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  1. Thanks Tysyacha :D I will join it, I'm planning a Reaver but I'm still working on the character sheet ;)

  2. I like it, I will join it, tomorrow I'll create the character sheet, I'll be a reaver XD

  3. hmmmm I'm intrigued, you had me at High Fantasy XD

  4. yup I will return I just had some problems with the internet since I live in the part of mexico that was most affected by hurricane Alex so my internet dies at random times for hours.

  5. don't worry, everyone seemed quite surprised XD

  6. yeah sorry, I kinda have been having problems because of the hurricane that hit my city last week, since I live in the northern part of mexico, my apartment was flooded and I don't have internet at home, only at work for the time being so it's been a little difficult, I'll post now

  7. Shana

    Yeah I'm still going forward with it, I just had problems due to the fact that Hurricane Alex hit my city very hard and we're still assesing the damages. I'll try to post as soon as I am capable, my internet is coming and going because of this.

  8. Don't worry, I won't leave Sith Resurrection, I won't just disappear on you :D

  9. Yeah I noticed XD

  10. It's ok, I really do want Visas Marr, I'm just waiting to see if Tsyachya will give me the chance to rp her if not it's ok, I'm in too many RPs already XD

  11. Can I use Visas Marr? I like her a lot XD

  12. Yeah it sounds good, I can't wait til we get more action especially for Lenatha :D

  13. Sounds good, well for Kalla he might exploit the fact that Kalla left Andorra for her cousin right? Maybe try and make her feel guilty or something around those lines.

  14. interesting question, she'd probably get depressed and angry at him. Having him use Ariel to try to bring her morale down would be a low blow for her. But she would probably say something around the likes of "The dead waste no thought on the living".

  15. of course it's alright! :D I just haven't had a chance to actually post the story. I'm writing the post now explaining what everyone's been doing since the last post on the other thread.

  16. LOL! Yeah I remember that one, I was sad too that it died. I might bring it back over here, since there's a lot of good people out here too. But I want to bring back Magical Strike Force S first, which I got to post the story to very soon.

  17. sure you can ask, I'm just waiting til I get home from work XD

  18. lol well I've been here since 2005 XD All I visited was the roleplaying board of the jedi knight series XD

  19. Lol yeah I know which is why I have been rejecting joining some even if I wanted to join them XD

  20. On Battle Suit Utopia I'm kinda waiting on you to post XD :p

  21. Shana

    I'll take a look at it :D

  22. it doesn't matter, if it's only us I was waiting to see if anyone else would join like master_archon

  23. I'll try to write up the introduction to it by tomorrow :3

  24. Yeah it's ok, there's no problem just let me know what changes you'll be doing

  25. Shana

    Yeah, sorry it's been kinda slow I was just thinking of how to approach the first battle in Battle Suit Utopia so it's been kinda dragging on :S but I'll post very soon about your pirate themed RP it sounds good to me, I always liked that sort of RP :3

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