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  1. It was always a bit of a trick to get into that room. Sometimes the door was open, and sometimes it was not. Sometimes it was open, I would run right up to it and it would close in my face!

    If you see a Jawa anywhere near it, walking along (aside from the one next to the Eopie creature) he'll get to the door and open it. If there's no such Jawa, wait for him to exit the Blue Room.

  2. Well I do believe there are a few issues worth working on first. If a problem affects most players, it would seem wise to see to that problem first than worry about the capped frame rate when it doesn't trouble everyone. Food for thought all the same.


    And I agree, we're not likely to see another patch. For my money though, I'll give up all hope after a year. Generally within a year's time a game is given up on.

  3. Not necessarily. Battlefront had a similar cap, and it was removed, and ran just great on capable PCs.


    An action game that plays at 60 fps is going to be smoother than 30 fps.


    Well in the case of Battlefront, it wasn't nearly as sloppy a port. Force Unleashed has barely any controls for graphics or controller config. Less so than any port I've seen.

  4. I'll certainly consider it. Granted I'll be swamped with work till next Thursday (no Thanksgiving here unfortunately) but hopefully if I can get around to it, I'll open a ticket with Aspyr.


    On different note, I went back to the 1.1 patch description. It seems this patch wasn't made to address this problem anyway, so I guess a 1.2 patch may be in order.

  5. Well with the control issue, I had no idea remapped keys don't change QTEs. Namely because I played using the default keys for a while then switched to a Logitech controller when the patch made it possible.


    As for the freeze then constant lags, I'm somewhat relieved that this could very well be an issue with every copy of the game. At least now I won't have to reinstall and now instead we wait for a possible second patch. I'd say the first patch coming out a week after the game launched was quite fortuitous. Let's hope another patch comes out reasonably soon.

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