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  1. As would I, but this kind of thing would take a good while I imagine.
  2. Well we can still hope, for now. I'm content with the Darth Maul and Mace Windu model changes.
  3. Okay, well I'm sure a lot of people know this, but as I'm certain there are many here that know far more of the subtleties of this game, I felt like asking. Has anyone noticed on the first Tatooine level that you can indeed kill every non-essential being in the area and Anakin won't label you a murderer? I still have a save on my Playstation from way back when I even managed to kill off Anakin's mother and still he allowed me to talk to him. Now, I know much about this game. Stopping the endless flow of destroyer droids in level one, fighting Qui-Gon after Darth Maul's death (thanks for finding that Master Qui-Gon) defeating the endless number of droids that come out of the landing ship in the swamps, getting six juri juices and so on. But this one eludes me to this day. I hope someone here knows the conditions that allow Qui-Gon to go on a killing spree and still remain on the path of the light.
  4. It's good that most pcs aren't region specific with compatible games. So if owning a PAL version doesn't bother you, there's plenty around. ^_^ But then, I'm not sure what a non-gaming computer is. :\
  5. Wow, did you follow a bad URL or what? XD

  6. That is reassuring in some odd way. XD Well this may differ to where you are, but Ebay Australia has a number of copies for both the pc and the Playstation. Many still boxed and unopened.
  7. I miss this game. I burnt so many copies of my game because I kept losing them. Now all I have is a copy of a copy of a copy of the original, which went west along with the others. I love it to death. D: My stars, I didn't know you two still frequent this area Redwing and Quigon. I missed the whimsical topics of the past, such as the constant quarrelling with Jo Jo Binks. Ah, memories. XD
  8. It seems to work well enough for a while, then it stopped for some reason. :\
  9. That would be impossible. You'd have to re-write a whole bunch of code......we'd be better off waiting for a new game.
  10. I, for one, enjoy the fact I have music now. A luxury I didn't have with 98.
  11. Well seeing as we don't have the death penalty in Australia, I suppose it could be a possibility.......but not a practicality.
  12. Indeed, that was a joy to do after a long day of falling asleep in class. Mass slaughter should grant immortality, but does it? No.
  13. Don't we all......well I assumed everyone did the same anyway.
  14. Sliri: "It is unfortunate to see a trusted friend imprisoned. You will open the cage." Tyber: "Urai, if she tries that mind trick on me again shoot her." (Ironically, Urai doesn't have access to a blaster.)
  15. Indeed, I remember dusting off the game when Master Quigon released the Darth Maul mod. Any new characters would surely get me back, and hopefully a few more.
  16. Sucks? How so? I've found him to kill enemies with one less hit than other characters.....and who needs the force anyway.
  17. But then, you can still saber throw, that still works for me.
  18. Wow these forums sure are barren these days. As old as PM is, I still love to play it. If only there was a way to spark interest in it again.......
  19. Yeah I'm for that. Of course, if Revan and Exile were to return they'd have to give us the option of choosing their appearance from the old games.
  20. He was only trying to help.......with a little humour on the side.
  21. I find it funny how people are still able to say a certain faction "pwns" when in actuality they should be balanced. I used the Rebels in the first game, but now the Empire falls prey to the mighty Zann Consortium.......so yeah, I think they're quite good.
  22. I say what I said in another thread - You Empire-using cheaters need to get over it. The Rebels would be dangerously (?) underpowered if it weren't for Yoda and Garm. It's just the way it goes, hell they have to balance it for the Rebellion as well.
  23. You took the words right out of my mouth.
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