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  1. I'm dissapointed. I leave for quite a while, and what do I find you've done with the place? Burned it and left. No one is here. No decent memories. Just... garbage. I understand that apparently two members were being jerks and everything, but surely you can at least tidy this place up, look respectable. This once great place filled with RP'ing fangirls and daydreaming hooligans is now filled with obcenity torting jerks and ghosts of once great posters. I knew I picked a good time to leave.
  2. While on my summer vacation to Las Vegas/Grand Canyon, I decided to get out my sketch book, and do some drawings during my flight. During so, I come across this: This. Well, about 2 years ago, I decided to draw this on an hour long car ride, and forgot about it ever since. So, back to the current time; I head home, and set out to get it scanned and colored in. Well, I'm halfway there. Ta-da! Anyhow, now that it's all nice and traced, I'm going to do my best to color it, but seeing how long it took me to trace it, I make no promises on how long it'll take me to color it. Enjoy!
  3. Seeing as I am currently having my soul sucked out by World of Warcraft, I noticed something recently. Notice the name of the blue thing? Hmm, tinfoil hat, named Dogen, I smell a referance! My god Im a nerd. Oh well, back to beating the crap out of orcs then. (Original Page btw.)
  4. Muffins! The cat that thinks it's a jedi! EDIT: Nice avi btw.
  5. I get on the mush whenever reminded, but noone else is evar on.
  6. Well, I heard that life really isn't that good right now. God needs to patch it up a bit so everyone doesn't die by lack of ozone. I also heard that you can lfg for quests like, "Baseball", or stuff like ,"Football but not its really Soccer". I also heard that you can trade your School battle tokens for these things called , "girlfirends/boyfriends", depending on your race. Supposedly, those Grilfriends/boyfriend things are overrated, and end up making you miss things irl like the excellant game Psychonauts.
  7. Wooooww... I pity you and your efforts to obtain a non Hoarmoniz guitar controller. From everything Ive read about the controllers, your experience will either end in tears or manslaughter. (TRANSLATION: Dude, those guitars almost never work, even if you do have an adaptor. If you want a cool looking guitar that bad, look around here and see if someone will offer their servaces to make you one.)
  8. Took you long enough to figre that out... Eh, but thank you none the less. By the way, GH2 and GH3 should be coming out for: PS2, PS3, Wii, and X-box 360 at some point.
  9. -Wow --Server ---Bleeding Hollow ----Nudragon ----TwinkleToez -----Alliance ---Blackwing Lair ----Manaplz -----Horde ---Chrommagus ----Nagol -----Horde Just because I play. -Xfire --Gruducuuz
  10. Yeah, Im leaving. Some of you may not care. To those that do, you have probably received a PM. Thank you for making my time here so memorable and fun. I'll always remember here, and may pop in as a guest every once in a while, but I'm definitely leaving. It's mostly for a few reasons: New people joining who I just can't connect with, Whole conversations about drugs and/or alcohol, I'm losing interest in this place as a whole. Let me re-assure you guys that the time I did spend here I will never forget. So, as the topic states, See ya.
  11. This is now the perfect time for me to get Psychonauts for the computer! You should stickie this. People could use the constant reminder.
  12. You know, I told a friend about this the other day, and my friend thought of something... Isn't there a chance there's a mirror on the wall in front of him? I mean, he may look like he's doing it with his eyes closed, but with the quality of the video, its impossible to tell if he's squinting or something. I can't wait to play Freebird!
  13. Holy ****. I think that's the first time Ive been mentioned in a long while about anything. WHOOO!!!
  14. Great job! You are now the obligatory teenage girl popu-holic! Congradulations! You have now recived the rights to call yourself angel, princess, and other such names although it is obvious it isn't true! Hope you have fun knowing you just ruined a friend ship that took about 4 years to make in about 40 minutes! Congradulations!
  15. Grud then came out of freaking no-where, being followed by thousands of Tim Shcafers. Grud then shouted, "You'd be surprized how many hobos know how to get to alternate realities, Tammy! Good Tims! ATTACK!" And the war commenced. (Someone else can describe it if they want this to be the end.)
  16. Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn't Deus Ex Machina make it so that a god somehow helped by machines, ( floating down on pulleys, etc. ) Would just end the match in your favor?
  17. AS DID I. Coincidence? I. THINK. NOT! (Also, first post back from vaction.)
  18. Oh snap, now I'm having a flashback to the Mustached Mystery Man.... >:$(
  19. "If there is one good thing to come out of the game Oblivion, it is that homeless people see and hear everything. I'm off to question hobos." Announced Grud.
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