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  1. I'm pretty sure I never actually solved the problem. Reinstalling the game without any mods other than BoS and Juhani's lightsaber color change worked just fine, though.

  2. Mos Espa Arena. Much like the previous level, only you can get away with murder. >=D
  3. If you see a Jawa anywhere near it, walking along (aside from the one next to the Eopie creature) he'll get to the door and open it. If there's no such Jawa, wait for him to exit the Blue Room.
  4. Well I got my hands onto another copy to confirm this. Unfortunately this issue still affects me. EDIT - So I bought a new copy since I thought I should, and sure enough the menu problem is gone after a reinstall. Weird how the old disc works on my laptop though.
  5. Sorry to bump this, but this issue has wracked my brain ever since I upgraded my video card from Geforce 4800 to Geforce 9800GT. I can still play on my laptop, since it has an ATI card, and ATI has always been friendlier with older games from my experience.
  6. Yeah nice "collector's edition exclusives." God, I hate this new DLC fad. It's just an excuse to milk us dry. This is why I've only bought DLC for Mass Effect and Dragon Age.
  7. Well I do believe there are a few issues worth working on first. If a problem affects most players, it would seem wise to see to that problem first than worry about the capped frame rate when it doesn't trouble everyone. Food for thought all the same. And I agree, we're not likely to see another patch. For my money though, I'll give up all hope after a year. Generally within a year's time a game is given up on.
  8. I understand what you mean, though I don't see much reason to tinker with it as the game runs brilliantly as is for me. If it would be beneficial to others, then I guess it might be something for Aspyr to look into. But there are a few more problematic things that need fixing first.
  9. While I agree, I don't see how that option would be particularly helpful.
  10. Well in the case of Battlefront, it wasn't nearly as sloppy a port. Force Unleashed has barely any controls for graphics or controller config. Less so than any port I've seen.
  11. I'm sure they had a good reason to cap it at 30. It is a straight port, after all.
  12. Lol and, in relation to the topic, is it too much to ask that they integrate the Jedi Temple level into the main storyline instead of having to start a new game in a future 1.2 patch?
  13. I'll certainly consider it. Granted I'll be swamped with work till next Thursday (no Thanksgiving here unfortunately) but hopefully if I can get around to it, I'll open a ticket with Aspyr. On different note, I went back to the 1.1 patch description. It seems this patch wasn't made to address this problem anyway, so I guess a 1.2 patch may be in order.
  14. Perhaps we'd best express our concerns to Aspyr. They're more likely to put out another patch if we inform them of the issues.
  15. Well with the control issue, I had no idea remapped keys don't change QTEs. Namely because I played using the default keys for a while then switched to a Logitech controller when the patch made it possible. As for the freeze then constant lags, I'm somewhat relieved that this could very well be an issue with every copy of the game. At least now I won't have to reinstall and now instead we wait for a possible second patch. I'd say the first patch coming out a week after the game launched was quite fortuitous. Let's hope another patch comes out reasonably soon.
  16. Patched already. It seems to fix itself after a few minutes of play. I'm more concerned over this problem I have where at random intervals, the game will be working perfectly then on the odd occasion, freeze for a few moments then resume as normal only it lags a fair bit. This will go on until I quit and restart the program.
  17. I've found that occasionally the voice volume is often too low even if I turn it up to max, so I can rarely hear anyone.
  18. He chimes in quite incessantly after he joins you, I found it somewhat distracting.
  19. I would say it takes place at the earliest after Cloud City. Kota gives you advice throughout the level, so he wouldn't be around immediately after Raxus Prime.
  20. While that is true, I am referring to the fact that you can indeed kill everyone in Mos Espa, save for essential characters and Anakin's mother. I have a save file with this on the PSX version. Perhaps I'll upload a video.
  21. Is this the PC or PSX version? I don't play the PSX version much anymore, but when I tried this on the PC version it didn't quite work.
  22. Perhaps not that much of a while after all.
  23. Lol well this is all possible, within certain conditions. I've found a possible catalyst which involves returning to the Queen's ship and camping out with Panaka for a few minutes. Sometimes it works sometimes not. I'll find out that answer one day I'm sure.
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