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  1. ^^^^ It isn't? I didn't know that. LOL... We did get a little of topic didn't we?
  2. It took me 45 hours to beat KOTOR 1 It took me 52 hours to beat KOTOR 2
  3. I should clarify things. Zayed Dus was given Qui-Gon's lightsaber in the comic book series: Star Wars Tales which was released by Dark Horse comics. It never really states that Zayed Dus was his apprentice, but I guess he was a Jedi (presumably that surived the purge) that found Obi-Wan. The reason why it isn't in the Databanks, is probably because of the Comics. It wasn't a novel, so it probably never got as much attention as it should have.
  4. ^^^^ That's correct. I am a fan, although I like KOTOR better.
  5. ^^^^ Phew... That's a relief. Now I don't have to worry about all those wires.
  6. @Venom750 Only 2 controller ports? Hmmm. Something's wrong with that. Xbox had 4 for crying out loud! Anyways- 6 people for Xbox 6 people for PC 3 People for Both
  7. I used to be very bad at grammar and spelling. However, my English teacher would point out every one of my mistakes and make me do my work over again. And it worked! So the point is, if you're not good at spelling or grammar, just practice by posting on forums or just have a peer proofread for you (for those unfortunate souls that have to go to school).
  8. ^^^^ That would be the only option left. Anyways... Are there any ideas as to who will design the game if (in an unlikely event) BioWare and Obsidian refuse? Darth Moeller said Ubisoft would be a good choice (and I have to agree since they are the ones making the videogame to Peter Jackson's King Kong). Just a thought - Would Pandemic Studios do the job? They made the Clone Wars game and they are making the Empire at War game, so maybe they can design this one too?
  9. NO... If you kill the Apprentice, then Uthar tells you that your "destiny has something else in store for you". Thats all that you can do at the academy then. HOWEVER... You could take the Double-Double Cross misson. In this quest, you get to kill the Apprentice Lady and Uthar. With the apprentice and the master dead, you technically are the new master of the academy. But - It's a very dark sided action and it will empty the academy, but it's better than just doing nothing.
  10. I agree. If they change the engine, it will affect the continuation of the story. Better to keep the same one, but improve it.
  11. ^^^^ Oh yeah... Money is starting to take the fun out of everything. Oh well, I guess that BioWare could do it alone...
  12. ^^^^ Why does everyone hate BfME so much? Anyways, it's nice to see naval battle in there as well.
  13. ^^^^ What makes you say that they won't do it? I can understand Obsidian refusing to work on it, but BioWare? I always thought that BioWare enjoyed making KOTOR type games (i.e. KotOR 1, Jade Empire).
  14. ^^^^ That's what it is supposed to be. It makes it's presense in the DS or LS by the actions of it's owner (At least, that's how the EU authors put it).
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