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  1. Interesting.... What have you got so far?
  2. Thanks for holding me in such high regard Marz . Personally, I haven't done too much on the MagnaGuard myself, as Kain said.. I put it aside for Clone Ultima; but now that it is done and done, well.. back to work for me . If you've run out of characters to make, there are plenty that could still be done albeit more generic characters than main ones. Mods like Movie Battles would see benefit from some of the following (for example): - Captain Panaka - Naboo Palace Guard (red uniform) - Naboo Security (Yellow and black? uniform) - Various Geonosians - Utapau Minister - Mustafar Inhabitant Eh, basically all the background grunts/creatures... and there's plenty of them. Oh, by the way.. "bestest"? Lol, that's quite the mastery of English you have there Zappa...
  3. I've now sent all my files to Marz, so all you have to do now is play the "waiting-'till-December-25th" game.
  4. Actually no, that's a promo shot. The actual paintwork changed for the movie. This is (part of) the (only) reference I used for Gree, as it is arguably the most accurate... a collage of every angle of Gree, from the movie.
  5. Ahh ok. Well, I don't think I ever intended on doing those, but hey... I whipped it up just then, no problem... so, add that one to the list and then of course, Deviss (whom I've never shown):
  6. Well, as I said... the next post I made would contain a more revealing shot of Gree. So, without furthur adue... here he is: @ Telsa: What corps? Are you talking about Cody's troops? If so, (I don't know about everyone else or canon) I refer to them as the 212th Batallion. If you mean something else, let me know pretty soon. @NeoMarz: No problemo. Other than tweaking the colors (I haven't done the straps properly yet) on Gree... that's about all I have left to do... and finishing the specular map (which is about 10 mins away from achieving at this point in time). It's 5:50pm, December 23 over here, I aim to have the files in your inbox at no later than 10:00pm, December 24 (in my time, of course ... GMT+10). So you're looking at receiving them in about 28 hours from the time listed on my post. All done and ready for the release the next day! For everyone else: Deviss is the last one now, and he's practically done.. I just have to do the kilt/skirt. I hope you enjoy the shot of Gree, I'll post a "collective" one of all of mine in a couple of hours.
  7. Well, that's because I'm doing Commander Gree, and as Marz said... that collage was excluding the variants I was doing. If you really need a shot of Gree, Marz did his own mock-up around 10 pages ago... I think. Scroll back to get an idea.. For the record, I'll post a more revealing shot of Gree in my next post
  8. Yes, a specular shader . Mine already have a specular shader, it encompasses all the "shiney" parts of the white armour, and of course the visor. The other layers are an environment shader, an alpha-masked layer, and the base (which consists of just a black visor). Now, usually something so intricate would be pushed aside considering JKA's (lackluster) rendering... but I foresee an infathomable ammount of movies being made using these clones. Of course, if the detail wasn't noticable unless you squint, 1ft from the model... I obviously wouldn't do it. However, from the tests I've ran, it makes a noticeable difference. With that being said, I'll see what I can do along the lines of screenshots...
  9. Well, I've hit a bump in my workflow. The problem isn't with any of my skins though, so don't worry. Instead, it's in regard to the shaders I'm using. At the moment, I'm striving to create the closest "to movie" appearance of all the clones, namely the commanders. What this has involved, (namely with Gree) is 5 seperate textures (all of relatively small file size though, so don't worry) being layered onto the one part of the model. The problem isn't on my end... it looks great. The problem I have is... if you don't have the "Detail Shaders" option on... all you will see is a plain white helmet, with their visor... and by plain, I mean flat white. All I need to know is, given that it's almost 2006, I'm assuming everyone's PC is already running this option. So, for a general consensus... is it "Yay" or "Neigh" (Yes or No) to the multi-layer shaders?
  10. Now that my friend, is impressive.
  11. I'm not going to kill you, lol. I just need you to understand why I am so tightly strung. I don't need a release date breathing down my neck. I've already got a full-time job, a social life and all those other listed projects (a page back) doing that :| . The problem is... I can't chill out a bit... because wanted it released soon. That's why I'm edgy. I've done nothing BUT work on these textures, since the day he sent me them... and it's starting to drive me insane @_@.
