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  1. If it is coming this year, thats pretty exciting...
  2. Frustrating might be the word that comes to mind when I think of this movie. Even though it leaves you wanting more, I guess that's what they were going for...:/ I just figure 7 pt 1 and pt 2 are going to be sweet... Unfortunately we have to wait another year for that....
  3. I mean, my name was Darth Soogz, until recently... That should be a pretty good hint to what side I am on..
  4. Aside from the negative reviews, which are kind of abusive in ways.. i thought it was a good film. Good action, good story for the most part. Sure it has its negatives, but I think those are mainly drawn from the fact that Michael Bay has a bad reputation in hollywood... Anyways i liked it, and that's all that really matters, if you like the movie.
  5. Word brotha, 10 Ft. Ganja Plant is a good band too. You should check them out.
  6. Nope won't be. Played City of Heroes for 5 years now... Hope TOR runs on my mac book pro....
  7. Goodness, I really don't like Christian Bale at all.... :/
  8. ah i see, i see. that's cool man.

  9. haha more or less. soccer is a good sport, but the united states isn't my team. Brazil is my team. where are you from? UK?

  10. ah dude we are friends now! what's up! hahaha

  11. *Points to Signature* That's the hottest woman alive but Kate is my number 2
  12. Kate Beckinsale has to be Bastila, haha. As for the others, pretty much just a toss up. No real idea
  13. So I just bought a Mac Book Pro. Is there any trouble running Kotor 1 or 2 on it? Do I need to use bootcamp? I have searched google for answers, but I really get no up to date infos about the new macbooks, and how pc games run on them. Anybody have any ideas?
  14. Revolution- SOJA Jammin- Bob Marley Zion Triad- John Brown's Body Heart Like a Lion- Rebelution Lay Your Hands on Me- Bon Jovi ...just a few....
  15. I was pretty stunned by this trailer.... I think it stole the show, so far. EA completely tore it up with their line up coming out. This game looks sweet. It kind of feels cool that you will be able to write your own unique story with your own character or characters... Cannot wait for this one.
  16. "It's not the creed or the nationality that counts, but the man himself."- Celtic FC
  17. Welcome back. The real big news that you may have missed has been the announcement of the Kotor MMO. As for everything else, take a look around... You are bound to find something.
  18. Even though its not 3, I am still looking forward to the game. What I have read from sources, the game appears to be pretty interesting with some cool things and features. So hopefully, it will be good.
  19. Hooray for the get the day off from school... day...
  20. I will see it. I am debating go at 12 tonight, or just going tomorrow... I just want to see what happens to these new characters they are bringing about..
  21. Soccer and Basketball I am looking forward to the most.
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