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  1. Around 95/96 I was round a friends house and his friend had lent him The Secret of Monkey Island. We played it for a few hours, laughed, got stuck, laughed some more. It was my friends brother who suggested that "How appropriate, you fight like a cow!" was an appropriate response to all of the insults, which got us no further in the game, but made us laugh more. That's probably my earliest and best memory of playing any of the games.
  2. Yes, that was possible before 1998 (some prett god painting programs have been around since the late 80s/early 90s) but no, I'm sure the CMI backgrounds were traditionally painted. Not sure what with.
  3. Trial and Execution was my favorite. Not sure why, I think it might have something to do with having to deal with each jury member in their own way or something, just took me back to the days of classic adventure gaming.
  4. Heh, there really is no right or wrong answer to this (well, there is, but there's only one guy in the world who knows and he won't tell us). Since there are sequels and the one game following this one pretty much says it's just a curse LeChuck put on Guybrush, you could argue that way. But, every game following this game (Monkey Island 2) was made without the original creator, Ron Gilbert, who had the story for the third game planned out but left LucasArts before it was made. As such, it depends on whether you accept the third (and the other) games as canon or not. The later games certainly stepped away from the whole "It was all a dream" aspect, but then it's argued that they weren't following the story that the first two games set up and instead went ahead with their own story. It's up to you really.
  5. If I can find my old SOMI box, then sure (eventually, it's late now and I have no clue where my SOMI box is) but just so's you know, the treasure chest has nothing but a wood effect on the spine, no writing or anything, so it may not look that great next to the other big boxes.
  6. No problem, glad you enjoyed it, always good in induct another fan into our ranks.
  7. Did you inflate both gloves?
  8. It's not so much about dropping things out of your inventory than it is making you lighter (kind of). Try and find some things that might pull you up a bit.
  9. If you bought their treasure Box (the special edition) it comes in a big cardboard "Treasure Chest" with all the goodies. Just looking at it now, it seems to be roughly the same size as the old boxes.
  10. Y'all have a safe Christmas and a Merry New Year (or something like that).
  11. That said, since I was paid today (my company does have good timing) I splurged* and bought SOMI Special Edition off of Steam (which I should point out, for today is selling it at 50% off). It's actually not all that special, but it's nice to hear voices. *Okay, so even at full price I wasn't exactly breaking any banks with that purchase.
  12. Yarr! I do know that, but since I already bought the season, I spent that coupon on an episode of another game! Yar!
  13. Wow, seems this is what happens when you don't check your account for a while :p Account's been suspended now. I'm gonna write to twitter support about this, hopefully get it sorted. Cheers for the heads up though man, appreciate it.

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