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    Kingdom of Heaven
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    Knowledge and Enlightment
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    Pilot of Battle Suit Aegis 11
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    League of Legends
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    Jedi Outcast
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  1. I MIZZ YOUZ!!!!!


    That is all.

  2. LDR

    Don't worry about it. Life sucks sometimes. :)

  3. It's ok, I haven't been around LF or the DTC in awhile either, though me and Cyborg are planning on coming back in the near future for something special! :)


    But happy new year, never got to say that, even though it's already February.


    Yeah, I've got work too, keeps you busy, even if it is miserable! As for the recognition bit, well, I've always been recognized for my picturesque capabilities since I got hired, but adoration and appreciation only go so far on minimum wage, especially when you detest the job you started off amazing others at doing - T_T Bleh!


    But I hopez you're alright, I'm REALLY glad to see you back, maybe you can resurrect the DTC (it's dead again) like you've done before; I'd definitely join any RP's you make! :D


    ~ Lovez M_A :whtsmile:

  4. Well, whatever you come up with I'll be sure to try and join. :) And I'm sorry to hear that your in a slump. :( Those can be a pain. If you need help with anything feel free to shoot me a PM. :)

  5. lol well I'm trying to come up with something, cause right now I'm kinda in a slump creatively speaking :(

  6. *Crys tears of joy*


    It's awsome to see you back Shana! :D And I know how annoying work stuff can be. I'm glad you've gotten some free time at last. :) Have any Rp ideas at the moment? I tried starting up a few but one is still alive at the moment.

  7. Shana

    Sorry it took me a long time to answer your message.... work is a really messed up thing and it's been leeching away my time.... ;_; I hate it, but I got to eat :3

  8. Sorry that it took me this long to answer... been very busy with work stuff.... I hate it ;_;

  9. I'm sorry I've been away a lot..... being bombarded by work stuff is not cool :/ specially when people don't recognize your efforts ;_;

  10. Yeah, I'm not dead sorry XD I have just been suddenly bombarded with work stuff...... ;_; so much I want to cry lol

  11. Hey, just dropping a note of lurv your way Shana, the 'Miracle' herself! ;)


    I miss ya, drop me a hello if you like, maybe we can play on LoL a bit, reminisce, laugh, cry, get bitter, then pass out (I dunno *shrugs* ).


    Any who, see you in the future my friend, hopefully sooner, rather than later, lots of hugz!


    ~ M_A :whtsmile:

  12. Holy...wow. Nice to see you again Shana! :) Glad to see your not dead :p

  13. YOU'RE NOT DEAD! ((((Shana))))

  14. LDR


  15. If you're interested, here's a ReBoot/My Little Pony mashup I threw together today:

    (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

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