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  1. Bobby zilch goes to the place you met coach oleander in basic braining. along with chloe.
  2. sasha and crispin, a meeting of the geniuses!boyd and linda.just plain weird.I wish those characters had met each other....
  3. well if you opened the vaults in waterloo world you'd know.But after the asylum,Crispin is a decent character.I loved the voice acting......but they should have put more of him in the game.P.S. if Crispin is an orderly,why is he wearing a straight jacket?
  4. Jasper:"Ha ha Ha ha,Reinforced balcony, a must for any critic. Raz:'ya, any fat critic."
  5. My creepiest moment in the game was Sheegor in the asylum. she scaried me half to death! And I don't see anything scary about the nightmares in Milla's mind!!!Fred losing a board game to a retard like Crispin,now that's scary! milla's nightmare didn't scare me at all!
  6. Anyone noticed that Moreau's arms are longer than his legs?
  7. Use a confusion grenade on the bats and they'll say something funny. for those of you to lazy to do it, it's "I've been on the see for many a year, I ate me some whale and drank me some beer, I something,something a keg, and carved my name on the old captain's leg."
  8. 1)what is dr.loboto's first name? 2)how did Raz get to the whispering rock summer camp? 3)what item did you use clairvoyance on to defeat the den mother? 4)what were the name's of the 3 kids you raced in milla's dance party? 5)the brain tumbler level REALLY took place in who's mind? I will edit more questions soon.Either september 1st-2nd.
  9. unorganized full of thought up characters and tons of birds.I love birds!
  10. First get "Goodbye hagtha home" then sad set with the skulls that you swing on, use the microphone and play!
  11. Note: that giant purple rock in Ford's santuary is really a giant psitananium meteor.(a.k.a)world's biggest arrowhead!
  12. But personally the bonus cutscene wasn't 5 times as funny as i thought it would be,plus it was too short and not even worth collecting all those semi-invisible figments.
  13. I've beat the game on day 5 and started from the point of no return and beat it 100% on day 7. If you go to the collective unconscious after u beat the game 100% you will see a message floating in the air saying Congratulations 100% complete psychomaster
  14. i'm starting out from the point of no return again and i'm at level 96!Ha,ha,Ha,haaaaaaaa!4 more levels away from that cutscene.
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