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  1. How about some of the 'improvments' to BF2 over BF1. It seems to me, from my limited experience at playing multiplayer over thanksgiving, that they should have left some things the same. 1) the cp capture system its way to fast and when you step out side the area with out capturing the cp, it doesnt revert back to its original white or enemy color 2) the infantry speeds have increased, ignoring the sprint function, the units run pretty fast these two changes, it seemed to me, created a game where all you have to do is mob command posts and games are ended by having all the maps cps captured by one side. if one side has a buch of inexperienced players who just stand an try to shoot, they will lose to a more mobile team 3) no mine jumping although this might seem to be a minor change, it affects gameplay quite dramatically FF turned off, without the splash, it makes it easy for roket troops to drop mines in close proximity to their target. they are no longer at a disadvantage, having to pick themselves up off the ground while being shot at. they can now just unload all three of their mines at a quick pace.
  2. on lucasarts.com their new poll which asks people to rank which of the upcoming games they are the most excited about battlefront 2 - 59% empire at war - 28%
  3. from watching the video loop a couple times that map looks like it was originally more extensive with possibly two clone facilities
  4. I think the rebel transport will be the YT-1300 freighter it could explain the fact that this craft appears in a screen shot I saw somewhere (not the death star map, but in space) other explaination of this picture could be that its the Falcon a hero craft similar to the hero units I think it would make more sence if the Empire used a Tie transport rather than the imperial landing shuttle the craft there using now is more of a ground landing ship would make a good spawn point on a terrestrial world through
  5. looks good were those new hoth and endor maps I saw
  6. redtech comments noted on second thought you're right about the maps you used kamino as an example but i would say there are even more examples: kashyyyk islands there is no way the imperials/droids can win that map on hard possibly even on medium they always take one hill or the other while you head for thier plane CP those wookies add a lot to the firefight tatooine dune sea the rebels/droids are at a dissadvantage because of the tuskens for some stupid reason the bots insist on grabing all the tanks, moving them to the center tusken controlled post, and hoping out to be killed leaving the tank in a dead zone what I meant about the turrets and objectives was not in reference to the ISD I meant for that example the Tantive V automated turrets in a hall lets say which with the destruction of key componets (your obejectives) cease to fuction or maybe as another result a door is unlocked allowing you to flank your enemy this could work on other maps as well as for the ISD hanger I think the ties launch from racks through the sides of the hanger but land in the open hangers on the front and and back sides these hangers where the fighters land for inprocessing is also the place where larger ships take off the hanger is large enough for a fighter to fly up into the hanger itself and land into the bay I just think it would be neat to see the hanger operations fleshed out in this game
  7. comments on all the recent updates @ gamespot and lucasarts -BF 2 has a definite focus on single player following the 501st (Vader's Fist) sounds pretty cool why the focus on single player (objectives)? ps2 and xbox users complants? i don't know how these objectives will factor in the multiplayer they seem to give you access to heros and vehicles the destructable objectives seem interesting will they have actual game play importance? as in destroy x, automated security turrets stop shooting your guys on a certain halway -Maps seem to be about the same size as battlefront 1 I don't know if this is a bad thing (as in it is an essential part of the battlefront style of gameplay) but the space map seemed a little bit small two ships on the ends of the map flight area in between -did anyone notice this: ???? the ties (possibly other ships) leave contrails IN SPACE ????? that just doesn't seem right -Also with the recent updates of SWBF 2 news still no change in the ISD's hanger bay i think what we see is what we get -another thing is it just me or are the jetpacks for the clones (BF 1 and BF2) a little small? -No word yet in this but: I hope they still have a good AT-AT