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  1. I'm ok with blondie, and thankfull she beat "Rihanna Shepard".
  2. I like the seventies one and i hope a Dark Knight rises one is coming.
  3. He is no professional, at least at the start of the game, this changes later, but he might not care either way about the issue. I just didn't like the forced ironic. And the ME system has ironic too, you just have to look for it, instead of being the default middle option. My view exactly
  4. Well, I disliked the wheel setup in DA2, it was different from the Mass Effect one in the sense that the middle option was a personality in itself, while in ME the middle option is professional, usually picked when you don't have strong feelings either way about the issue being discussed. DA2 lacks the professional approach, which in my book was a big failure. More options would have been better ofcourse, but provided they continue with 3 options scheme i would prefer the default ME layout. Btw ME has ironic/funny guy options too, they just aren't there all the time and sometimes they are on top sometimes at the bottom, while in DA2 they are always in the middle by default. About DA2 merits as game lets just agree to disagree Obs: Looking in the picture again, the top option seems to be the professional one in this situation.
  5. Oh no!!! Bad sign, they are turning the middle line (which used to be professional, laconic) into irony, like DA2. It worked terribly in DA2, the amount of times i didn't have "my answer" in the options was absolutely ridiculous. Why would anyone take clues from that abomination of a game???
  6. Niiiice:D Anyway this is one renegade action i can't do, genocide... fine. Blue falconing... that's just really low.
  7. Don't forget the worst offense of all, cock-blocking your buddy Wrex...
  8. The combat looks great, but i'm a little bit worried about the "auto-dialog" those videos feature. Without dialog choices (even the irrelevant ones) there is no roleplaying, it's just a cutscene...
  9. Beautiful Also, great run and gun gameplay on the vids posted by leXX. Run and gun was one area ME2 was weak, i'm very excited about the changes
  10. Very positive I hope they are not talking hot air... i can never fully trust professional reviewers.
  11. More explosions and pretty girls in peril, good enough for me! The very definition of popcorn movie.
  12. Come on, AC1 was a little bit over the top in this department, it had no excitement at all in between the main missions, which is a bad thing for an open world game. The main missions were awesome however, a very good game for me, all things considered.
  13. Gameplay wise every new AC installment has been an improvement imo. Plot wise i'm not sure, they all seemed ok to me (apart from the Desmond thing), but AC1 might be the best self contained story in the series.
  14. You misunderstood me, my problem isn't that this is impossible scenario, it's very possible!!! It happens over and over. Like Darth Parametric, i just think it feels lame and very lazy, i liked the fact that Cerberus was an "the ends justifies means organization", so i dislike the idea of chaging them to simple evil (it seems). But as you said, let's wait and see.
  15. I've always knew it was coming... But i had hope they wouldn't go for it. Really pissed on how Renegades continue to get the shaft...
  16. PC gamer scans of ME3, maaaaaajor spoilers. http://imgur.com/a/C5Q82#fLXmO Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Cerberus working for the Reapers Oh Bioware...
  17. I'm having trouble figuring this out as well... What more can they do?
  18. I get that, but when the force becomes the resolution/explanation to your small every day problems it's a bit ridiculous. Anyway, this small issue doesn't stop me from enjoying the movies, i just think it's something of a stretch. It does stop me from enjoying Kashyyk in KOTOR, because that ever looping sound gives me a headache. Well... you should've opened with that instead of trying real world logic first
  19. I don't really like when it becomes an explanation to each and everything, but i guess that's how it goes, "will of the force". That means it's harder for the average person to pick up and distinguish the sounds. And that is assuming that humans can even hear every frequency of Wookie speak. And yes, i imagine that the average Wookie would have difficulty picking up the sounds humans make, it works both ways.
  20. Not really, i think this got a lot more to do with them being from species with very different vocal cord structure than the language itself. And i've never said they are uninteligent, i just think it's weird that a guy like Luke, nephew of a farmer who never got off planet or done anything can understand it easily.
  21. To outsiders, this language usually sounded like mere animalistic barks, roars, growls, and moans, conveying little more than emotion. It's in there
  22. I understand, and you are right non-verbal communication is happening all the time even simultaneously with the verbal communication. What i was saying is the fact that Chewie is from a different species might make it more difficult for humans to detect. A dog in heat emits a scent that drives the males berserk, but i can't detect that... i have to see blood to know.
  23. I don't quite like it the "force translation" power, but i can live with it (it already explains almost every other thing that wouldn't make a whole lot of sense). I can see Yoda able to communicate as well, he has good relations with the Wookies . Not sure if i buy the non-verbal part, Chewbacca communicates just fine without relying on pointing and signs, and if he uses things likes scents to communicate to other Wookies that wouldn't be a easy thing for humans to detect (perhaps if you have force translate it becomes easier ). Most communication he does in the movies is through verbal means.
  24. Sorry, Lynk it is. You left me with doubts with the way you said it, that you can't really translate what they are saying, so i was confused about what extent you were talking about, now it's clear what you mean. I have cousins of Japanese decent, and they speak just a few words because no one but their grandma talks to them in japanese, they can take care of their grandma and survive, but they can't really talk to her, i thought you were on the same boat, but i was wrong. Well, when talking about dogs i've added that Wookies aren't like dogs, they are capable of simple verbal communication (heck first thing Chewie does on screen is have a quick chat with Obi Wan), I've also said that i let Han slide, it kinda makes sense for him to be able to figure at least something out. Not sure about the others though. Wookies, although intelligent, aren't always treated like that throughout the movies, and the fact that we don't see any of them (out of their homeworld of course) make they seem a bit reclusive. But yeah your personal experience, now that it's fully fleshed out, changes things a bit. You really don't know anything that makes it easier for you? Sometimes a just a few words helps a lot. I've always thought, that the only time they had direct, you ask> i answer conversations , was through the ship display, i might be wrong. R2 "speech" pattern would probably be some kind of morse code anyway. Well, dogs aren't capable of simple verbal communication, not to humans, not to other dogs. A dog's bark is a (small) part of their ways of communicating, and not a form of communication in on itself. This is common knowledge about dogs.
  25. Sure, it seems kinda difficult, (right now, who knows in the future...) to create a laser beam that reflects on itself and has solid properties to boot. Or people that move things with their minds (have you seen the science of Mass Effect though? don't dismiss everything) But those things are kinda of the main point of this universe, sure the force seems unreal, but then i'll have to criticise Spiderman cause i've never heard of someone who can stick to walls like that... Because Jedi, Lightsabers and the force (plus space travel) are the whole premise of this universe i can't criticise them for being unrealistic, we are in this universe where there is the force. Not the droids or the Deathstar design flaw though (even though this in particular, even in the movie itself is said to be a rather stupid design oversight, kinda of explaining it) , Droid tech being that bad sounds stupid, i agree, there's no "in this universe robot designers suck" explanation possible here. Same thing my problem with people understanding the Wookies, they haven't given me an explanation of how people discerne the grows. Linkformer, first, i've kinda let Han go Secondly, I'm not sure how much of a verbal conversation you are actually having, i'm sure you understand when they like/dislike what you just did or when they need something. Wouldn't you say it would be terribly difficult to have a Star Wars conversation with them for example? And third, sure, through time, you are able to identify some distinct "sounds" that they make that help put sense in what they are saying, which no matter how much i watch Star Wars i can't do with Chewie. About the dogs thing, dogs are unable to communicate verbally , even to each other (not the case with Wookies), They make sounds, smell things, and physically demonstrate what they are looking for. Barking itself means nothing, but barking pointed towards the door means there's something behind that door.
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