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  1. I think it was good, I didn't really need to do anything since Shana is still knocked out XD

  2. Well, I'd like it if you could join, but if you feel uncomfortable I don't want you to feel like I'm forcing you

  3. well I'm happy that I could contribute a litte :D thanks to you as well

  4. OMG! You joined my RP I'm really really happy to see you again! :D

  5. There are also heavier suits of armor, these are harder to move in, slow but counter this with heavy resistance to both ballistic and missile damage. The Titan12 suits were designed initially for building structures and moving around heavy equipment but their use in the battlefield was far more than anyone expected. They usually carry siege raiguns that fire 4.5 rounds per minute and are equipped with Miniguns. The Suit also has a feature that allows the soldier to take a full defensive position, the suit turns into a tower of sorts gripping itself to the terrain and offering the user a much more controlled recoil, power and even powering up the defensive armor to withstand the heaviest of attacks, but it reduces mobility to the max as the user is completely rooted to the ground until the mode is disengaged.


    Some structures have plasma shields like forward command centers but these are too big still to be made for personal use.

  6. Grenades are comparable to that which you find in halo in terms of plasma grenades which adhere to walls and other things, even enemies and your normal frags, there are also incendiary, flash, poison gas, and utility grenades like Chaff Grenades that disperse small metallic strips into the air, temporarily disrupting electronic sensor equipment within the vicinity and the Heavy HG13 Anti-Heavy grenades made to destroy heavy assault vehicles or in the Brieder's case the Huge mutant Panzers.


    On the defensive side we have the soldiers wearing light anti frag and ballistic armor. Helmets equipped with comms, nightvision, thermal vision, and realtime GPS locator all in the visor provided with a headsup display that monitors also body functions with the armor sensors.

  7. Well, as far as guns go, think mass effect in terms that all weapons mostly are ballistic still but do not require the usual bullet cartridges, instead they use Krillium cells which is supposed to be a material found in the planet that's comparable to Lithium-ion batteries but like 100 times better and are also rechargeable on the field. The only draw back of the weapons is that the metal is prone to overheat if continually fired in spray. Some other guns do still use cartridges like Shotguns, but Assault Rifles, handguns and SMGs do use the other system. Sniper Rifles are mini rail guns, think of them as futuristic siege weapons but far more portable, the only drawback is that they overheat quickly and need recharge time once the ammo capacity has been depleted but they self supply as well as the rifles as long as the battery cell has power.

  8. Yeah, I completely forgot about that... Guess I'm getting a bit rusty XD


    I'll add that to the rules tomorrow. It's kinda late so I'm going to bed, take care and get on making you character :D


    Oh and happy new year and belated christmas to you too! :) I almost forgot to say it but I didn't lol

  9. Yeah, I told you I'd restart it for you ;)


    I would really like to rp again with Tysy too but I won't force her if she doesn't want to. But I' definitely would like to see her again.


    Alkonium is also on board for it so, as long as I got you pro guys with me, the rp will go smoothly :D

  10. Well I guess I have some reading to do ;) I will do my best to help out, what do you need me to do now? :D

  11. aww I miss Tysy too :( but I gladly welcome any help you can provide :D thanks so much for your support and the Brieder War is back on, I can't wait to start it with everyone willing to join, be it many or few players ;)

  12. yeah, I am going to do it, although I will be making a slight twist on Magical Strike Force S to move things forward.

  13. hi lol, been away for a long time but Happy New Year and belated christmas hehe, I will start up something pretty soon, hope you still plan to be part of it

  14. yes, but I'm also working on a few things I want to bring back too, I think I will start off with the one I'm most comfortable with and the others will follow soon after

  15. Thanks :D, I'll read up on what has been posted so far and let you know ;)

  16. ARCHON! :D *hugs* hehehe, well thanks for your words :D I am planning to keep Battle Suit Utopia from where it left off, I don't plan on restarting it because it was definitely going in the direction I wanted it to go in the first place. Sadly, life got in the way in that moment but things should be stabilizing by now and I will be able to frequent this site much more. I will think about the Brieder Wars, I think it was going well until people stopped posting in it XD but I will definitely consider it just for you :D

  17. Thanks :D I will consider it, I still don't have too much time but I'll see if I can manage to post regularly, I'll take a look at both threads ;)

  18. Thanks :D I hope I can bring something exciting, gonna think about it for a few days, maybe expand on both stories and see where I can take them. I hope I don't disappoint you ;)

  19. Hi Chev!! :D I've been good, really busy and stuff but good otherwise. I've been thinking of coming back to maybe host another Battle Suit Utopia thread or maybe this time really go through with Magical Strike Force. I don't know XD how about you?

  20. Thanks, I will, just gotta read up on all that's happenes so I don't make a mistake ;)

  21. Sorry I've been away long, trouble at work makes it hard for me to find a moment for myself lately. But I will try to move along my characters as much as I can

  22. no, I don't mind. I actually noticed he also took control of Visas XD

  23. I will try, sadly as my internet is coming and going at home and my office is being monitored, I have very little chances of coming on to post, but I will try my best

  24. Yeah, I know I've been putting it off a lot but it's mostly because I have a lot of things to deal with at the moment so I'm still trying to stabilize my workload so I can give myself the time to work on it further.

  25. I'll check it out, I can't promise I'll join though because I have a huge workload at the moment :(

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