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  1. So I've searched around online and found a few sources for the Force Unleashed soundtrack. The few websites and youtube videos I've found have had every song except for one... When you start up the Force Unleashed and leave it at the menu for a few moments, a video of footage will show up with a song that eventually segways into the Imperial March. I'm sure you guys know the song, if not if you leave the game at the menu for a minute or two the video will start. Anyone know where to find this song? Or at least a recording of the video its played underneath? I've been going crazy looking for it. Thanks for any help.
  2. That was my original intention, actually. To look bright for you.
  3. Doesn't mean anything. This game is barely confirmed, let alone the engine confirmed. Take those links with a massive grain of salt.
  4. No information besides confirmation has been released for this game. Where'd you get these links?
  5. I've always wanted saber realism in MP. anyone know how to do it?
  6. I used to play this game way back in the say and I used to love it. I remember there would be two codes I would enter into the console to make the saber combat very realistic. Like, a light tap into an enemy could cut them apart. Does anyone remember these codes? It would be so helpful. The game just isn't the same to me without it.
  7. Thanks for for repeating the top post. Your small research came in very handy.
  8. I just want a good SW MMORPG. Is that so much to ask?
  9. Think it's true or a load of BS? I really hope it is. And I hope Bioware is in charge.
  10. Is there a mod out that changes the rediculous strength of Super Battle Droids?
  11. This games got great music. Anyone know how or wanna help me extract it?
  12. This would be really awesome. Someone should definantly do it.
  13. just use kotor save game editor to get rid of the "cheats used" bull****
  14. T7, you start makin' TESIV mods, I wanna know immediately, 'cause they'll definantly be great.
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