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  1. awesome, so now I just got to get around to posting the casting call again and we'll be underway

  2. Yeah sure, you can go ahead ;)

  3. don't worry, with you and me it would be 6 people so it would be enough. ;)

  4. Shana

    well the poin is she's relatively young and hasn't really been out of the Asari Academy. Being older, it wouldn't make sense that she would be a recluse.

  5. Shana

    yes, already joined ;)

  6. yeah, it's ok to ask around ;)

  7. no worries take your time

  8. Yes, I am going to start up magical strike force S 2 but I do need enough people for it. You can share your idead with me, I do have the general direction I want it to go, but extra ideas never hurt ;). The ship did have a name, the Altaria, that's the ship we used in Divition 9 ;D

  9. I think Auris or Belayya would be good ;)

  10. yeah I was kinda guessing that's what you were waiting for ;)

  11. lol I used to hate teachers putting exams on the same day, much more so because most of the time it was the hard ones T_T

  12. Well hopefully, I won't need to do that :D

  13. lol that sucks :3 but you'll be fine ;)

  14. nothing much, just waiting for the RPs to move along. How about you?

  15. well maybe we can say that they have feelings for each other but they never really had a chance to act upon them as my character left for coruscant and shortly afterwards abandoned the invading army to work at the academy instead.

  16. yeah, I guess that could work as well, and also make it so that Archon's character also knows her well.

  17. yeah, I'd be interesting to explore that

  18. Well it would make sense for them to be competitive being Sith, but, they would be compelled to kill each other as all sith are, if they were somehow romantically connected, they would probably hesitate to hurt each other though.

  19. sure, what do you have in mind?

  20. Shana

    umm, I'm not sure of the direction either, so I'm waiting for others to post and see if I can jump in there. The best thing to do would be to ask MsFicwriter about it so she can shed some light onto it ;)

  21. I'll write it in somewhere and just mention it so it goes on record ;)

  22. so you want me to mention that in my reply?

  23. Well thanks, although more than coming up with it, I based it on one of my favorite anime and I was really happy with how it turned out

  24. It's ok. I'll finish in a couple of hours and send it your way

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