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  1. But that's just it, I have purchased all the characters and Captain Antilles doesn't even need to be purchased as he's available from the start. I know the helmet he wears is the standard Rebel Trooper helmet, so I've got that and Luke's face will suffice for the captain's. The only problem is the missing torso, in fact a lot of torsos are missing. I hope it's there, burried deep in the vast number of parts.
  2. Oops, I probably should have mentioned that. I have the XBox version.
  3. Is it just me or is the custom character feature not as flash as the trailer and demo made it out to be? They say that upon unlocking new characters and such you recieve their pieces in cc mode and can create them using these parts. However, I found that many of the torso and head parts are missing, such as Captain Antilles body. I had my heart set on simply rebuilding Antilles and Han Solo and giving them a lightsaber. Now, I've done this for Han (sadly no red lightsabers) but I can't seem to find Antilles' body, along with many other torsos and heads. Another issue worth pointing out is the lack of hair pieces. I have been unable to create a character with their own hair, unless I leave them bald or give them a hat or that pink hair. This really ticked me off, as I believe this was a big mistake. So am I supposed to put up with this or is their an "extra" I have yet to unlock? All in all, the custom character creator didn't live up to my expectations. What was everyone elses impression of it?
  4. I think TSL's antagonists suffered mostly due to the game's focusing too heavily on the Exile. Think about it for a minute. Everything that happens in the game is in some way related to the exile and their involvement in the Mandalorian Wars, so much so that everything else seems to crach and burn around it.
  5. Yep, sounds the same for my character except I was a scout.
  6. Did you try leaving the cantina?
  7. Demo? Really? God, I've been waiting for this.
  8. It was useless against explosives and melee attacks though. Well I, for one have Lego SW and am going to loiter around EB games till 12:00 AM when the original trilogy finally comes out. Of course, it'll be Spring here.
  9. I know, I'm just saying it's not impossible.
  10. Woah that's more scary than funny Kurgs. Perhaps we shouldn't get our hopes up after all.
  11. As in the upcoming game, yes. The original allowed you to use "freeplay mode". This allowed you to play any character on any level. Fun for the Vader-kills-Maul scenario.
  12. Care to explain why? I'm hearing an awful lot about this "female exile" and wonder why this is so. I know Revan is male because of references in comics and Canderous accidentally letting the word "him" slip while describing him.
  13. Her floating lightsabers? That's a pretty cool idea, and it would explain a lot. Sadly though, there are no lightsabers in the party's possession. Perhaps she hid a few under her cloak. Don't forget the laser turret minigame. Kreia couldn't have boarded the ship while you were fending them off.
  14. That quote didn't move me too much. What did, however was when Vandar almost let's slip that Bastila rescued you on Revan's ship, when Vrook interupts him.
  15. Not to say that is completely impossible to obtain a lightsaber on Peragus. KSE anyone?
  16. Hey, now that's something I forgot. Exile and Atton wiped out the intial bording party of sith soldiers. Kreia probably just got aboard in time before the second wave arrived. There is no luck, there is only the force.
  17. According to the wav speech files on the pc version she does talk to him. Whether or not this dialogue was omitted from the final game is something I've yet to determine.
  18. Some of it certainly can be canonical, indeed. But most of it is mostly fan service, ie Boba Fett is dead.
  19. It probably was. As far as I know there aren't any lego sets for KotOR, but then I don't know too much of the Star Wars lego range. Perhaps one day they'll throw us a bone and bring them out in the not too distant future.
  20. Okay first of all, it was at typo. They happen to the best of us. Secondly, I'm am aware of the issues these kind of rpgs create to the SW enthusiast. When you're going for canon, you really can't rely on anything but the films. Not the comics, not the games and certainly not websites (wikipedia anyone?) And as PoiuyWired said, some aspects of the EU are merely a guide, yet still exsist and influence the narrative of the Star Wars universe. Besides, I was referring to wikipedia.
  21. Surely you people have learned that "canonical" on Wookieepedia could be anything near Malak being a Twilek dancing girl in disguise......oh wait. Forget what I said.
  22. Well Sion obviously still regarded her as his master. He only wanted to torture her, trying deperately to kill the Exile and bring him/her before her. As for the sith soldiers, well I'm sure many of them were on Kreia's payroll, what with Malak gone.
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