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  1. It's really good, I hope others join soon so we can get it started :D

  2. yup yup and hopefully with you and Chevron 7, we might get more peeps on board :D

  3. it could be any but preferably it would be better to have all members from age 12-20

  4. Well your character was selected from the military in a way. The Ground Forces HQ, that's from where all the characters recieved their basic magical training, once the trainee is deemed a B rank Mage he can then make a career in the Ground Forces or if a Division of the Federation shows interest in recruiting him then he can weigh his options. But Division 9 is as elite as they can get.

  5. Swords, pistols, axes, hammers, any sort of personal weapons. This RP has the Unregulated Planet #97 which is Earth with the same technological advances we have right now. The only advanced technology there is exist in the Federation controlled planets and the Ships travelling the borders of the Multiverse.

  6. Well mostly anime characters as you know are over the top, so it doesn't matter as long as you're comfortable with it. But I may be able to help, just tell me what you need help with and I'll answer the best I can ;)

  7. you're most welcome :D

  8. of course I don't mind :D I welcome you :D

  9. You're welcome :D *bows back* So what do you think of the RP?

  10. Hello you! ;) just passing by

  11. YAY :D thanks a lot

  12. Finished my siggy and avatar already :D Also created an RP in the dantooine forums, I'm pretty excited about it :D

  13. Thanks for the good wishes :D, and thanks about my name, I just went crazy after watching an anime I really enjoyed and the main character's name is Shana and she kicks butt, I'll be making a new avatar and siggy for it ;D

  14. Well, mostly problems with a teacher that's dying to just make me repeat a subject at the university. My love life is zero right now, and all my friends are busy which makes me bored and lonely.

  15. how about you, what's going on over there?

  16. Yeah hopefully it will

  17. not really but I hope things will get better.

  18. I'm in college doing some papers I have overdue lol

  19. Well, I'm back in the University and not doing much. I don't really like school and I can't wait until it's over. How about you?

  20. yep, now I got relatives at home now as well, haven't seen them all year, it's fun. Happy New Year! :D

  21. Merry Christmas to you too, just got back from seeing the relatives.

  22. fine, I'm just busy with all the holiday decorating and stuff. Gonna be off to see some relatives for Christmas. How about you?

  23. That is very true, the greatest example was Sodom and Gomorrah, it's in the bible and it's really bad that it's happening all over the world, there's this big tendency in which they are trying to make people believe that only they have the power to make things happen and forget about God. It's a movement that's striking pretty hard and also things like Dan Brown's DaVinci Code which fills people's minds with lies. The sad thing is that they believe such things and lies.

  24. Well I don't understand why they'd be offended. Because mostly Christmas IS the celebration of christ's birth. People who celebrate it for just the presents and Santa are just not doing it right, I'm sorry if that bothers them but it's just the way it is. Although I won't call anyone a sinner for that or anything but it doesn't change the fact that they are celebrating it for all the wrong reasons, right?

  25. Well I'm catholic so there's no offense here :D

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