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  1. Hello peeps, long time no talky... Been checking out this new NWN2 game for awhile now, played it through once... working on the second go around... Was wondering if anyone here has made any fixes or sp mods, or started working on any sp mods for this game yet? I was just wondering because the playability of this game seems to be running out really quick for me... I'm not sure why. Maybe because it doesn't have as many side quests in it as the first NWN game does. Maybe because it forces you to one conclusion at the end of the game (no good guy/bad guy ending), I dunno'... anywho, all in all the game is pretty cool, it's got a couple of surprises in it...
  2. Thanks D333, I'll try it out... Thanks for the heads-up... I'll try to be careful what I use it on... Edit: Well, gave it a try... and... it works good. Like you (D333) said, it doesn't do clutter (individual items, such as vases, cups, venison, etc, etc.) but it does do chests, cupboards and the like very well. I noticed it even does doors in the sense the it un-locks them, not sure it you scripted it in there that way, or if just changing the ownership of a door automatically unlocks it. But I noticed it also unlocks chests and jewlry boxes too. I'm not sure what kind of side effects that might have on doors, if used on an NPC owned house or something. But the spell is cool, thanks for making it.
  3. Thanks, I'll give 'em a try... Is there a way to write a script with these code, to add to a spell, so I can cast a spell to change ownership on things?
  4. Does anyone know the code (if there is one) for changing onwership of item's both on large scale such as buildings and small scale such as chest's? or can someone tell me how to make a spell to change ownership of things? purddy please?
  5. here's an idea, maybe you can find a way to restart the SetPCSleepHour function so that it repeats several times to get the effect of 5-10 days? Side note: I got my oblivion working like it's supposed to (knock on wood)... I un-installed the game then re-installed it, then installed the newest (1.1.511) patch and edited the .ini file the way I like and so far it's not crashed once, even on quiting the game...
  6. thanks for the tips, I'll check out the .ini files to see if any thing was messed up\changed... I've been using the obmm (Oblivion Mod Manager) for sorting my plugins so they'll be in the right order (date-wise)... yeah, I get crashes at game shut down also, but most of the random crashes.. er well like i said are random, but I noticed it happening at auto saves, in and out of buildings and towns mostly... some just ruin romping... some strolling through the woods... some cave diving... etc, etc...
  7. I downloaded and installed the new 1.1.511 patch for the game and ever since I've been having random game crashes, the game goes down and the little error window asking if I want to send an error report comes up... Has anyone else been having this problem, or is it just my klunker of a pc?
  8. way cool, downloaded and trying it out, gj Stoffe...
  9. @ Chainz, don't feel bad, I'm late too... Happy B.D. Stoffe, Hope you had a great day...
  10. aah, now I see... that may be the problem, if you are not overencumbered there is no change, but if you are overencumbered and it's set as an ability you can't un-equip it and re-equip it like you do an item to take full effect... right? Just a thought...
  11. hehehe, that's funny, NPC's cheating well as far as I can tell there is a noticeable diff. in the feather effect if the value isn't set to something outrageous... when added to items (via Grand Soul Gems) the max value (if I remember right) is 49 pts. but for an ability (spell, if done via editor) I think it tops out at around 250 pts. or something like that... I've noticed that sometimes when it's set so high, that you might have to un-equip the item then re-equip it to notice the changes, if the item was given the feather ability with a really high value... as far as the other stuff you mentioned I wouldn't have a clue sorry...
  12. When someone in your family hears you late at night yelling in your sleep, "NOoooo! It's not possible! I can't be Revan!"
  13. I have to put my '2 cents' in.... This is a great mod, nice job Stoffe PS. who says Stoffe doesn't have a sence of humor... I love that one spell... "Alyssa's Please Hit Me".... sooo funny!
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