  12. Yes, given their limitations, primarily texture distortion. There are several parts in the model where things get clearly warped/stretched/compacted. Ask any other person who has skinned this model. It's not a matter of the model "not being good enough for me" ... it's a matter of as someone who has spent hours trying to create a skin... it's extremely frustrating to have to spend extra hours trying to work around the distortions. I could show you screenshots of what I'm talking about... but I'd consider that rude and discourteous. First off, I am quite aware of the definition of "praise" and would appreciate it if you refrained from any patronizing. Second of all, I don't consider "praising" bowing at all, nor do I understand why you say I haven't "bowed" to you... when in the paragraph you are refuting.. I clearly said I did - several times. I am not "fooling myself" about anything... and if you can handle the workload... don't make posts hypocritically stating otherwise. Eg. "I have enough on my plate as it is". I have been nothing BUT respectful, and trust is not the issue here. No.. I don't see it as a "trophy" I have "rightfully earned". I don't sit here thinking "Praise me... PRAISE ME!!"... Praise is rewarded for hard work, I have been working my ass off, I don't EXPECT praise... but I believe I have earned it (Which is NOT the same thing). I've considered you equal since the damn beginning? What are you on about?? I'm not looking down on you, I'm arguing with you. There's a damn difference. ARGHH!!! Did you not read what you were quoting me on? All my current projects are on hold, whilst I am doing this one. Exactly where there, is there a lack of commitment?? I am devoted ENTIRELY to THIS project. Well obviously if I thought I could make the deadline, we wouldn't be having this discussion... would we. Frankly, you can write all the rebutals you want Marz, the fact of the matter is.. I told you I can't meet the release date... how you handle that.. is up to you. By the way, incase you were "committed enough" to this project, you should work at moving Bly's visor into a "viewing" position, and map it as an "*off" surface. This DOES work, it's been proven here by Telsa that it works, and I can show you other examples where it has worked. If you are committed enough to this project, I would hope you wish to see Deviss realized as he is in all the publicity shots - with his visor down.
  13. I'm not bailing... obviously you missed the clear message in there Marz. What I am saying is, you have your methods of working.. that's fine. I obviously work differently than you and I do not like to be rushed - which I interpreted your "You need to wrap up" statement as. I am working my ass off trying to get these models looking as accurate as possible, and of the highest quality possible... given their limitations. Also, please don't use quotation marks on your "not worthy enough for them" comment, as I never said such a thing. Infact, all my projects (listed above) are on hold just so I can make this project the best it could possibly be. You've been nothing more than courteous to me? From one artist to another, I'd expect nothing less. You've *even* given me praise for my work? Am I supposed to bow at your feet for such a noble gesture? Are you humouring me? Praise comes where praise is earned. I've given you praise on several parts of this project, because you earned it. Whether or not you gave me praise for that same reason... I believe I've earned it. It's funny that you say you can "handle the workload on your own", yet asking for Deviss' visor and you claim "I have enough on my plate as it is.." ..... so which is it? Let's just set a few things straight and calm you down abit: - I am not quitting. - I do not look down upon your project.. infact ALL of my other projects, which I am doing for others.. are on hold FOR THIS PROJECT. - I asked you to work on this, because you put out the offer first (to the community). Approaching you would be "omg marz can I lyk.. skin some stuff?", when you had not asked for any help. Let's not have this argument again, and try and stay on topic.
  14. Thank you, all of you, for understanding my position and for your copious ammounts of praise. As a token of my appreciation, I have for you a special screenshot of Bly (it's the best idea for a thank you I could come up with at the time - skinning Bly, lol), posed with his trusty DC-15 and ready to kick ass. Thanks.
