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  1. Wow! That first one was incredible Raven. I should check in on the EU at Wookieepedia more often.
  2. Whatever you decide to do, you have my moral support. Yeah I know, that's very helpful indeed.
  3. Hmm, methinks he's become an entity of pure darkside energy which explains his ancient sith dialect.
  4. I consider Nihilus to be one of the greatest sith lords in galactic history, despite how pathetic the game made him out to be. Still, he's no Vader or Revan.
  5. Sounds an awful lot like something Malak says when you defeat him. "And so it ends as I knew it must - In darkness....."
  6. Well I, for one loved the game in all its brief entirety. I still enjoy hacking Darth Sidious to pieces with Yoda on Mustafar in Freeplay mode.
  7. Wow, is there anything you don't know about this game Master Qui-Gon? Your inside-out knowledge is to be commended.
  8. Sounds challenging, but I'm not one to cower at such a task. Finally, I pulled it off! Not that I've spent all this time on the Phantom Menace.
  9. Cheap, true. But then it didn't make the game too much easier.
  10. I'm not complaining too much, mind you. I prefer SP mode better anyway.
  11. I agree. I can't play MP unless I instal the patch, but with that on I cannot use dismemberment. I'll just have to play SP mode.
  12. Lol that picture was fantastic. This game sure gets weird sometimes.
  13. WOAH, slow down people! It ISN'T a ported mod. It's only a skin I downloaded from jk3files and merely added npc support for and I never intended to distribute it. If you still want it though, I'll send it to you some way.
  14. Well I recently took an old Nihilus skin and added npc support. If you don't mind adding him with the cheat console you can play with him in sp. Let me know if you're interested.
  15. I wouldn't worry. kotf.com is often like that anyway.
  16. You can kick and do combos in JK3, but that still isn't great.
  17. Hmm Force Unleashed eh? Could be somewhat fun if it's similar to JO and JA.
  18. You're my savior man. Many thanks indeed.
  19. Even so, I've not seen Lucasarts shun away game sequels, well not to my knowledge anyway.
  20. It's pretty simple actually. Just set the key in the cheat console (let's say the "Delete" key) and type: bind delete "npc spawn luke;" That's it.
  21. Ok, now I searched this and a few other forums and have had no luck so I'll get straight to my point. I've made a pretty decent skin and I would like to make it an SP mod, ie. make it appear on the list when you're choosing your Jaden's appearance. I've checked out numorous tutorials and they mostly talk about skinning and map making etc. So how would one go about doing it?
  22. I'd still like to see a pic, regardless. =D
  23. Well George Lucas was never one to stop. Remember the original Star Wars? Remember the second trilogy? And now a tv series, after saying he'd end Star Wars with RotS. I'm sure a new Jedi Knight game will pop up.....eventually.
  24. Alex I know how you feel. When I had Windows 98 trainers worked fine (though music in TPM never worked for some reason) then I "upgraded" to XP and now no trainers work. Well at least I've got music now. Perhaps someone ought to make a new version of trainer or something.
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