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  1. No we wont he was IMO being very sarcastic about it,hence the way it was worded
  2. Good to see the thought police finally caught up with these forums. No badmouthing of LA/SOE they make great games,not buggy at all. This was a forum that i thought you could say what you thought about the game and how it was run,but sadly no it seems that LA have stamped thier feet and the site will crumble to pressure. Oh well been fun,but i'm not going to be told what i can and cant say about a game. /wave.
  3. The success of wow has clouded everyones judgement over how successful a game can be,that game is a freak a one off,nothing more i confidently predict NO other game will come to within in the near or far future. Until companies realise this they are always trying to play catch up against the uncatchupable,numbers wise itheres only the asian grind fests that will cover a smaller numbers base to that of WOW and for me they are crap. SWG wether you like it or not is a failed project,the CU and NGE prove this to be true,but imagine the world without WOW for a second i wonder how the game would have evolved? Sure there would have been a combat revision but nothing as drastic as what has gone on in the last 12 months or so,it would have evolved smoothly(i would have hoped) crafters would still have a place in the game. But sadly WOW did come out and everyone at LA/SOE hit the panic button instead of looking at it calmly,and to me thats the biggest shame.
  4. Oh alright then a mortally wounded bantha then
  5. But thats at least a year away,by then the game will have been out 4 years..me thinks you're flogging a dead bantha
  6. Forget the 360 wont happen on there..PS3 or nothing console wise,its a SONY game after all,and they dont like sharing anything with competitors.
  7. I would imagine rome wasnt built with bugs in it,whilst charging people to use it. Sorry mate,i'm glad you still like the game but to come out with a statement like this is foolish.
  8. TBH Darth ever since the release of the NGE its almost been destined for the PS3,they need an online app,killer or otherwise and SWG would seem to be it,really there cant be any other explanation.
  9. And frankly i feel that is a scandal..
  10. Agreed..just cause it says star wars om the tin doesnt make it star wars
  11. They've had epic dungeins in wow from the off tbh,i only saw quests till lvl 64 i think it was and collision detection a "game feature"??? do me a favour
  12. Its a frightening mess thats for sure
  13. Whats so exciting? The fact is,*if* any of this comes in most of it will have been stolen from WOW epic loots etc..hardly original. And given the speed of the dev team its at least 9 months away at a bare minimum,thats a hell of a lot of cash to spend waiting for soemthing that may never arrive in the first place.
  14. Couldnt agree more DM,what makes me laugh is all these "improvements" are mainly just fixes to the code,nothing more. Sadly some people buy into the spin and think they're getting a great deal..its a shambles,just a shame a few hardy souls cant look further than its "star wars" and try other other games with an open mind and then they will see how poor SWG really is.
  15. More spin and bull from the masters of spin and bull Instead of having a roadtrip they should be concentrating on fixing this game But given the replies there doesnt seem to be much happening to it anytime soon,content wise.
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