoped somthing could distract me so i could stop talking,and just as if it got through to the master of fate,an earth 'copter' landed and dropped off some dino hunters,as the scanner said."DAMN!SHOOT EM!" was the last thing i said into the com,then for a second it switched to a side camera and showed alot of blastershots and bullets and explosions in the background,right before a bullet slowed and lightly hit the button to turn off the armband. (by the way,my characters just like jediofdooms.my characters miserable and doesnt trust anyone,especially after the clones turned.and the warnings before the hunter ambush were his family[i dont know if he has family left.or atleast my character doesnt] and..you figure the last out.and if you figure it out,i meant not me.)
  8. i dropped the final grenade and the cockpit went to shreds.jsut to make sure it wouldnt lift off,i set a couple detpacks around the primary areas of the ship.i ran out and ducked behind some bushes with omega.i pulled the trigger and the ship nearly blew up,but to make sure,i dropped a sheilded thermal in the ships power core on my way out.but then the timer went off and it detonated,and the ship blew up."well...there goes our way of getting back to our camp.lets find those traitors!" i said to omega and ran inside.i took a differant path,the path that seemed less taken,and ended up in a very large lab.there was only one thing about it that was wrong. it was full of bodies. i ran forward and tried to find any survivor at all,but couldnt.i looked at a screen and found it was sliced by a raptor claw.i got it back up working but found there was again somthing wrong.the screen just displayed osmone,and i had to enter a password.every single last password i tried ended up in the screen mocking me saying,"hahaha,you didnt say the magic word!" over and over.i finally shut it off,and walked up to another door,which was sealed and sealed TIGHT.but i just opened it up by hitting the console once.the door opened and a dead scientist fell forward into my arms.i dropped him,then continued on.this time,there were dead workers AND raptors.i found one with its skin ripped off,and it was mechanical.i jabbed my wrist-blade into all the others,and found the others were real.and i had to clean off my wristblade.again.i walked forward in the blueish room and found another door,this time it had a window.i was about to open it when somone in grey with a strange hat fell on the door,pounding on the glass."PLEASE!OPEN UP!!THERE ISNT MUCH OXYGEN LEFT IN HERE!!ALL THE OTHERS ARE DEAD!PLEASE OPEN THE DOOR!" the survivor cried,then fell to the floor with a type of sigh.i bashed in the doors window and found the guys pulse racing a bit,but he was alive.i looked through my backpack and found a rebreather and put it on the man,and he started to regain consiousness.he opened his eyes and took off the rebreather."ya ya i know.im from anothet galaxy with advanced technology from 'starwars' i know the drill.dont even start talking about it." i said.he blinked,then got up."my names...eh....i dont even know anymore...ive been trapped in there so long..." he said."how long?" i asked."maybe...maybe about five months." was his response."in rodian time,hoth time WHAT?!" i asked."Eh...er....galactic standard?" "wow.come on,let get you armed." i tossed him a spas 12 from the wall.he loaded the shotgun and got ready to fight anything."ok,how do i kill the mech dinos?" i asked him."that panel,right over there.it controls them.smash the panel or just hack the codes and-" he was cutoff."done hacking." i said fastly,then deactivated the dinos and hit self destruct.the map showed alot of mechs going down,but there was still over a million real dinos."well" i said."lock and load!were going after some traitors and with time these dinos can become tame!i already got a pet raptor!were gonna need the largest amount of tame dinos we can get!raptors,ceolophysis',herrasauras',the toughest carnivores we can find!we can corner them,becoue they only have dual pistols,a rifle and a magnastaff an possibly a few grenades!find a way to jam their weapons or just make them waste the ammo,we got em where we want em!now lets move out!rescue any survivors in this facility,capture any carnivores on this island!"
  9. i slashed my way through door after door in the shafts,occassionally just wanting to tell omega to jump off the ship then plant a charge and jump off to.i finally got to the weapons system,and planted some charges around them,then ran back into the shafts and detonated it."there goes their weapons.......next up:security" i thought,then started slashing,and i came over the ramp and saw the two down in there,exiting.i just wanted to take a spas 12 i found and aim at those traitors heads.but instead i simply tossed two tracking devices down onto them,their size so small that you couldnt feel it if you shot it at yourself.i continued onto te security station and dropped a thermal,a loud 'BOOM!' following."two down,four to go" i thought,then continued on through the shafts,slicing every single last door blocking me i came to.
  10. i realized what they were doing.the metal melted again and i jabbed my saber through the ship,then made a hole large enough to get us in.omega became demagnetized and hopped in to,then i grabbed the ships peice and melted it back together in the place where it belonged.i heard a loud electric shock outside."come on,before they find us again...and careful..we dont want to be caught." i whispered.i looked up and silently removed a vent shaft,then grappled up in it."now to deactivate engines,weapons and everything else.." i whispered to myself.