assult map as in larger than Ren Var the sixth unit (for sure for the IMPs and REP): Commanders Imp: main weapon is a nade launcher like the pilot(i think its like the pilots Rep: has a chain gun these units might have special orders (in addition to the "follow me" etc) for bots wild speculation: they might have taken all commands and given the to the commander the bots might actually follow orders in BF2 16 total maps (12 in the last BF) 6 worlds taken from EPIII maps known: tantive V (IV) a space battle (IV-VI) upatu (spelling ?) the sink hole place (III) also from initial video coresant space battle (III) thats 4 battles looks like they will port it to PC again I kind of wish they would make a seperate game more gamespot video observations Units units seem to have the same equip from map to map Imperial Units 1Imp stormtrooper - pistol, rifle, thermal does not have a concusion grenade 2Imp pilot - !!! only a commando pistol !!! , fusion cutter, and a timed detpack 3Imperial engineer - blast cannon, timed det pack, and fusion cutter 4shocktrooper (missile guy) - same as BF 1 5scouttrooper - same as BF 1 6Imperial officer - mortar launcher(original pilot nade launcher?), health regen (?), supply dispenser, commando pistol 7 Dark trooper - acp cannon, commando pistol, nades dark trooper has a weapon skin other than the E11 i assume that the commando pistol is the jet troopers (might not be though) there are seven here for the empire something doesn't seem right as they are touting 6 classes but wait - due to my keen sence for the obvious the engineer and pilot are the same unit kindof the tantive V map has no pilot and istead an engineer the space map has a pilot and i assume no engineer 6 classes per map possibly more classes total aka map specific looks good so far people did ask for an engineer class makes some sence to no planes no pilots also for the pilot like the fact that he does not carry a heavy weapon Republic Units 1clone troop - blaster rifle, pistol, thermal nades 2Heavy trooper (missile) - no change 3clone engineer - shotgun, fusion cutter, detpack dispenser (no timed) 4sharpshooter - same as BF1 5Clone Commander - chaingun, blaster pistol, health ammo dispenser 6 Jet ? didnot see on video but in other pictures I wonder what gun it has 7 pilot assume it is the same cases as the imperials as in swich with engineer and only has a pistol Side note wouldn't it be neat if when the unit pulled out a pistol let say for ex the missile troopers launcher would go on his back hmm no concussion nades maybe they took them ought because they found them to be ineffective in most cases? Jedi Darthy boy has lightsaber Force choke Obi-wan has pull Planes TIE fighters flame when hit instead of just smoke : ) A Wing spotted as well as Xs and Ys Tie reg, int and bomber no transports seen *** on the rebel ship the doors to the gunner area are from the 'Executor' darth vader's commandship look and see if those doors were to be used anywhere they should be used on an ISD not a mon cal ship single player loose quote: some people thought that wining the battles in single player could have gone either way - esentially the player did not affect the outcome of the mission so they include objectives in bf 2 Bf 1s maps were not random in terms of who won the battle you just needed to capture a certain post or get the oncoming hord at a choke point before they reach a post also turning off team damage helped instead of being at the bottom of the list with a high # of deaths and and negative # of kills (the stupid team killers) they will just have a high number of kills and not contribute to your declining spawn tickets themselves but again objectives might add something to this game from IGN engineer intended to repair damaged componets on ships comanders confer bonus maybe all but clone one confirs defensive bonus dont no what that would be maybe less damage taken or better accuracy etc. Possiblty empires commander confirs health regen would explain that part of their equiptment
  8. oh man oh man this thing keeps geeting better if you haven't checked it out lucasarts has some new screens posted
  9. its a shame thoses forums at lucasarts are a waste of server space to use a euphemism: chaos
  10. theres alot of good ideas for battlefront on this forum but would it be incorrect to say that the posts here will not drastically influence the development for SWBF2 I am guessing that the development process is probably at a point where gamer input is no longer needed Battlefront 1's forum I am guessing served as the main source of developer influence for SWBF 2 Battlefront 3 anyone?
