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  1. If you were to give one tip on how to come out ahead when it's 43-1 what would you advise? And was Auto-Aim on?
  2. Tell me the cheat codes, genius. Or get out of my face. -JaWaJake -GoatGut -Zebulon My handles online those are. Good you may be, but kill me never. ON bring it.
  3. A friend of mine says he usually uses the sniper technique from the Empire box to pick off Rebels as they spawn on the other side. I attempted it before, but only racked up like 49 kills which didn't win it for me. He said usually that's sufficient. Hmmmmm. I hate Yavin I guess. Or vice versa.
  4. I'm doing Historical Campaign and I'm having a heck of a time conquering the Rebels here. Usually I take the center base and lob grenades up into the Rebel base on the other side of the Arena. This works fine until I get shot in the side of the head by oncoming Rebels coming out of the tunnel. I know this is a one or two dimensional strategy at best, but I'm finding that this is one of the tougher boards to roll straight to victory on. Is there any kind of spot or perch where I can inflict the heavy casualties and provide cover fire for my ever senseless AI Bots???
  5. What about those C.I.S. Destroyers that roll into battle, pull out their hermit crab six shooters, and start going to town with that cute little bubbly forcefield? I like using the Bounty Hunter's IMP Rifle for two shots, to put the shield down, then to switch to the blaster pistol to finish them off. 2nd part of my question, When I switch weapons, does the IMP Rifle reload while I'm plinking away with the blaster pistol? P.S. If you use the blaster pistol alot, you like Star Wars way too much.
  6. Do all you can to hold the Spire, the Derelict, and at least one of the bunkers, preferably the East. If you can maintain the Spire, and the area between the Derelict and East Bunker, usually it will give your ground troops a chance to stick it out. I've had sucess working between East Bunker and the Spire, and spawining at the Derelict, though many times it's a tough journey back to the Spire or East Bunker if C.I.S. makes a good push. Try to domo that cannon on the ground at the East Bunker closer to the Derelict while you're at it.
  7. I guess it's not the most effective, but it CAN save ammo, and it's my favorite. Even though I usually miss twice. I don't usually snipe, but I don't try to use headshots exclusively, either. So Ranre, to clarify my position, my favorite way to euthanize the AI bot is to take my trusty Blaster Rifle, tatget them as I am running towards them, and open fire as I close in hoping to clean the head off as close as possible for maximum effect. It's really fun.
  8. What is the best way to take out the Tuscan Raiders on Tatooine??? I can see how easy it is to defeat the Empire, or the Rebels, but the Tuscans are tough on this board. Should I thin them out with a vehicle?
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