  11. "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!fixer,boss!help sev and scorch!everyone else...." i yelled,grabbing my RPG."LOCK N LOAD!SHOOT THAT THING DOWN!" i shot rocket after rocket at the thing.i finally got a good hit on the engines and it lowered a bit to a nearby cliff,and me and omega jumped onto the outside of the ship and found some handles to hold onto.i deployed my grappling hook to the ship,and omega did the same."they dont know were aboard!just hang on and as soon as they land well sabotage their ship!" i whispered to him.he nodded.i hung onto the handle for dear life and hoped that if i lost my grip my grappling hook wouldnt snap."oh wait i can use the force." i said,hiting myself in the forehead.i magnetized the area where omega was,so he stuck onto it,and for me,i used the force to temporarily melt the metal around my armor,and then harden again.i opened up a candy bar that worker gave me and took a bite,then stored it back in my pocket.
  12. a security guard survivor was taken up in a dinos mouth,and everyone started firing at it,me firing a quad-shot.(anti-air gun scaled down to a compatible size as a backpack.) i slashed at the legs of one,then remembered a power.i sent an electricity bolt into a dino and it collapsed,sizzling with electricity.i swiched into force speed,which slowed everything to the point where time could almost collapse,everyone looked like they were shooting very slow.i was the only thing left moving fast,so i sprinted around the legs of one dino,slashing away until it fell.time sped to the normal time,and i jumped into force speed again and in 0.3 seconds i was back with rocket launchers."USE THE RPGS TO TAKE THESE GUYS DOWN!" i yelled.delta squad launched four,then omega,zeta and then everyone else.i kept a special rocket i modded.(looks like the one from half lfie 2.) i shot a rocket up in he air then guided a laser right between the dinos eyes,and the rocket followed,with a loud 'THUD!!!!!!' following."im delta 43 by the way.now excuse me while i go grab some supplies from our camp." i said,then was back very fast on account of i used force speed."we might need auto turrets." i said,while i was already busy setting one up."why not set the camp all around this clearing?" i asked.a raptor came into view."dont shoot,hes tame." i said quickly.a loud,under-water like yell followed from the west.i went to scout and found,of course,an ocean.nearby were some light collored herbivore dinos and some blueish eggs,along with about five purple eggs.(blue were plesoisaurus or somthing..the others...well...)i went and gathered them up and scanned the dinos.i saw they werent much of an enemy.i walked back with the eggs and started scanning them,while my squad ate(i dont sleep or eat much) and the others talked.
  13. "if its bigger then a spinosauras then you might want to hop back on that turret!" i yelled.i shifted my feet in the ground."its coming from the north." i looked at the others."by the way,who are you guys?" i asked before getting my weapons loaded and attatching my lightsaber back to my belt."its quite annoying if you gotta work with people you dont know"
  14. everyone in my squad drew their weapons again,and this time instead of a minigun i ignited a blue lightsaber i had attatched to my belt."im with that guy on this,and if you dont come out your gonna die by alot of blasters and two lightsabers!" i said.there wasnt a sound.i didnt focus on the roars of dinosaurs or the crunching of leaves and trees in the distance,only on the sound of the lightsabers idling."well,you gonna come out or are we gona have to blast you out?" i asked.
  15. "so let me get this straight,some guy thought up our existance and classified us as 'fake' and just made our history into movies,right?" i asked the worker.he nodded."wow.what do you guys think of that?" i asked them.they just stood there."i get your point." i said,answering my own question."wait.....wheres delta squad and zeta 392?!" i yelled when i noticed they were gone.i backtracked and found some footprints stopping then heading a path 90 degrees opposite of ours."always keep an eye on delta squad or theyll walk off." i said to myself.i followed the path and found them holding their rifles at two people,one with a rifle and the other with a turret.i loaded up my minigun and rolled into the clearing,as they others drew one of their great weapons and rena drew her lightsaber."wait....wait...LOWER YOUR WEPONS!!THEY ARENT ENEMIES!!!" i yelled before we attacked them and they attacked us."i remember you.your from the river,the one that was almost deinosuchus food" i folded my minigun into a carryable form and tossed it back in my backpack.the rest of my squad lowered their weapons and/or lightsaber."ok omega,your the smartest droid in the squad,do we stay at our camp after scouting or move here,becouse it seems this place has alot more room then an area about five or ten yards each way." i told the lieutenant in our squad.he nodded,being after a battle he was a droid of few words."you need the help?our camps back about one hundred yards" i asked the one operating the turret
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