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  1. Hi.Has anyone thought about getting lego star wars 2 for xbox 360 it looks quite funky but havent played the first one what are they like?.Thanks
  2. I am now the proud owner of an xbox 360 and i must say it doesnt dissappoint.Within 5 mins i was online and playing users from all over the place.Any questions you guys have just let me know and i will try and answer them.
  3. Hey does anybody from across the pond own a 360 yet? I think its just north america so far.Getting mine on the 2nd of december fingers crossed.If anybody has had a go on one yet let me know your verdicts thanks.
  4. Oblivion the elder scrolls mass effect dead rising need for speed most wanted halo 3 and many others Try http://www.gamespot.com for many xbox 360 game trailers
  5. That looks the puppys privates gonna have to get that without a doubt.
  6. No snatch is one of my favourite films and lock stock is pretty damn good too.No revolver has a weird plot and although it has ray liotta in it it really is quite poor.I advise against it.
  7. I have just seen the new guy ritchie film im not sure if you guys in america will know of him but he has done a couple of very good gangster films such as lock stock and two smoking barrels and snatch.His new film revolver is absolute sh*te please i beg you do not waste your money seeing this film.Not sure if it has come out overseas yet but if it has and you have seen it let me know your thoughts.
  8. Thats a bit weird no offense but i have seen ur pic and you dont look like a kid to me.Reporting him seems like the thing to do though.
  9. Can someone please give me some info on oblivion, i saw the xbox 360 screenshots and it looks great but i have not got a clue what the game is about or what it entails.Cheers.
  10. Happy birthday dude!!! cash all the way $$$$££££
  11. I get up about 7am during the week and work till 6pm then get up at about9 am at the weekends
  12. Me neither anyone care to explain it.Probably cant get it over here in the uk, although i do have cable.
  13. Oh i think i might have seen it on cable i remember seeing loads of couples on a beach eating really sick stuff.That might of been it.
  14. Right ive been here nearly three months now its about time to release a pic. This is me outside the temple bar in dublin, ireland.Wishing i hadnt taken a big jacket with me on a hot day.Still went inside and had a couple of pints to cool me down. Sorry havent had time to resize
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