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  1. Hey there I'm new to the X-wing alliance online scene and ive been hanging around on the Errant Venture client for a few days now but I've only met one person, who said the client was usually busy. I was wondering what times everyone goes on cos im British and therefore a good few hours ahead (or behind) most of you on here so i reckon i might be missing out. Any help would be great, thanks.
  2. any idea where i can find an ARC-170 opt?
  3. Yep, thats WoW all over, whats this i hear about having to pay for certain items like lightsaber parts etc? is that another money making tool of SOEs?
  4. Ha y'know i probably would try again, if i got my trial period free, oh and if I didnt remember the drudgery and constant glitches. Anybody remember that time they nerf the group xp so you got like 50xp for killing a big assed Krayt dragon? that wasnt fun (and actually provoked me to quit) plus id just started the long haul to jedi-hood. ah the FS xp grind, so much fun...
  5. NGE? whats that stand for Negative Gaming Entertainment? the Devs at SOE really are crap eh? I'll have to check it out....
  6. Hey there, you guys may remember me from a good while back. I promised I'd drop in and say hi so here I am. With one question: Has Galaxies gone any worse? From when I was playing it seemed hard but Ive heard the Trials of Obi campaign really sucks. I moved on to WoW and havent looked back but i still remember the good times on Galaxies........ all 4 of em Only jokin I had some good laughs at the start.
  7. I quit about 6 months ago, and saw this thread as I was passing by. Not a day goes by that I dont think about how boring this games was for me, i never even got past the 1st month free trial period, in which time got CL80 and force sensitive. Since then ive been on WoW(i can hear you all hissing you know ) and im still finding new and inventful things to do on that game.
  8. I got the Rhino 3D modelling tool, but I'm really stuck, if anybody can point me in the direction of a good tutorial or another modelling tool (with tutorial) I'd be in your debt thanks p.s. also looking for a Jedi starfighter DELTA .opt or .opz, angain a point in the right direction would be nice
  9. yeah i been playin online alot and can see the big differences. I have got better but mostly i just think i have good days and bad days....
  10. aah nevermind, worked this one out too.
  11. I followed the pic guide and the level still wont play. I got version 1.2, can you recommend anything that i might be doin wrong?
  12. Hey that is soo cool! You must have a great knowledge of how art.pad works, most of mine looks crap
  13. just unstalled the game and when i went ot play it it said search for updates. Im downloadin the version 1.2 patch now, but does ^^^ this mean something else??
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