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  1. Wii has too weak hardware - technically it should be compare rather to PS2 than PS3/X360. It's just GameCube with Wiimote and developers don't think about Wii as a next-gen console, rather a toy with good controller, thats wy they releasing for Wii games like Lego SW
  2. at last nice layout of official Star Wars game site...
  3. i don't think that stats from NGE could be transfered to pre-CU. Beside stats aren't public - i guess...
  4. Poland...you know - country in Europe
  5. You know maybe how to auto target vehicle when you are a solider with rocket launcher ? In BF1 it was automaticlly - bar was getting green and appears sound - then rocket was following ship - in second part i don't know if that opportunity is. ..
  6. Eaw i like playing only in multiplayer. AI is quite stupid and every game even on hard i can win without any troubles. But with other players game is really nice and playable. Unfortunaetly often mistakes are nervous...
  7. Maybe post screen showing You problem
  8. If they match Star Wars feeling from SWBF1 and gameplay from SWBF2, put new engine, increase battlefields count and release linux dedicated server game can rule online world
  9. KOTOR3 is one of my most expecting games. I hope only that the game going to be more underdone than second part and have the same quality and epic story like in first KOTOR - best game i've ever playing (all of this game was perfect - especially planets - pure Star Wars!)
  10. EaW isn't realistic stategy and You must accept it. If You want nice strategy where You must think before start to battle choose Homeworld 2 - now its very cheap, has great graphic and effectiveness. EaW is very good game (multiplayer is great - here some stategy elements are adding and from players depends win or lose their team much more than in single).
  11. heroes with their special abilities in swbf2 sux
  12. much better than base EaW. Most important is that the ships and ground units can move faster and game have more fun
  13. http://swbf.pl - if You speaking Polish
  14. i like cons, but they are too powerful. In multiplayer it isn't any sense playing against them. Only truly noob can be defeated while Cons playing...
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