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  1. I'll work on the Baragwin Blade, eventually for my sword/mask pack for TSL...
  2. Yes, but that isn't the way of the jedi... uhm... well......... AAAARRRGHHHH!!! screw the jedi code!!!!
  3. Those were the days!!! A guy didn't have to study or spend 60/70% of his time caring about school... it was all about chicks and drinks
  4. TSL... it showed new/different visions of the Force and blurred the distinction between DS and LS... Also, I was stoked when I found out that Revan was one of the "good guys" after all
  5. The Sith rule!!! They kill each other, true, but they know how to get things doen
  6. Yeah, but one thing is a game with some bugs that can be fixed, another is a game with missing content that would vastly improve it... Also @ Darth_Crow, I think that the TSL storyline has much more interest than Kotor I's... it just wasn't all shown in the game...
  7. You misunderstood, I was just clarifying what I wrote because I didn't make myself clear on that post. There was no flame/offense intended As for Darth Bane: his Sith were not like the old Sith indeed, but only in the "terms of engagement" (old Sith were en-masse, whereas Darth Bane's Sith were only 2 and had stealth in mind...), but, like you said, it is probable that Bane found old Sith Data and continued with their religion... That is the most probable, because not only ALL the Sith seem to have the same vision of the force, and they all have the same goal: the total extinction of the Jedi... Concluding, they seem to be the same people/belief/whatever, although they have different aproaches to their goals... As for Dark Jedi, they surely must be former Jedi that turned away from the Light (most likely becoming Sith). I think that they only defer from the Sith in their origin. A Sith is a Sith since birth and only knows the Sith teachings (ex. Sidious, Maul), and a Dark Jedi began his "Force career" in the Jedi order and later was converted to a Sith (ex. Exar Kun, Revan, Vader)...
  8. Is there a tag in the savegames that I can change??? I don't have the time to replay the game right now... especially just to see Carth...
  9. I read somewhere that you can find Carth on telos, is that true?? If so, where?? I can't seem to find it...
  10. Well, I never said that the extinction of all Sith except for Bane, ocurred right after Kotor, I said sometime after those events, which could be 5000, 4000, or 2000 years...
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