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  1. The saber manuel is so ****ing outdated - NEW FORUMS : http://ojp.filepanther.com/board/index.php
  2. No no it's even worse, all of their members start off with 250 points. The only diffrence between the ranks is that the higher ranks are allowed to spend more points, which means there's no diffrence in dp. May I mention the fact that DP recharges so fast on their server, that it takes 3 seconds for 88 dp to fill up from zero? Meaning if any person has an idea of how to parry they won't die in 3 years. In short, your settings are anti-lulz. EDIT: Horrible spelling mistake, wrote RP instead of DP
  3. How can you not get banned from the KOTF forums if you don't hail Tim as the supreme leader of all with every post... /derail The website is coming along nicely, make sure it doesn't stop dead in its tracks or else Tim will come and take away your ojp-cookies.
  4. Hey, first of all thanks for the suggestions. There are a number of problems with g_saberanimspeed being set to 1.2. The main one being, if someone yaws, and I assure you many people do, then it would be simply impossible to parry your enemy with 1.2 speed, resulting in a spam fest of the better yawer + who has more points. To give people who don't yaw a chance against them yawers it would seem only fair to keep the animation speed at a slower speed. I'd personally be against such a change, but then again if you could convince ace to change it, do it. The other two suggestinos are misunderstandings, let me explain. Since the points start is pretty low (20) not all the styles are unlocked. Every time you go up 10 points (20->30->40->50->60) a style is unlocked. I'm not sure whats the order but I know 40 is for ataru/dual sabers and 60 for juyo. No one can change the unlock system in the server settings, sorry. Max dodge increases as you get more points, but since you start with 20 points, you'll only start with arround 40 dodge. As you go up to 100 points (the max point setting on the server) you'll get more and more dodge (up to 99 or something leik that).
  5. The gates have finally opened. The deamons of the JaSK servers finally slain before the gate of freedom and a god-damn ojp server which doesn't have 140 points startup and 150 force regen (I'm looking at you polish ojp server) has finally appeared before our eyes. The gates to Eden have opened, let us proceed to the garden of joy and fruits, don't feed the snake. P.S. I'm not gay. P.S.S. SERIAL! SERVER UP!!!! HOOO!
  6. Celebrating the downfall of the old Jak's (Jask's) Euro server, Ace has established the "Ace's Pogmund", a sanctuary for you Euro Polaks and Anti-RPFags. The downfall of TNT will forever sparkle a new era of none-laggy, cheap servers. Expect the server to be up by now, unless jask's corruption has spread to it. For your information the Pogmund server has the following specs: Location: London, England IP Server: IP Ventrillo: Port Ventrillo: 11084 Slots: 12 Maps: - Default FFA Maps - Jedi's Home( http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Jedis_Home_JL_II;45505 ) - Fearis ( http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Fearis_Incident;26775) - Jedi Temple ( http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Jedi_Temple;80524) Supported Hilts: - Revan Dark's Hilts (http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Revan_Dark_Star_Wars_Hilts;46744) and - Weapons (http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/The_New_Revan_Dark_Weapons;46693) Recommended Models: - HS Jedi Customization (http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/HS_Jedi_Customization;56463#Download) - Spanki's Sith (http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Spankis_SITH_Customization;92043) and - Jedi (http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/JEDI_Costumization_PLUS;81915) Customization Plus. RCON-Password: Yeah right, like I'd post it here. For those of you too lazy to DL each of the files one by one I have uploaded 2 Server Packs. The lite one includes the maps and the hilts wheras the full version includes the recommended models with everything else, of course. Lite: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6S3FEYWJ Full: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LQG9XE0O EDIT: The corruption of Jask's Servers have spread to Ace's host! This means the server will only be up in the next 2 days by their estimate!
  7. Here's mah Kane: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Kain_CC;81371 -Rev
  8. No, both of your servers are gay-anime/hentai. They also happen to be hosted by the MB team and they always shut down so the MB team can 'apply' their 'changes'. Oh, and the server is in AOL-Asia. Your server can be described as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Churchill, Lenin, and Socrates. (GA included of course)
  9. Yes? Depends on the relative size and where we're gonna put it? Perhaps make it go on the back and limit it to either jetpack or anti-force lizzy?
  10. Nice, but isn't that thing a living thing? So doesn't it mean it has to move a bit? We'd need an animator to make that thing shake its head or something once in a while or something?
  11. That's my que to stop Still, the vote stands 9-5 and one CAKECHEESE.
  12. I was only using 3 people to exgrate my point. So you get to abused by force powers like push/pull etc. The problem is, anything but push/pull is mighty expensive. By the time you get your crosshair on the cloneriffler for pulling, he probally already blobbed you, since he can fire NEAR you. So you've pushed the Clone Riffler down, gud gud. WTF HE CAN BLOB ON GROUND? GIVE ME MOAR PIE! MT, yeah hope he doesnt simply jetpack away when he dodges your saber. Ligthing : So much force, all for knockdown after which the clown can blob the **** out of you? Right. Charge him upfront with glorious 300 Spartans battle cries? I remeber blob is perma knockdown... Grip? Get close enough to him to do it, and I'll give you a cookie (and jetpack wh00r anyone?) So how the hell do you counter Blobbers as Jedi? Uhhh... E-11/Bowcaster are actually pretty useful, you just gotta make sure they actually HIT, or else your ammo is wasted . Disruptor is instant kill when fully charged... And you got gadgets if you have to fight Jedi up close.
  13. Well, the thing about blob is that you can spam the damned thing without any cooldown. Remeber that time we had none cooldown rockets? Yeah... This is basically the same thing, maybe with less DP damage, less range, etc etc, but it still works as a way to permantly "stun" a Jedi/Gunner. Add a seeker to this combo, and you're killing people faster than 50 Cent walks through bullets. Auto-Push doesn't work, Push costs 20/10fp, and I'm pretty sure they got more than 5-10 shots per riffle. I honestly don't see what's stopping from 1 or 2 or 3 people going 'LOL STALINCLOWN MODE' and spamming a skilled Jedi with Blob without shooting a single primary (primary fire is an oxymoron to clone riffle) shot, yeah...
  14. Should blob (sec. fire of clone riffle) be removed?
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