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  1. I agree 100%. I again agree 100%. I think I agree...I'm not quite sure what you mean. I agree 100%. 100% agree. I definitely agree 100%. I am a Jedi, and the Jedi are supposed to be keepers of the peace. Now, this one I'm not sure about. Utility droids don't have an inteligent language. They don't have a vocabulator installed in them. If you buy a utility droid, you usually need it for repairing, slicing, etc. Vocabulators are for protocol droids. The beeping of utility droids is not like an inteligent language. It's like a baby crying. They cry whether they're hungry or sleepy or whatever. They don't actually have a language where they're like, "If I cry at this pitch for this length of time, it means I'm hungry." Utility droids are the same. I guess I agree. I definitely would be a Jedi, but I guess some people may not. Hmm...that's very interesting. I like it. I agree. That's interesting too. I like it. I'm not sure what those could be...besides maybe romance stuff. You're really just saying more specific on everything. I agree. The more versatility, the better. Then, it's more fun to play more than once because you can choose different paths. I like it. I definitely agree 100%...except maybe the sexual orientation...I would say more, but I would get in trouble and probably offend someone. I guess that would be a good idea. I, of course, would never do that because romantic attachment leads to the dark side. That's a big reason Anakin Skywalker fell. I think that's a good idea, except they shouldn't HAVE to follow you; only if you have lots of influence on them. Great idea! That's what I love about the KotOR games -- how your actions affect your destiny. I guess that would be good for people who don't like the Force. I don't know what I'd do without the Force, though. Awesome idea. I love it. It makes it more realistic when you can influence people a lot. I must admit I love the Ebon Hawk, but sometimes I do think it would be cool to have a huge ship like a Republic flagship. The Hawk should be an option, but there should also be other options.
  2. Woah, ~AlexLeslie~, i just realized you have the same sig as I do. I made that up. Did you just copy it or what?
  3. I think you should start out as a Sith and have the option to become a Jedi if you want.
  4. I think you have some great ideas. I couldn't come up with ideas like that. However, there are some incorrect things in there like Serebus making the Star Forge; but good job putting forth the effort.
  5. Can anybody do my avatar? You know, the Jedi with the double blade?
  6. A very good question that is indeed. Anyways, I would like to be able to further customize your character's appearance besides just choosing a precreated face.
  7. You know, there are some absolutely excellent ideas in this forum. If the makers of KotOR III would actually read these ideas, we could have a potentially awesome KotOR III. Some people are saying they want KotOR III to hurry up and come out really soon. Some argue that they need to take their time so it won't be rushed like TSL. My idea is that they're not going to get anywhere if they keep sitting around not even working on it! I mean, come on! If they don't even start working on KotOR III, they're not going to get it finished quickly OR have a good game! Anyways, if they read this forum and discover some of y'all's excellent ideas, they can use these ideas instead of sitting around lazily wondering what they're going to do.
  8. How did you save all of those people??? I tried to save them all: Bastila, Malak, Sion, Nihilus, and Kreia! None of them could be saved no matter how hard I tried. Well, I did save Visas. Whenever I showed them mercy, they said I was weak and foolish.
  9. Don't forget about XBOX users like me.
  10. "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" by Rockapella.
  11. I know this sounds weird, but my name was Barf Gator (it's an inside joke) in both games. I didn't change my name in TSL because I thought I was still Revan. In KotOR I hit on Bastila once or twice, but I decided I should quit giving into my emotions and follow the Jedi Code. I killed her in the end. I was LS in both games. First game I was a scout and Sentinel. Second I was Sentinel and Watchman (duh, that's my name after all).
  12. Can someone who's a good artist just do a picture of a cool looking male Jedi with a double-bladed lightsaber (preferably silver, violet, or yellow)?
  13. I had an idea that I've posted in two threads already, but no one has commented on it. Maybe someone will this time. You should start out as a young (wo)man raised by Sith training to become one. Since Sith raised you, you know nothing of the Light Side. The only things you know of the Jedi are negative. Then, one day, you meet a Jedi. According to what you've been taught, you should kill him. You're curious though, so you don't kill him and talk to him. You eventually choose whether to stay loyal to the Sith or to come to the Light and be saved by the Jedi. I really don't give a rip about Revan and the Exile. Sorry, Revan and Exile fans. I like change. It will be boring to be the same people you were the last game. Besides, it would be hard to fit them into the game since they're different depending on how they were in your game. They can allude to Revan and the Exile; they just shouldn't be characters.
  14. Let me give you some advice: Save in MANY slots! I had been saving in the same slot the whole time. I was on Citadel Station and killed the guard and destroyed the computer panel in front of the Bumani Exchange Corp. I saved it after that. Then I found out I couldn't get in there without talking to the guard or receptionist, so I had to go ALL the way back to the very beginning!!! Save in a new slot at LEAST every time you go to a new planet, moon, station, ship, or whatever.
  15. Bastila refused me, but she never gave in. I guess once she refused me, I never really flirted with her much again because I figured she was right about giving into my emotions.
  16. I don't want Revan or exile to be the PC. It would be so hard to have them because they're different to every player. Each one can be LS male, LS female, DS male, or DS female. The faces and types of lightsabers and personalities would also vary. Personally, I would prefer a COMPLETELY different storyline. Most of you will probably disagree with me, and it probably won't happen, but I like change. Although KotOR I and II were both great, I just want something different so it doesn't get old.
  17. They could just make it an option. You could build custom weapons with the workbench, but you could buy weapons normally if you don't want to build them.
  18. Bastila is dead. I did really like Mission though. She should be in KotOR III. I think they should have more aliens. I like Twi'leks. I'd also like some really exotic aliens that you don't see much like that two-headed alien in the cantina in TSL.
  19. I think we should go to ALL of the planets we've seen in KotOR I and II plus a lot of new ones. I think we should be able to go to different parts of the planets we've already been to (like the jungle of Onderon instead of Iziz again). We should be able to go to more parts of the planets rather than just one city. My favorite planets from KotOR were Taris and Kashyyyk. My favorite planets from TSL were (well actually not planets but moons) were Nar Shadaa and Dxun.
  20. A few questions: Who the heck is Juhani? Isn't Bastila dead? Who is that?
  21. How do y'all get those custom avatars? I tried to use some pictures off the Internet, but it said the picture had to be at most about 70 x 70 pixels. Where the heck can you get tiny pictures like that? Just about all pictures have at LEAST hundreds of pixels.
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