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  1. This mod exist, right? Anyway does anyone know where I can find it? /Thanks Merged original thread with Mod Link Requests thread... -RH
  2. Personally I don't think kids should have any form of religion in their life until they are old enough to chose it (18+).
  3. People learned 700 years ago that torture is absolutely worthless as an interregation method. It's funny that the US gouverment are actually this dumb.
  4. Yes but the topic do say "Should we respect religion?". That is not the question we should answer to. The question we should answer to is: should we should we be able to critizise religion? There's a diffrens between critizising and disrespect me thinks...
  5. Sorry I have extremly bad memory. Yes. My point: NK is totally diffrent. Yes but atleast people don't have to eat eachother to survive. The social injustices in China isn't anything compared to what's happening in North Korea.
  6. No. It's true China has to work harder when it comes to human rights and a functioning democrazy. But to compare it with the worst dictatorship in the world is just plain wrong. Have you been to China in the last 30 years? Alot have happened since Mao you know. China is by no means whatsoever a communist state anylonger. Also 1/4 of the entier world population is chinese of course their economy is racing why shouldn't it?
  7. That's a bunch of total bull****. They can by no means compare the political situation in China with the ones in NK. In that case I could just as well compare the US politics and respect to human rights as equal to Russia's. You know you'd think that super powers such as the US would have learned something from Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and the Gulf war etc. But no nothing. People are still ranting about forcing countries into democrazy in exactly the same way. FREEEEDOOOM!!!! *booom bang bang booom*.... a ****... didn't work out this time either. Give aid and knowledge to the NK people and maybe they wouldn't hate you guts so hard. What would millitary sanctions provide? Kim's death? Yeah maybe but what would the people of NK feel about the US invading their country and slayng their semi-god? This is not a good way to bring democrazy to a country. This is how you create new terrorists.
  8. Eh... look below (bold). That sounds more or less so. I'm for abortion of a child (disabled or not) but what this topic says is that disabled childrens should be aborted because they contribute less to society. It's like we should have some form of policy were the weakest are weeded out.
  9. Lions are actually different from most cat animals because they have a more evolved form of "social life". Lions share food with other in the same pack who are unable to hunt well enough. Just as many other animals (wolves, chimps, mercats etc... ) Also that whole jungles law thing is the most utterly stupid thing ever. If we don't care about other people why take care of our own children? What it would mean is facism and how well have that worked out? A democratic society can not function without solidarity. How is killing mentally deficient children for not being able to work morally worse than what the Nazi's/Facists proclaim when they say only the strongest survives? In the end this is only about getting more money. Do we want more money to buy **** we don't need or do we want to help everyone have a good life and to be able to feel love and joy.
  10. When it comes to these kind of questions i believe strongly that this is not a matter to be desided by a country's gouverment but by the parents of the child. To abort disabled children as a policy i believe is strictly wrong and a step towards a facist mentallity. Solidarity not functionality, this would mean we would base people's worth and freedom on their contribution to society. That is facism and there's no way around that. Why not gas every elderly person over the age of 85? They don't contribute they just lay in bed and gets fed through tubes. And then why not shot a few homeless people, and addicts, and people who hasn't got a job. Yeah we would all be a whole lot richer but is it right?
  11. North Korea is quite an unpleasant place to live, yes. You know i saw a TV documentary of people in NK who had been working at a sort of chemical weapon test camp. They actually take so called criminals and put them in camps and tests poisons and gases on them. It was one of the most emotional things i've ever seem. Also did you know that if a crime is commited by a North korean man it means that also his family for like 3 generations and like 5 of his neighbors are also guilty of a crime. Think about it. Also > http://epod.usra.edu/archive/images/kofija.gif see north korea? see the lack of light? yeah it's actually pitch ****ing black. I.N.S.A.N.E.
  12. No, if that was the way you took it then i'm sorry. What i mean when i say this thread is weird is that you make it sound as if this is a problem that can be blamed on every single leftwinger/liberal in the US when in fact it's just one political party that's made a screw up. If what you wanted was the opinion of leftwingers (such as myself) then i can personally say i'm 100% against this and think it's horrible. Of course no one likes the idea of killing a new born baby liberal or conservative. I'm by the way seriously in doubt this is even true and maybe some sort of a mistake.
  13. I sold my ex of SWB 2 together with my original xbox when i bought my new 360 and has of course now regretted deeply selling the game. So when I saw that you can actually play battlefront also on the 360 i was wondering wheter or not i should buy it again. Is there anyone who knows how well it plays on the 360 and if you need to download anything to make it work. I've heard of alot of old xbox games glitching like crazy once you play them on the new white shiny box.
  14. Yeah exactly although i had the upper black field removed too. To bad it can't be fixed... meh thanks anyway.
  15. Israel said the raid -- launched to stop arms smuggling from Iran and Syria to the militant Shiite fighters -- left one Israeli officer dead and two soldiers wounded Well I think we all know the situation hadn't changed even if this wouldn't have happened. Altough congratulations to Israel for truely making sure things goes to hell. I feel i'm going slightly apathic to most violence that takes place in the middle east right now. Everyone is so amped up on their religious believes trying to kill eachother that i just cant see anyway for it to stop.
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