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  1. To bolded part: Agreed, we cannot pull out, for reasons stated above. Just wondering, do you agree with the whole of the bolded bit, including that it wasn't our business, or just that we shouldn't pull out yet? Just curious. Well, *draws own sword* Point, but conjecture. Most of those entering the country aren't interested in stirring up trouble for the US at home, but are very interested in the US leaving Iraq. Iraq is an important focussing point for the Jihad, and I conjecture that if you were to withdraw, then the inflow of militants would greatly decrease, giving Iraq the chance to build up itself with a reduced - possibly greatly reduced - number of attacks. However, I am unable to ascertain where the point lies where Iraq would be able to resist a takeover by Al-Qaeda. *sheathes sword* This is really quite interesting, as we in fact agree that we should pull out of Iraq, yet are still managing to debate the topic.
  2. If that poll is accurate, and most polls have a ± 3% margin, this is an incredibly high number of people. Can you honestly say it's a good idea to pull out, knowing the terrorists may carry out their threat to "Make 9/11 look like a picnic"? I don't think so. If 45% of any country thinks we got what we deserve, we need to make sure that, at the very least, they aren't a threat to our land. And if we leave them alone, they should be closely monitored. I don't think anyone has answered this, although I could be wrong. My answer to this is that this 45% are not refering to 9/11, but to the attacks on US forces in Iraq (the word forces gives this away). Just because they agree that the US deserves to be forced out of Iraq, they will attack you once you leave? Isn't it more likely that they will attack you for not doing what they want, rather than attacking you for doing what they want? In my opinion, Iraq wasn't our problem, sure Saddam mistreated his people horrendously, but we should have minded our own bloody business. Now, however, Iraq is our business, and we have about as much right to pull out as we had to invade in the first place. Incidentally, I think that we (the British public) should be left out of this debate, as we didn't want to go to war in the first place. Going to war was never popular here, and although now many are opposed to pulling out, only a tiny minority were ever in favour of going to war in the first place.
  3. I often thought that being able to grip teammates without damage and lift them in the air would be interesting, mainly on siege for non-jedi who can't jump up high places.
  4. Well, that's just another example of how perverted the American legal system has become where it relates to lawsuits. I'm not really surprised about it, and won't be surprised if they win. What does worry me is that this seems to be spreading across the Atlantic, along with what, for want of a better word, must be described as American 'culture'. People here in the UK are now trying for the same kind of ridiculous lawsuits that pass in America.
  5. May be slightly relevant:
  6. I don't think there's a cheat for it, but you could write a script and run that from the console, as ICARUS can dismember people without killing them. Just don't expect to live long if you dismember your sabre arm.
  7. Just thought, don't forget to use timescale if you want to capture an action shot.
  8. No need, I get what you mean now. You can also do something like that with the 'cam_disable' command, which does much the same thing.
  9. I think it's probably safe to say that the problem is that we are ruled not by the intelligent, who might actually be some good at ruling, but by the popular, who know how to get into office but don't seem to know what to do once they get there.
  10. You know, you don't set off cutscenes if you're in noclip mode either.
  11. I didn't think there was a shortage of RPG servers, if anything there's a surfeit of them.
  12. Both, really. I play Dark Side, until the lack of heal gets too much for me, then Light Side, until the lack of grip gets too much for me. Although I don't think absorb is as much use in NS streets as you say, because you can't have it on all the time, right? And a good player is just going to wait until it wears off, or jump you before you get a chance to turn it on. It takes about 0.05 of a second to throw someone off a ledge, and most people don't react that fast.
  13. Can you get religious fundamentalists who are aetheists? Also, I don't believe it is practical to follow the funeral traditions of your enemy, although like I said before, respect is an important thing. If I were to handle such a situation, burning the bodies is fine, but deliberately facing them west or what have you, and dancing around them taunting, or whatever, is crossing the line somewhat. Further, Samuel Dravis seems to imply that it was christian extremists that did the desecration thing, but I thought that when I read the article it said it was US soldiers, and there is at least some distinction to be made between the two.
  14. How do you mean, even wealthy couples? Last time I checked, only those who are quite well of could afford IVF treatments.
  15. I don't think the issue is that people are forcing others to celebrate halloween.
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