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  1. That's the one I was talking about (with Mira). Thanks
  2. Is there around mod that allows making Hanharr a Dark Jedi? Or can anybody post link to mod that allows Mira join to dark sided exile? I know there was one on pcgamemods...
  3. It is not about if you are on Good or Evil side. It's about which side you face. And while it's hard to name one Good Guy who fought with Good Guys (in our world that won't sell...), it is easy to name two Guys Who Stand on Evil side who fought with Evil: Darth Vader (he was doing things that won't gave him Good Guy, but he was the one to get Emperor) and Frank "The Punisher" Castle (with his methods in KotOR he wouldn't have blue background, right?).
  4. It probably will have. I just hope that Obsidian won't make Razor 1911 more work [if you don't know, they made some Need DX10/Vista games (Shadowrun and Halo2) to work under DX9/WinXP]. If they do, I will have only Fallout 3 to play in. Hmmm... That isn't so bad, when I think more about it.
  5. If you read mine previous posts, you can guess I wouldn't have much problem with canonical evil character. And I think I even could play as HK-47 with pacifist module. Those fight you would have . You propably would have to fight like Vincenzo Cortino in Godfather parody called "Mafia!". Or you would have that joke from Monty Python which let Allies win World War by killing all Germans with laugh. Oh, come on. We all seen that Force always leave you when needed most. Like when Really Bad Witch tried to bring her lightsaber to defend herself from Sion (that movie when she talked about her past). To tell truth, if I could play as HK-47, I would don't give a d*** about Jedi Powers. In game, when I seen enemy I usually pressed number 1 few times and went further. I only usually pressed 4 to get fast running... Only minus of HK-47 is that I wouldn't get that cool zombie-look. And if K3 will be last one about Revan story, then probably, after some time, all KotORs will be packed into TotOR (Trilogy of the Old Republic). And K3 without references to K1 and K2 won't really fit it. Ps.: If K3 won't be last, we can expect SotOR (Saga of ...)
  6. [Warning, joke (but who knows)] Official LA Announcement: Due to lack of sexes we make main PC for KoTOR 3 a Droid. Due to popularity of HK-47 he will be main hero. Game will change into FPP RPG (like Deus Ex). Thank you for your patience to hear Announcement. [/Warning, joke (but who knows)]
  7. I just thought that if there will be third character it must be asexual - Revan and Exile are male and female, so if LA don't want triangles to happen new hero mustn't have sex.
  8. That's right. I done such evils in KoTOR, but some guys decided that he must be good. Problem with Revan/Exile as PC in KoTOR 3 is that they can't be neutral (well, they can, they always could have brainwashing that made them neutral, but I don't think anybody would like that). And what now - you play as canonical player - then all DS players will get mad. You let them choose - Revan and Exile actions had much impact on universe (Telos restoration, Dantooine goverment, Onderon goverment, Mannan kolto distribution, Kashyyyk situation), but since that all would happened far, far away from place where would KoTOR 3 happened, makers can don't give a fu... flower about that, so more mystery will be left for players who don't read comics and books - but they are written as canon, so DS players would have no fun. At least TSL was cut out, so no problems with deciding if Atton killed Disciple, Atton was killed by Sion, Handmaiden killed Visas, Visas gave her life in battle with Nihilus .
  9. Unless you're one of those guys who believe that RPG without 100* different armour/clothes and 200* different weapons to choose from isn't worthy to even throw CD/DVD out of window . * insert your number of clothes/weapons game must have To tell truth, when one company makes two same type games in different world, they really like to copy their own ideas... Just like JE and KoTOR or Starcraft - Warcraft 3
  10. Well, I see. If evolution is fact, that means God work was beta (or maybe even alpha...) and needs upgrading/patching. Do Good Creator release not full product (yes, that's also comment about LucasArts due to TSL Restoration Product )?
  11. Raising the drinking age won't change anything as long as it will be normal in community to see drinking kids. What will give rising drinking age when age when kids start drinking is going lower, even to 10-11 years old?
  12. If (canonical) Revan become KoTOR 3 PC, I won't play it. And I don't belive many DS will... You done such evils in KoTOR to play as your opposite... Neither will play with canonical Exile.
  13. Yup. That what I meant. Thanks for backup.
  14. I get Bao-Dur Dark Jedi after few steps: -kill mercenary at base on Telos and get lecture from Kreia -don't be mad at him after crash on Polar Region -make [Porce Persuade] two thugs jump on Nar-Shadda - Bao Dur thanks Exile for being helpful to poor guy. After this, Bao starts some talks, that can lead you to make him jedi.
  15. Can anybody put/send me a file to SwKOTOR 1 v1.03 english called "chitin.key", only, of course, if it isn't illegal. Both of my Kotors lost this file and while I recovered to Kotor2 I still need it to first. I could reinstall, but that would make me to install mods again, and that takes little to much time for me. If this cannot be done I will reinstall, but I won't be happy about it.
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