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    Im HAWT, dun u thin so?
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    Dancing, Singing, laughing, makin lurve.
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  1. Have you seen this greek ad ? It's about your avatar ! linkie:

    Watch the last seconds !

  2. Kuuki





  3. OHHH WHATTTT!!!! Just finished Last Ep. My thoughts: NUUUUUUU! I hate cliffhangers... DAMMMIIIITTTTTT Waiting til November sux. F
  4. @ totemkopf: LOL. I was wondering who was going to comment on that... at least my sence of humor is well understood.. ha ha ha. @ Hal.... Uhh there weren't any boobs in that pic. How dare you doubt my womanly prowess! RAWR! F
  5. Yah... finally! My only problem now is having to wait for Mr. Fuu before I can watch F
  6. myhouse-yourhouse.net Dance / House music with live DJ sets. I listen fairly often mainly because I am an electronic music freak. House is pretty high up there on my list of Faves. What I like about this site is the variety of House sets in different styles.. Plus my buddy does a radio show on Thursdays at 8pm PST. F
  7. LOL yeah I save that place for special occasions due largely to the fact that I would overeat and probably start getting chunky. That place is win. Popular? I suppose I should say thanks?!!? Although I sometimes wonder if it's my rapier wit or the pictures I randomly post that make it so. Rather the opposite, I've never considered myself all that popular LOL. Rather than say my husband is lucky, I prefer to think I am lucky to have him. XD LOL jaymack, do I detect a note of so called chivalry here? Lol, try not to blame the poor lad, I'm used to it by now, after all what male on earth is resistant to my oh so feminine wiles. LOL, Prime, you never fail to make me smile. Yah Moe is definitely a kawaii one. Surprised the girlies haven't eaten him up by now... but I digress..... Actually... I did make these really good cherry vanilla mixdrinks.... if only I could remember what was in those.... F
  8. Watching: EotE (duude, my slacks blew away) Naruto Shippuden (urrgh.. filler must end NOW) Bleach 07-Ghost (Aww I want a furry pink mikage! Chu!) random eps or Ouran / Genshiken when I get bored Recently watched the NS movie 02.... immiedatle response: WTF! Ok now they're working together?!?! Reading: Bleach Naruto (On this note: Finally! been waiting for this point in the story for...how long now?!?!) Skip Beat! Ouran Otomen The One Trinity Blood Hana to Akuma Vampire Knight ( okok i know a a shoujo / josei junkie already) TSUITERU KANOJO (ENJOUJI MAKI) HEEEE! Team Medical Dragon FMA thinking about starting Nurarihyon no Mago There are a bunch more but i forget them until the release day.... lol F
  9. replied XD

  10. Little Late but...LOL! Nice to know Im...well known (?) BOT: Quick, now give me a match! (above)
  11. LOL... thanks Jae We did have fun...went to se Star Trek & then out for Dewars Ice cream... YUMMMMMMMM! I had a Bananna Split The wall next to us...lol
  12. I was reluctant to post something of myself sans makeup but uh..... wubz u Jeffu. F
  13. Hi there. Your av inspired me to "name that picture" in the general discussion.



    [Hopeful sentiment]: I do hope you should be proud of me. [/HK-47]

  14. Fuu

    ...err....wrong button XD

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