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  1. i have a Geforce 8500 gt and i got the same error, fail video. now when i try to install the game again it won't even do that!! @#$^ u vista! haha.
  2. i just got finished building a computer about a week ago. I installed kotor 2 and at first everything seemed fine until i got to Peragus, then it shuts the game down and says"program has stopped" I had a video card error and it said i need "detonator 54,23 or sumthing like that. i have a 8500 gt graphics card so i used the disc that came with that and installed the drives again. I also went to nvidia's site and got the lastest patches for the g cards. That didn't fix the problem so i uninstalled the game and attempted to reinstall it but now it wont work. I put the disc in and nothing happens, it's almost as if there is no info on the disc. my computer has: windows vista business, an AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 4800 + 2.51 GHz, 2046MB of ram. my jedi academy,outcast games work as well as jedi knight and mots. If anyone can help that be great!!!
  3. I have been modding JA with no problems but when i set everything up the exact same way it doesn't work for JO. Everything have its own folder just like for JA. What could be causing this?
  4. I finally got the mod to work and all i can say is WOW!!!! The best mod i've ever seen. Keep up the great work.
  5. http://darkforces.jediknight.net/screenshots/misc/13.jpg This is what comes up but with no words, if that helps.
  6. i installed the demo and it shows up on the mod screen in the set up menu, but when i go to play it i wait for mon mothma to stop talking and there is no place to click to start. What should i do? I redownloaded it a few times and it is always the same thing.
  7. Everytime i try to visit massassi.net this week to get help with installing mods on JA it doesn't even load. Has anyone else tried to go there and had the same problem?
  8. I'm 17 I go to catholic school in Nebrska I play alot of sports (lettered in all) I drive a 1998 ford mustang cobra I love to work on cars I work out way to much I'm 6'3 I'm 190Ib's Obviously i like star wars alot I have a g/f..pretty hot i might add, haha I love watching football.. Nebraska Cornhuskers dominate all I was born in Tuscon Arizona I'm a senior I make pretty good movies with my friends just for the fun of it I get along with everyone mostly I love watching superman, or smallville I get good grades I like goin to car shows I didn't go to comiccon 06...darn I always watch G4TV Sorry to admit i watch laguna beach with friends...haha I live in a college town Favorite shirt company is hollister I work at Red Lobster I play golf I play basketball I play football I throw shot put a discus in track I live in Nebraska people so obviously i own a farm like 40 miles away from where i live I have never smoked or drank I'm eatting chicken wings right now Favorite non starwars website is ebaymotors.com Love sports center Beaten all star wars games that matter(not any of the episode 1 games,fighting games,clone wars,obi wan,etc I'm funny Love Halo( who doesn't) Have two cats Have one dog Just got into modding games I confess i watch the disney channel Am good at JA on xbox live, thanks to Open Arms 2's advice, thanks Have a sweet myspace account Still eatting chicken wings I can dance Can't sing..good Like rap, and rock..even sounds better on subs Born on new years
  9. really any help at all would be nice.
  10. I just got JO and JA and i wanted to use the mods that i have. Everyone on this thread seems to probably know how to do it. Can anyone tell me how to use them, step by step if possible, thanks.
  11. This is pretty much just a random question i have always wondered about. Why is Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker on the cover of some of the boxes of Jedi Knight?
  12. In need of help adding some new levels to the games to make them more interesting. I'm use to doin it with JK and MOTS , but once i download the file and extract it i don't know where to go from there. When you go to the step up menu in the game there is a section that you can activate mods , but none are present in the list. Any help with this would be great.
  13. so is there actually away to play dark forces:jedi knight on xp? if so please let me know i really want to play it, it is the only one for the series i haven't played.
  14. i've been trying to find videos of the game but can't seem to find a place to get them. ANd my computer is too new to play the game . Any ideas?
  15. i think that it would be a great idea to remake dark forces, or dark forces 2 jedi knight for xbox 360 or ps3 so the engine would be more like the quake 3 engine used in jedi outcast and academy. Alot of people don't have the type of computer needed to play these games anymore. i've seen a few mod sites where they take the quake 3 engine and update dark forces. I just think it would be a good idea. and lucasarts would make alot of money off this i think.
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