  11. id like to see a Stardestroyer map not the whole thing (lets be realistic) or a Space Map but a small internal portion of an ISD possibly the hanger and outlying rooms initial rebel spawn point would be a 'transport' which would land in the hanger it would work like the paratroop transport in BF 1942 yet computer controlled and with a setflight plant (trans 1 goes here, if there are two trans 1 would land here other there in the hanger of the stardestroyer landing procedure camera in hanger shows transport outside bay pans as it moves in to the bay and initiates its landing cycle the shot ends and people gain control of their unit inside the transport as the ganplank is being lowered when everyone has exited transport it leaves the hanger it could be destroyable by the enemy but it would best be not to simple (maybe two times the atst's strength) if person remains on board for extended periods of time die when the transport is destroyed or the transport leaves hanger they dont die=no ticket penalty they just return to the spawn selection screen transport loading would work by the following first person to choose 'transport' as a spawn point spawn timer counts down begins at maybe 10 sec when the first person selects that point marked 'transport' on the map every person after that (up to transport limit) would just have a shorter 'untill spawn' time when time hits zero in game transport landing begins (stipulated above) the people spawning who number beyond thw first ten would go in another transport with its own 'takeoff time' and so on an soforth would not be dependent on the transports in the hanger no set number no waiting fror transports to return or become available would be timed so there is always an open spot for a landing 'transport' would only be activated if some one spawns there if no one spawns there empty transports would not keep arriving a single person or a number of people less than ten could arrive in the hanger as transport 'takes off' when the timer reaches zero also another thing Ship Shields it would be neat to see shields on the space crafts charging similar to Republic Commando's shields also would be directional like the X-wing series except no switching of power from engins to lasers to sheilds settings:j ust equal, double back, and double front would add stratigie to those runs on ship turbolasers finally ground maps where a capital ship is a spawn point Capitol ship would hover at a good altitued to one side of the map It would serve as a take off place for lets just say Republic assault ships and ATTE trasports the ATTE transport would work similar to the 'transport' above being computer controlled ATTE would still be a spawn point only able to 'exit' the ATTE after it has been dropped off on the battlefield
  12. definitely transports that can carry a good number of units (10 sounds good) in relative safetly can handle being targeted by a single fighter and still deliver the troops also the jedi starfighter has always bugged me I think only jedi used those (in BF2 since they have those this fighter would be okay, maybe with a jedi only classification) a clone fighter should be inclided one for the regular grunt
  13. it would be neat to see different payloads on crafts the same thing could be done for regular units ex the missile trooper could change warheads at a ammo droid from anti vehicle (small splash, high damage, quick speed, homing) to a anti personel round (high splash, lower speed, no targeting ability, only if a troopers missile is in flight: instead of launching a grenade right mouse is clicked in that instance would detonate the rpg,) would also like to see map specific units more than six units could be used by the game ex: on a no plane map and engineer would be used instead of a pilot with his own special abilities and weapons or on a hallway map no rocket trooper or jettrooper as why would they have an anti vehicle unit in a situation where there's no vehicles and a flight unit where theres no room to fly
  14. battlefront 1 had mostly 2 maps per planet what id like to see is 2-3 maps for a one or two major battles featured in the game imagine: Hoth walker assult (atats and speeders) Hoth Imperial troop landing (trenches and landers) Hoth Echo Base (imp v rebel troops) another thing id like to see is vehicles that you can sit on without falling off Have large maps yes but have more transport opportunities And finally a CORRECTLY SIZED AT-AT Bf 1's atat is way too small I cant believe no one has noticed this fact even better: have it with an interrior spawn inside in safely rapel out the side
