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  1. Hey--did you hear the new Skillet album? It's very cool. My sister and I are hopefully going to go see them in November at House of Blues in Chicago.

  2. *Jae jumps on to RJM's profile. Jae hugs RJM. Jae scampers off.*

  3. People still play this? Kill it with infernal flames!
  4. *crashes through ceiling* Oh... Hi... Happy Burfday... I bring you a shrubbery! stupid catapult not aiming with the correctness
  5. Fire nailguns at random wildlife Chinups on the new trusses Cinderblockput (shotput, but rougher on your hands) Run-through-the-spiked-ditch-and-hope-you-dont-trip marathon Mix mortar with bare hands (fun and squishy as long as you don't have any broken skin for the acid to get through Who can fall off the roof last Who can drink the most gatorade Who can tell the most vulgar joke, while drinking gatorade and trying to not fall off the roof Loud noises and you, an instructional seminar "Testing" the garage door (opencloseopencloseopenclose wheeeee!!!!) Electricity *music* these are a few of my favorite games! */music*
  6. @ Toten, It's okay, you can think that.
  7. @ Aash, that was a joke however true... And as for pac/ms pacman I was referring to gobbling up all that yummy white stuff and chomping the occasional cherry. @ Herbie, *raises hand* you see, she just made it across the border and caught her dress on the barbed wire fence so she was really cold
  8. Well I wasn't here so it not mah fault Happy Burfums! Stay Kawaii!
  9. Probably didn't even play atari, pinball or pacman. Probably sat in the corner brushing her doll's hair and accused pacman of being pornographic.
  10. Seasick?!!! Poor dog is gonna catch Needasammichitis from her!!! 0_Q p.s. stole you monacle foo
  11. I find it hilarious to think on the reality side of this... Any idea what the middle school kids who aren't sitting around playing through 30 hours of gameplay and dialog choices, trying to get their character sexed are doing? They are hanging out with girls at school, making the same dialog choices (probably a little less corny too) and getting laid before they can even fill out a condom. That's life morons. Fact 1. Family guy has more sexual content than mass effect. Fact 2. Most disrespectful attempts to acquire sex in Mass Effect lead you to saving the galaxy as a virgin. Fact 3. In the time it takes you to reach that point in the game (heck, finish the "tutorial") you could be in bed with a member of the opposite sex that actually is interactive. Fact 4. If you do not work for it you do not get it. If I was EA/Bioware I would be snatching up the best attorneys available and prepare my bank account for a nice little influx. Media like Fox News will only allow their side of the story to be told anyway, so here's what I would do... Offer an exclusive interview with a rival network to discuss the "heinous slander" which a media outlet has used to try and hurt sales of my product... Offer solutions of either a Lawsuit or the network apologizing, providing me/my company a 30 minute uninterupted (love how the only expert got about a minute of time and was dropped before the discussion) interview to address the lies about my company and actually discuss how the problems brought up by the original panel can be easily solved (if you don't want your kids playing with your toys lock them in the gun cabinet with the rest of your toys). Finally I would require that all parties liable for the damage to my company will beat the entirety of Mass Effect on insane difficulty as well as acquire every achievement so they can understand the sheer amount of creative time and effort put into the work of art that was dragged through the mud on their network. This will be recorded to prevent someone else playing it for them. P.S. Fox News hates Ron Paul yeah. they do. edit: it's the same as guns, if you want it you can get it wether or not you're allowed to have it. Did no one else enjoy wonderbra adds in the paper when they were knee high to a grasshopper?
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