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  1. actually, you can't find me anywhere but MSN or the void IRC channel. Marz, I am truley sorry about abandoning the V3 clones, I guess, it was just too much when I looked at the big picture. thanks for making the ARC and 2nd Airborne troopers specific to my request, I'm also sorry about that too, as it was incredibly selfish of me to ask for what I wanted, instead of asking what the people wanted. If you need me, just send me a mail, or message. teslamanonfire@yahoo.com = MSN/Yahoo
  2. Just loggin in to say hi ^_^ Keep up the great skins guys. Oh and no I'm not finishing any of my clone stuff (fae and RGB Clones) Anytime soon, SORRY!
  3. almost done marz and mine project then I get to start keller.
  4. wowie Ruku, great work, re-rigging a model is a pain in the tush eh?
  5. Appologies been busy with DFMOD, just give me two more weeks marz.
  6. I've been mapping the dc-17 rocket launcher actually, but the thing looks so well made it might just be ported who modelled it? >_>
  7. I'm a member of that MOD ^_^ Please note we have not updated our progress meters.
  8. We are all aware Corto is making a phase 2 dark trooper for the DF MOD right?
  9. Marz, I reccomend almost tweaking the torso mesh so it is correct (specifically the chest plate)
  10. I was doing the Delta Squad models but it's ok, I was spending equal time our custom clones project, don't worry it's just alot of tedious work
  11. I guess my project is cacelled then Time to work on those clones!
  12. My only complaint is that the top of the cape is still very motionless Great job Marz.
  13. Ok, lets clarify things... 1. I am making a species thing for a few clones for MARZ This project takes a bit of time 2. I am making Delta Squad models 3. Cuilere and I may skin the Delta squad models at our discretion. Thanks ^_^
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