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  1. Sorry for the double post, but when you say destroyed you don't mean physically "blown up" do you? If so, I believe the second Death Star only destroyed one planet and it wasn't Naboo.
  2. Aw what's wrong? Baby's widdle Empire is being threatened by a single droid? This is why I enjoyed the Zann Consortium Campaign. It gives the Empire (and you Empire enthusiasts) something to really worry about. But then, you can always build another, right? Not that I've ever used this feature, I really like IG-88.
  3. Call me evil, but if I were the C.E.O of LA I'd not make KotOR III just out of spite, but then it's really down to money and buisness. I'm indifferent about K3 myself. If it comes it comes, if it doesn't it doesn't. It not our place to decide what they do with their time, but then they need to keep their rocket cars and gold houses polished so maybe we'll get what we want yet. Personally, I'd rather let Team-Gizka finish K2 first, because technically we haven't even finished K2 yet, have we?
  4. As far as I know. I'll get confirmation on that as soon as I can.
  5. So it's been established that there are many missing parts in some versions of the game. I'm curious to know why this is so, but I'm not expecting an answer to this question. Damn.
  6. As far as I know, 100% completion of the game is the end. I've unlocked everything and purchased all the characters and vehicles.
  7. Perhaps, in time we'll find out if, at all it does anything.
  8. Okay, so no probs installing this and the first game. But when I try to play this message comes up. Am I to understand that the original Empire at War is "supposed" installed in its default spot on the C drive in order for this game to work? Now my C drive is completely full of multimedia files for my job, and my second harddrive is for games, pics etc. So must I reinstall the first game to the C drive in order to play FoC? Because I can't do that.
  9. He/she wouldn't need the mask if K3 lets us choose the Revan we did in the first KotOR, if you get me.
  10. Not likely, unless you have the pc version and we pray that someone cracks the character model files and changes Dave's pink hair.
  11. Have you purchased those characters yet? I've got all the helmets, as far as I know.
  12. Well I've got princess Leia's "bagle" hairdo along with the Slave Leia hair. Aside from those two and Dave's pink hair, that's all I've got.
  13. I'll certainly ask, but I'm afraid that it's probably just how the game is meant to be.
  14. Well I know it's definitely happened to my XBox version.
  15. Ah ha. So at least we know it isn't a problem with with the game, unless the XBox versions contained a glitch. Perhaps I'll have to buy the PC version, but then I have a feeling the same problem will occur and I won't be able to do anything about it.
  16. Same thing happens with me. Try resetting it, 'cos sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
  17. Go figure. I would've thought that they'd put more effort into perfecting the DS version.
  18. The only useful info I can give is it's pretty good only the camera tends to be worse than the console versions.....But then you probably know this by now.
  19. Although I'm basing this on a friend's knowledge (which is questionable at best) it is the same as the downloadable Mos Eisley level.
  20. Without a shadow of a doubt, the best way to get studs are as follows: Firstly, play through until you save up enough for invincibility which is found on Chapter 5 of Episode 4. Using invincibility you'll no longer lose studs. But that's not where it ends. Next save up for the "X* score" extras. Obviously, start with X2 score and make your way up. By switching on all the X score extras that you have on, your stud collection will sky rocket. By purchasing all five X score extras and turning them all on, one silver stud is worth over 3500 studs! Hope that helped.
  21. To my knowledge, you do have to hammer at it for a while.
  22. Still haven't managed to get 100%, but I'm working on it. I'm pretty sure I've done/bought everything.
  23. Well that is indeed strange. So I understand you have everything even, say, Ben Kenobi's hair and Antilles' torso? The only male haircut I found was "Dave's". What's stranger still is that certain character's parts will be there, for example IG-88's head, but the rest of his body is missing. Oh and an unrelated question, is it possible to use parts from the previous game? Thanks for all the help btw.
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