  15. this thread is focused on the strategies of swbattlefront post your own ideas for takin on your opponents These are just a *few* Things I have found and observed FYI: I like to play when team damage is off so these strategies are generally for that *General strategies Destroy all ammo droids in no-man’s-land and on the enemy’s side to prevent snipers from sending endless orbital bombardmen Drain posts to white then move to next post Only works with many other safe green posts and you are using a high mobility unit (jet) Always advance don’t stop jump and weave there are people behind you to mop up what you leave behind Vehicles are great transports EX: Rocket trooper and need to get near to an ATTE to lay mines underneath Grab a geonosian fighter -Para trooping If a pilot fly low press ‘e’ to bail don’t land deny your craft to the enemy also works if you’re the gunner just wait until your over a post and ‘e’ it When on a map were there are light vehicles head to head make sure a gunner is to be had especially for the ATST (main gun range issues) *Map specific *Hoth Rebels Strategies -Boxing the Imps assumptions: --good snow speeders pilot gunner combos are to be had -- a heavily guarded hanger or at least alert defenders Let Imperials capture front cave/echo base entrance CP and middle cave base CP Close in for the kill capturing main entrance post and far post Imperials are left enclosed in the cave with no way out and a only one post (ATATs and spawners are dispatched by snowspeeders) Move in for the kill -Taliban snowspeeder (if no good pilots are to be had) heavily mine a snow speeder and fly it into and ATAT. Repeat. ??? possibly if flown near and not into ATAT speeder will remain undamaged (tk being off) ??? Sniper can hide by back entrance of rebel front/top/far post nearest to the ATATs next to the ammo droid And launch orbital bombardments at ATATs Only works with sipers on the ridge to cover your scoped in rear Not to many as to draw the interest of an ATST Be a rebel Para trooper Imperial Strategies -ATAT survival tips pesky snowspeeders got you down bring the two atats back to front or side to side speeders attempting to tow will crash into the walkers ATATs are slow and cumbersome so there might not be enough time So bring the ATSTs up quickly next to the ATATs to serve as obstacles for the speeders to fly into Destroy all repair droids So as to not waist the lucky shots of your missile troops Mine the droids (especially in the hanger) as well to take the fliers out landing In capturing the hanger jump jet on top of the Falcon to capture CP With Jet trooper (at the start of the game) Spawn at the non ATAT post and head over the ridge Make for their front entrance Don’t capture that post and don’t stick around don’t draw attention Head with speed for the center cave Post Hope that its to early for them to mine the cave Capture the center cave echo base post and head for the hanger If the rebels are not paying attention the game is pretty much over *Bespin Platforms Imp/Republic Both overwhelmed in the air (Ties = missile magnets, the droid fighter has a large splash damage) So head to the air with the purpose of switching sides to deprive the enemy of their aircraft In the process man some of their planes to shoot down the remaining enemy aircraft All that’s left are the orange cloud speeders Do it quickly enough and you can win this one despite the disadvantage of having marginal airpower Republic Be a jet and grab a fighter Land on top of the droids/CIS main CP Hop out and jet down to the front Hover there and shot the gunner in the anti air turret Grab it yourself and start shooting the enemy on the ground focusing on the maps central post If done right they wont realize it for a while For all except empire Fly fighters and land them directly on the main CP’s second (w/ turrets) level If done right they cant be flown out On Either the Rebel Republic side or the Imperial CIS side The main CP can be captured from the turret level Just head for the alcoves on the wall They look like doors but don’t open *Bespin Cloud City Rebublic On top of the two right upper level CPs there are ledges Perfect place for rocket troopers to land and reign down fire *Naboo Theed The fountains make great hiding spots/ and cover from vehicles There’s two very small ledge above the top end CP A clone jet trooper can just barely land on one of them and be in range to capture the post *Kamino On the left side of the map the platforms are laid out like this High -------- Low 1-------Plat 1 Low 2 Clones: Capture High and Low 2 Let your opponent have Low 1 Low 1 has no turrets for bots to man Plat 1 without CP has turrets and is easy for the droids to hold Turn low 1 into a killing zone for the droids not for yourself Capture and hold all high platforms Good Sniper map especially for droids CIS - Droids Use droidikas for their speed and head for the far posts at game start *Tatooine - Mos Esly Droids A single rocket trooper can defend Top left (not the hanger or the bar) CP against jet trooper attacks Just lay mines and keep moving looking at the rood tops Have pilots repair damaged ammo and health posts Great map for the orbital bombardments *Geonosis Republic: Defend ATTEs from rocket droids with mines the clone pilot’s weapon would be effective Destroy the ships at the rear for some reason their spawn tickets just fall apart and the game is pretty much over Droids: Destroy the ATTEs (place mines underneath) They will just spawn troops if left alone That’s should be the main focus Protect spire Good places to snipe on the ridge edges of the map *Endor Empire An ATST can be brought through the wooded speeder pathway on the right of the map Easy way to avoid missile troopers Just head directly to the back post and park next to the repair droid while your gunner takes the CP For rebels and republic The pool past the droid room Can be easily defended by a rocket trooper laying mines From the enemy walking up from their main post thats what I have found post your own strategies and idea and game quirk observations
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