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  1. I like jkedit, I already have Jed. With your reply you assumed I had never used Jed and didn't answer my initial question. Does anyone know where to get jkedit?
  2. Magicforce no longer has jkedit for download, does anyone have the full version. I heard they released the full version for free to the public. If you know where to get it please link me .
  3. SBX@JHS - ip : jksbx.servegame.com website : http://jksbx.hopto.org (NO http://www.) Please join up on the forums!
  4. I did the window mode thing, game runs fine until I hit start game. Then when it actually needs to show the game itself it just says "jk.exe has stopped working". I can get through the menus okay, just when i actually enter the game it crashes. Any help? Windows 64bit
  5. also, feel free to add me to msn. nathan_sizemore@Hotmail.com
  6. If you are active and enjoy playing sbx, you should definitely check out this website. http://jksbx.hopto.org It's a place where sbx players can gather, with the IRC embedded and a message board for SBX players to communicate. Map downloads and more. I host a server almost every night, jksbx.servegame.com is my ip address. Come play with me!
  7. Okay... Ive setup a server, sbx.servegame.com And I have three computers on my network, I can play a network game fine by me hosting the server and the network computers joining through (My internal ip address). But if I host an online game, where people outside of my network can play, the people from the outside can join easily with sbx.servegame.com but if computers on my network try to join through sbx.servegame.com no games ever show up. And if they join into the online game via internal ip address ( then the people from the outside can
  8. SBX is a mod for Jedi Knight Dark Forces II... Which in some peoples opinion ruined the game, and others changed it completely for the better. I fall into the latter category.
  9. I'm looking for SBX players to play with on a daily basis.. but cannot find any. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Also, if you like to play sbx, contact me on my site http://www.jkisback.cjb.net -EDIT- You can also add me to msn messenger if you like SBX as much as I do. nay_size_00@hotmail.com
  10. They wont allow you to log into zone lobbies with firefox.
  11. If you are interested in playing sbx, please leave a message here... Ive been looking for religious sbx players so that I can actually play again lol.
  12. Whenever you have the zone lobby pop up, you cant right click or view its source... so i cant look at it
  13. Hey guys, as you know I am trying to get a matchmaking service started for JK DF2. I am working on it at my website. Well, anyways I am having troubles setting it up just like the zone. Where someone clicks a room, and then can launch the game from inside of the room bringing any clients connected to the room with him. If you know how this is done, or are good at coding and can help out, please let me know!
  14. [Link removed until warez links removed from site/forum]
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