  15. To settle that comment of Shao's, skinning and modelling go hand in hand. However, "skinning" (I prefer the term "texturing", as "skinning" is used so losely now that people change the color of someone's hair and they are suddenly "skinners") is what makes or breaks a model. Look at it this way... If Hapslash's Obi-Wan Kenobi had Aaron Smith's textures on it (no offence Smith)... would any of you have been as excited? I don't think so. If Aaron Smith's model had Hapslash's textures, I'm sure it would still be regarded as superior. The fact of the matter is, the model could be a laser scan of the actor for all concerned, but if the textures aren't convincing and close-to-reference as possible... it won't look like the real thing. Therefor I think you need to re-think your stance on skinning... as it's just as important as the modelling side... and I would say just as hard in many ways (not in technical execution for an experienced skinner, but rather as I said, getting it as close to reference as possible). One such example (forgive me Marz), compare NeoMarz's "standard clone" skin (the base trooper, no patterns) to my "dirty clone" skin. Same model, same Uv-map, completely difference styles, which led to completely different outcomes (in terms of overall "look").
  16. No.. - Textures ("skins") - Modelling/Animating (Yes, I model.. so I'd appreciate it if you didn't patronize me on which takes more effort) - GUI (This is designing/coding menus, huds, etc) - Effects (Efx, more specifically... which combines with the next one) - 2D art (sprites, etc) Are we clear now?
  17. I wish. After these clones are done, I'm continuing on (because I haulted everything to do these clones) Monsoontide's "Rebel Commando", Rogue_agent/Darth_Tempust's "Grand Moff Tarkin" and Tyrael's alien Jedi. Not to mention my *own* projects: - Naboo S5 Security Blaster (still needs to be UV-mapped) - Geonosian Sonic Blaster - Dark Forces II Bryar pistol - Clone pistol - Padme - Magna Guard - Magna Guard's Staff Not to mention, on top of ALL of this... I am leading the Order 66 Mod. Some of those projects I've only just announced now, but have been working on for quite some time. As you can see, I have my work cut out for me... So I think you can now understand why I'm a little edgy and short-tempered lately.
  18. I wasn't making a decision, I was making a suggestion. Discussing it here is necessary, and as relevant as everything else - this is the "Clone Ultima" page, and everything that relates to it. Speak for yourself.
  19. I can't guarantee I'll be completely wrapped up in a week's time Marz... and I'm not going to change my methods for a "release date". Also at this point, I think it's irrelevant as how things are done in "the real gaming business", because this isn't "the business" - This is for fun, a hobby... and if per chance this starts to feel more like a job than a hobby, with "deadlines" and whatnot (bear in mind that people have been waiting for more than 7 months for Hapslash's Anakin.. and they still have no desire to "hurry"), well then I can't guarantee my participation in this project any further. This is not a "I'm pulling out! WAAHH" message, I'm simply saying that given my priorities and agenda (you aren't the only one falling asleep at the keyboard on this project ) I can't guarantee I'll meet your optimistic release date. My suggestion is a (more appropriate to the season) release date of December 24/25th. If you crave to release something so early, then why not take my earlier (cast aside) suggestion and release them in 3 packs, deferring the last pack until it's done. You seem to have the Episode II skins and the Republic Commando skins finished.. and it seems senseless to have them wait on unrelated skins simply to bloat an already large pk3 file... when the idea put forward has already cited approval from the forum readers here. The fact is, as much as you'd like it to happen.. not everyone who downloads this pack is going to want all the variations. Some will only want Republic Commandos, some will only want the newer/improved Arc skins.. and then some will only be downloading it for Episode III troopers. You released your female Jedi in three seperate packs which worked fine, hence why not this?
  20. Well it's becoming rather annoying that whilst I'm here using every spare moment I have to make these textures, atleast once per page a random person comes on and proclaims "omg i can skin too, lyk real good LOLOLOL! marz can i plz do this trooper dat u forgot, to add 2 da allredy crowded sknpack lol?" I personally see it as a sign of disrespect for the project... as they obviously haven't been following the project, nor taken the time to read atleast the first page or two, to see how it all started... (INCLUDING the conditions of "entry"). We all know there are going to be all sorts of new random reskins (ie, recolors or flat patterns) floating all over PCGM and JK2Files after this release.... does it really matter if you can't join now? You can do whatever the hell you want to these skins once they are out, so for now... give us (the people working on this project - Marz, Cuillere, Telsa, Zappa, Marcus and myself) enough space to just get this done. I know you're excited about it's release, but try to see it from our point of view; - It's extremely annoying.
  21. Stop asking to do variants >_< !!
  22. What's the problem? If it's to do with size/shape... take that up with Marz.
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