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  1. Wow, seems this is what happens when you don't check your account for a while :p Account's been suspended now. I'm gonna write to twitter support about this, hopefully get it sorted. Cheers for the heads up though man, appreciate it.

  2. I really would suggest reading Watchmen. While the movie does look good and I have every intention of going to see it, I do feel the movie won't be able to do the greatness of the book as much justice as it requires. I am also interested in reading The Dark Knight Returns.
  3. Just recently decided to replay the Curse of Monkey Island for the first time in about 4 years... as fun as I remember.
  4. I like the Grog badge, the one in the style of the Coca-cola logo.
  5. I think the last Adventure game I played was Discworld Noir a few months back, but only halfway sinc the game broke at that point (wouldn't let me go any further) so I gave up on it. Before that though, I played both Runaway games, the second one ended on a cliffhanger, so here's hoping they bring out a third.
  6. People seem to attribute all the atrocities of the past solely on religion which is rather myopic. Attrocities were committed because corrupt people craved power and they used religion in order to get it. Had they not had religion, they'd have found something else to use as a scapegoat for their madness. If religion were not around, we'd still have the crazy and the corrupt. It was the first two Harry Potter movies that made me pick up those books, but by no means were they good movies. And yes, Golden Compass did well outside of the US, but they were still critically slated and t
  7. Yes I remember you got me into that. And just to rub it in your face, my local Waterstones had a bunch of the new books signed by the author, one of which i managed to get my hands on (not like they were disappearing fast, Colfer's one hell of an underrated childrens author). And as for the Golden Compass, I guess it just comes down to preference. I remember looking forward to the film and then feeling a little let down when I saw it. The little girl's acting was fairly wooden, somewhat like Daniel Radcliffe in the first couple of Harry Potter movies and the battle at the end seemed a l
  8. I haven't read the book (although they're highly recommended) but in all fairness, the reason their probably won't be a sequel to the movie is because it did badly at the box office and...really, it wasn't that good a movie. From what I've heard, the movie didn't end in the same place where the book did which hurt things a bit as the director seemed to be focussing too much on giving us a cliff hanger ending like the first Lord of the Rings did without actually earning it. Most of the rest of the move was rather weak as well, which is a shame considering its ensemble cast. Oh, and the mov
  9. Hi, sorry for not getting back to you sooner.


    Right, first of all, short of completely re-writing the code to the game, I feel it would be very difficult to get the text out. The fact is, MI1 is still copyrighted LucasArts and therefor, according to the UALA, it would actually be illegal to change aspects of the game.


    That's not to say it's illegal to actually get to the code to read it. If you download something called "Scumm Revisited" (google it) it'll allow you to get to the code (I believe, I haven't used it in a few years).


    But, as for interpreting the code in order to change it correctly so the text doesn't show... well for a seasoned programmer (not me) it shouldn't be too difficult, but for anyone else it would be incredibly hard.


    Unfortunately, I cannot help you in this matter, for a number of personal reasons I won't go in to (and one or two legal ones, as I've already said, altering the game like this would be against the UALA), but I do wish you luck with this project.

  10. Hey!

    Please answer me!

  11. "I have a programming degree..."


    that's what i you wrote in the forum...

    So i gotta little question for you and I'll be happy if you're able to help me.

    We're trying to make an MI1 Movie ...playing the "perfect game" recording it, cutting it, an put voices on it... now the one problem we have is that we don't know how to get the text out of the game...is that even possible?

    Maybe you could help us with that issue, and soon you'll be part of the first MI1 movie ;-)

    Peace and thanks...



  12. Simon 3d was truly awful, if you were worried about how unlikable he bacems in Simon 2, in Simon 3, he's basically a douche, you have no control over how crappily he treats others and becomes incredibly moronic. From the simon 4, that looks to be changed slightly, but I doubt I could get over the American voice. I probably won't be playing it,
  13. I've recently been reading a collection of short stories by Neil Gaiman called "Smoke and Mirrors" which are fairly good and interesting to read and think about.
  14. Originaly, Northampton, England, but right now, Sunderland.
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